How to grow large garlic in the garden

How to grow large garlic in the garden

All gardeners and gardeners grow garlic on their beds, because it is known for its healing properties, and is also used in the preparation of many dishes. Get the crop of this herbaceous plant will not be any trouble. Anyone who is gardening without any fertilizer will be able to collect garlic in small heads. But not every gardener knows how to grow large garlic.

  1. How to choose garlic
  2. Varieties of garlic
  3. Distinctions
  4. Rules for planting spring garlic
  5. Planting dates
  6. Growing technology
  7. Rules for planting winter garlic
  8. Planting dates
  9. Growing technology
  10. Conclusion <

Крупный чеснок

Large garlic

All that is required to obtain large garlic – compliance with growing technology and the correct approach to the selection of planting material. These simple rules will help to get the largest and highest quality crop compared to other summer residents.

How to choose garlic

From the right material to plant half future yield and crop quality depend. The main indicators of the highest quality product is its hardness and dryness. Here are some secrets to help you choose your planting bulbs:

  1. The best option would be garlic bulbs with large heads. They must be undamaged and unspoiled. Ideally, the teeth should be the same size.
  2. It is not recommended to plant heads with 3-4 teeth, as this is a sign of degeneration of the variety. It is better to use heads with 5 or more teeth.
  3. If you plan to plant garlic in the winter, then you should choose purple-striped varieties, as they are more resistant to winter temperature and less whimsical to growing conditions.
  4. It is better to buy local, regionalized seed because it is already adapted to local climatic conditions.
  5. You should not buy bulbs with a burnt bottom. It is also important that there are no cracks on the bottom, as this is a sign of infection.
  6. Small garlic will not bring a large crop. But from small teeth you can grow young greens.

It is necessary with all responsibility to approach the issue of choosing planting material. With the help of these tricks you can choose the right garlic bulbs that will bring you a good harvest. The main thing to remember is the rule: we plant large teeth – we get a large head of garlic.

Varieties of garlic

There are 2 types of garlic that differ in planting time and head size: spring and winter. Spring species (differently called summer) is planted in spring, and winter (another name for winter) is planted in autumn. Spring garlic grows in a non-shooting form, and winter can also grow in the form of an arrow.

Experienced gardeners plant both species because winter varieties are formed earlier. And after harvesting them, you can expect the appearance of a bright variety. It is important not to confuse the planting dates, because then the plant will not grow.Spring garlic will yield crops only during spring planting in the garden, winter can bring large and healthy heads, but only when planted in autumn. If you plant his teeth in the spring, he will also be able to form, but the crop will be poor-quality and unable to be stored for a long time.


Outwardly, these crops are similar, but their structure is a bit is different. Winter garlic in the center of the head has a core on which the teeth usually grow in even numbers. When they are separated, the stem remains naked. And in spring – there is no core, the number of teeth can vary. They are more curved in shape because they fit snugly together. On the outside are the largest cloves, and the smallest are in the middle.

The yield of the winter species is much higher. In addition, winter garlic is larger compared to spring. But the minus is that it is poorly stored. By the middle of winter, its teeth begin to dry out and need special care in order to be suitable for future sowing. Specialists recommend planting shoot varieties.

The advantage of spring varieties is that they can be stored for almost 2 years without changing their shape and qualities. Therefore, when you decide which garlic to plant, you need to consider for what purpose you do it: for the purpose of selling or for personal needs. For sale, it is better to grow a winter variety due to its high yield.For personal purposes, it is recommended to use spring, because it will last all winter and is very large in size.

Planting rules for spring garlic

Соблюдая правила вырастает хорожий урожай

Following the rules, a good crop grows

To grow summer garlic healthy and large, you must adhere to the planting dates and growing technology.

Planting dates

The growing season of this variety is much shorter, so it should be planted very early. The most suitable time for planting in the ground is the first half of April. The garlic bulb has time to form properly.

It is very important that the air temperature is no higher than 10˚C, because at high temperature the roots stop growing. The optimal temperature regime for the root system is from 5 to 10 ° C. Healthy roots are the key to large heads. If you plant the cloves later, the yield will be much less.

Growing Technology

You should know a few simple rules to grow garlic large:

  1. Watering the plant should be plentiful until mid-July, during the period of greenery growth. If the tips of the stem turn yellow, then the plant does not have enough water. But if you water it very often and a lot, then the bulb will not form well and will be poorly stored, in addition, there will be much less nutrients.
  2. Loosen the soil after each watering to ensure that oxygen enters the soil.
  3. In the first half of August, you need to bind all the leaves of the plant together so that they absorb less minerals needed for the growth of garlic bulbs.
  4. To garlic large and stored for a long time, it is recommended to systematically feed the plant. This process must be combined with watering.

Crop rotation is of great importance. You should not plant spring varieties after crops such as potatoes, tomatoes and onions. A place for sowing should be chosen sunny and one where water does not stagnate. In the fall, fertilize the soil with compost, humus and a small amount of ash. Before planting, the soil should be loosened.

In order for the plant to develop well and receive the necessary nutrients, attention must be paid to the density of planting. The distance between the beds should be about 30 cm. Each clove should be placed in the ground at a distance of 7 cm from each other. Do not deepen the wedges into the ground too much, this will slow down their development. After planting, you can cover the ground with straw or peat.

Rules for planting winter garlic

In order for winter varieties of garlic to grow with large and high-quality heads, you need to know the features of this type and basic rules for growing and caring for the crop.

Planting dates

You need to plant cloves in the ground before the onset of frost, namely 40 days before the first significant drop in temperature. It can be the beginning or the middle of October. Make sure that the air temperature at night is about 10 ° C. At this temperature, the root system has time to form without letting the green shoots out.

You should not grow garlic in the same place for more than 2 consecutive years, but it is better to change the place every year. Consideration should be given to predecessors; suitable crops are tomato, pepper, cucumber, cabbage and some others. It is allowed to plant garlic near fruit bushes.

Growing technology

To make garlic heads healthy, you need to disinfect the soil. Experts recommend sowing fatselia, which protects the soil from the appearance of fungus, destroys pests and is a good deoxidant. You can fertilize the soil with horse peat, sand, sawdust of deciduous trees. For autumn digging of the earth complex fertilizers are used. And a couple of days before the planting, ammonium nitrate or root solution is added to the soil.

The plant needs abundant watering, especially during the formation of cloves. The soil should be moist up to 30 cm deep. The first time you need to water the land in early May, the next watering should be done with a frequency of at least 5-10 days.You need to feed and loosen the soil in a timely manner: the first time on frozen ground, the second time in a month and the third when the garlic bulb is the size of a walnut.

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Grow large goals Sheets are quite simple, for this it is enough to know the growing technology and biological characteristics of the varieties of such a vegetable.You need to adhere to the timing of planting cloves, observe the rules of loosening, watering and fertilizing the soil, and also protect the crop from diseases and pests.

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