How to grow laurel at home – care

Laurel is considered one of the most revered plants: wreaths were made from its branches and awarded to winners, poets and great people who contributed to the history of the country; even in science, laurel is called “noble”.

Bay leaves are used as spices, adding them to dishes during their preparation (broths, marinades). In order to provide a small family with laurel leaves, you need to grow a 1,5-2-meter tree, territorial possibilities do not allow this for everyone, therefore most people grow laurel for aesthetic reasons.


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The most reliable way to purchase laurel is to buy its seedlings on the market in the Crimea or the Caucasus, pay attention to the root system – it must be well developed and not contain pests or indicators of damage.

As a rule, young shoots begin to appear in late February – early March, and then stop their development for the summer period. This quality does not allow the use of leaves in cooking, during the season few of them are formed, you need to wait until next spring.

How to grow laurel at home - care

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Laurel does not require special care, it is quite unpretentious, it easily adapts to both shady and sunny places, but it is advisable if you allocate it a place where sunlight hits more often. It is better to replace spraying by washing off the dust in the shower, and water should be done sparingly, do not let the soil turn into lumps from drought. Do not be afraid to ventilate the room more often, laurel treats drafts positively. In winter, laurel can withstand zero temperature, but it is better if it is 10-12 degrees.

It is necessary to plant laurel in water and air-permeable soil – sod and leafy soil, peat and sand (1: 2: 1: 1), fertilize every month. In a room, laurel can grow for 12-15 years, it is recommended to transplant an adult tree once every two to three years.

How to grow laurel at home - care

Farmer Raffi Kojian

The most important thing that must be observed is a sanitary haircut (pruning), it is carried out in October – November, while part of the leaves that can be used for food are cut off.


How to grow laurel at home - care
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