How to make candles from foundation, master class

People believe that foundation candles have secret magical qualities. This is not entirely true. Natural wax contains many useful substances that fill the space when such a candle burns. In addition to the aroma, phytoncides, immunostimulating substances, appear in the surrounding atmosphere. Inhaling such air, a person calms down, and his body receives an additional portion of substances that strengthen it. The effect is noticeable from the first minutes of burning, which is why such a quick effect is considered to be magical.

What is foundation

These are special sheets made of natural wax, on the surface of which there are small hexagonal grooves resembling honeycombs. The sheet is attached to a frame and placed in the hive, where the worker bee pulls the honeycomb out of the wax. Some of them are further used for harvesting, and some for brood.

Beekeeping shops offer ready-made foundation sheets. But experienced beekeepers, having simple equipment, have mastered the manufacturing technique and cope with it on their own. Stocks are usually large, so making a candle using only 5-6 sheets is quite profitable. She is placed in her own home or used in rooms where winter bees. Such prevention will be beneficial for insects that have weakened a little over the winter.

How to make yourself

How to make candles from foundation, master class

Making candles from foundation with your own hands is not difficult. The presented master class will help you master the production of a useful attribute that will become an additional source of income. Such products are in high demand. If you find a profitable distribution channel, you can reach a new level of income in the honey business.

It is original, beautiful in itself because of inclusions in the form of rhombuses, imitating honeycombs. You can increase the beneficial effect by adding essential oils, herbal decoctions, simply crushed herbs to the composition. But it is necessary to start with the choice of foundation and wick in order to ensure long burning and stable operation of a unique natural lamp with phytoncides.

manufacturing processes

How to make candles from foundation, master class

The most common way is skating. A wick is laid on the sheet so that a larger piece of it looks out from one edge. Then the sheet is rolled into a tube. They are made only by hand. The church recommends doing this in a good mood, since the energy of the hands is first transmitted to the candle, and then spread by fire. If it is filled with negative energy, then there will be no positive impact on others.

Candle Molds

How to make candles from foundation, master class

There is no variety of forms. They are made of a sheet of foundation, which, when rolled, is shaped into a roller or cone. Later, such candles are cut into smaller fragments. But this is not necessary. If there is no foundation, make a candle from natural wax. The view will be the way the master wishes. After all, molten wax is poured into prepared forms and after cooling takes their form.

Herbal candles

How to make candles from foundation, master class

The church believes that a wax candle with herbs is a strong amulet for every home, every person. That is why it recommends studying the presented master class. For this, detailed instructions are offered. Prepare:

  • sheets of foundation;
  • wick made of natural material;
  • herbs (thyme, St. John’s wort, mint, wormwood and others);
  • grass brush;
  • scissors and a knife for cutting foundation;
  • School line.

Prepare foundation from your own stock or purchase it in the store. Now in stores for children’s creativity, waxes of different colors are sold. This can diversify products and make the work more interesting.

Grind prepared herbs. It is advisable to use a coffee grinder. This grass powder covers the leaves more densely, excludes the ignition of large plant fragments.

  1. Cut the foundation or leave a sheet of natural size.
  2. Cut off the wick, the length of which is 3 centimeters longer than the width of the sheet. Place it on the edge.
    How to make candles from foundation, master class
  3. Evenly covers the surface with a herbal mixture.
    How to make candles from foundation, master class
  4. Roll into a tight tube. The wax is malleable, so it must be twisted tightly, trying not to leave voids.
    How to make candles from foundation, master class

It is not worth rolling the candle for too long, otherwise it will lose its original drawing from the warmth of the hands. Natural honey is made by the same method. Looks like shown in the photo.

How to make candles from foundation, master class

In order to distinguish the candles by their composition, I make notches at the base. The foundation has a strong honey aroma and it is not always possible to smell the herbs. Having distinctive marks makes it much easier to do this.

Wax candles

How to make candles from foundation, master class

Can be crafted from this unique material. The presented instructions will help you quickly master the process:

  • melt wax in a water bath;
  • soak the prepared wick in molten liquid;
  • fix the wick on the prepared form with a toothpick;
  • gently fill the form with liquid wax;
  • wait until it hardens completely and remove it from the mold.

In order to easily remove the finished product from the mold, grease the edges with vegetable oil.

Various crushed herbs can also be added to the melted wax. This is enough to make a reliable amulet for the whole family. Making candles is easy and everyone should try it.

When adding herbs, explore their medicinal properties. Some fragrances are allergic. It is better to buy them in pharmacies if you do not have your own stocks.

How to make candles from foundation, master class
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