How to plant cucumbers in boiling water

Heat-loving vegetables are moody in terms of planting conditions and require special attention. Sowing cucumbers with boiling water removes the ethereal shell of the seed and promotes a multiple increase in germination, which guarantees a rich yield of greenery.

Planting method
  1. Seedling in boiling water
  2. Sowing in boiling water in the garden
  3. Conclusion

Advantages of the method

Agrotechnics planting various types of seeds using boiling water It is considered one of the latest techniques, but has actually been used in agriculture for many years.

The advantages of this Methods include:

  1. Versatility.It is used for sowing all vegetable crops and many types of flowers (especially for those whose seeds are characterized by increased skin thickness).
  2. Simplicity. Seeds do not require soaking and processing before sowing, ordinary dry seed is suitable for use.
  3. Saves time in comparison with classical methods of cultivation. The time for preliminary preparation of materials is reduced.
  4. Saving of special preparations. The method does not involve the use of biostimulants, potassium permanganate or phytosporin.
  5. Disinfection. Processing soil and seed with boiling water contributes to the destruction of harmful microorganisms, which reduces the risk of developing diseases and increases the resistance of the culture to pests.

Planting Method

The method of using boiling water is used both for pre-growing seedlings and for direct sowing in open ground. Each of these methods has its own characteristics, due to the characteristics of the germination medium.

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Seedling in boiling water

Sowing of seeds begins with choosing the right container. When using boiling water, the containers are very heated, so it is better not to use ordinary cans and wooden boxes. The most suitable are low containers (about 40 cm in height) made of plastic. The length and width of the optimal packaging vary from 15 to 25 cm.

У посадки в кипяток много достоинств

planting in boiling water many advantages

Next, perform the following steps:

  1. The container is filled with loose soil (it is better to use purchased or pre-sanitized soil from the garden) and ram it with your fingers.
  2. The surface is poured with boiling water. For convenience, it is better to use a teapot.
  3. Dry seeds are laid out on steamed soil, pressed a little and sprinkled with a small amount of earth.
  4. The containers are covered with a lid or dark film, secured with an elastic band.
  5. Closed containers are placed on the battery or in another warm place (30 ° C-40 ° C) for 45-60 minutes.
  6. After that, the containers with seeds are moved to a warm room (23 ° C-27 ° C). The cover cannot be removed at this stage: condensation must appear on it. If there is no condensation, moisten the soil a little.

With the correct implementation of the step-by-step instructions, friendly shoots should appear within 1-2 days. At this stage, cucumbers need high humidity, so the lid still cannot be removed from them. Soil should be constantly moist, but not wet.

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To maintain optimal moisture content, it is easiest to use a coconut substrate (pressed crushed coconut shell fibers). Excess moisture will collect at the bottom of the container, and cucumber seeds will receive the required amount of water. If there is no substrate in the bottom of the container, several drainage holes will be required to remove moisture.

After the cotyledon leaves are opened on the seedlings, the container without a lid is moved to a place with good access to light. Ideally, daylight hours should be at least 10 hours, so if there is a shortage of sunlight, cucumbers need artificial illumination.

Sowing in boiling water on the bed

To plant cucumber seeds in open soil the bed is pre-watered (at least 2 hours before sowing), fed with fertilizers and ash.

The process of sowing in boiling water in unprotected soil conditions consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating furrows on garden bed.
  2. Watering the ground with boiling water from a watering can or teapot.
  3. Sowing dry seeds, sprinkling with a small amount of soil.
  4. Covering the plantings with a dark film until emergence.

Germination must be checked starting from the second day after sowing cucumbers. After the appearance of the first shoots, the protective film must be removed. This will ensure full plant access to sunlight.

When the correct planting technology is followed, after 36 hours the seed germinates a match-sized root.


The use of hot water for germinating vegetable crops helps to quickly and efficiently remove the ether shell of seeds, which impedes the natural process of germination. Cucumbers in boiling water give almost 100% germination and guarantee abundant fruiting of healthy seedlings. The resulting greens can be eaten fresh, used to make salads, fermented and consumed in salted form.

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