How to quickly build a goat house with your own hands

A goat is a cloven-hoofed animal tamed by humans several millennia ago. The first tamed people came from eastern countries. The popularity of goats among farmers is explained by the high profitability of their breeding: being a valuable source of meat, milk and wool, the animal is quite unpretentious in relation to living and climatic conditions. Goats are usually kept in a herd, so they will need a spacious dwelling. The article tells how to build a goat house with your own hands.

  1. Goat content
  2. Choosing a construction site
  3. Walls in the greenhouse
  4. Flooring
  5. Goat stall
  6. Corral decoration

DIY goat house

Do it yourself goathouse

Goat content

As mentioned above, these artiodactyls have the ability to easily adapt to environmental conditions Iyam. There will be no problems with food either: in the summer they pick grass, in the winter they eat hay and branches. Many owners feed their pets waste. Neither cold nor heat will frighten this animal. However, there are some requirements that must be observed when preparing a home for her. What is a goat house? And what should it be?We list the minimum requirements:

  • cleanliness and dryness in the room where artiodactyls live, ventilation in it;
  • calculation of the area of ​​1.5 square meters per goat, 0.8 square meters on a kid up to 1 year old;
  • you can’t keep a goat and a bird in the same room;
  • if there are no more than three individuals in the goat house, you can replace the ventilation device with an ordinary window;
  • the window should be on the south side, at a height of 1.5 meters above the floor and occupy 1/20 of the total area;
  • provide an average temperature indoors at least 9 degrees in winter, in summer – ventilate well;
  • if you are thoroughly engaged in breeding, divide the construction into sections, each provide a feeder and a drinking bowl, sleeping platforms;
  • place outside a walking area with a fence of at least 2 meters in height (since the goat likes to jump);
  • it is advisable to equip the stalls for the goat with young animals, as well as for individual pugnacious individuals and sick animals.

Warning! It is forbidden to keep animals of both sexes in the same room, as the male’s smell can pass to the female and her milk.

Choosing the place of construction

Calculating the size of the future goat , made by yourself, consider how many copies you plan to keep and whether you will be engaged in further breeding of offspring. How to make the goat yourself correctly read below.

Indifferent to temperature changes, goats, however, do not tolerate dampness, humidity more than 75%. Consequently, their dwelling should be located in a dry, elevated place, protected from drafts, “facing” the sun. At the same time, the lighting in the goat house for goats must also be installed inside. The animal has a specific smell, therefore it is better to settle it at a certain distance from residential buildings.

Walls in the goat house

Wooden goatlings are relevant

Wooden goatlings

are relevant. This part of the building serves as protection for its residents, therefore, its design should be approached with all responsibility. So, here is a list of the main criteria for selecting walls when arranging the goat:

  • the material will suit almost any, most importantly high strength;
  • if your choice is wood, it will be advisable to install additional walls, especially for the winter period;
  • height – about 2.5 m;
  • fill the wall spaces with sawdust or peat;
  • in order to avoid cracks, it is recommended to process the walls with a special way.


The floor in the goathouse is the foundation of the building. For hygiene reasons and for better thermal insulation, it is recommended that the coating be made of wood. Make sure it is thick enough to not let moisture in.Ideally, it is recommended to use earth or clay as building material. If you opted for concrete, lay a tree on top to neutralize the cold. Cover with straw. Be prepared that the tree will have to be changed periodically – it has the property to rot.

What are the stages of cultivating the floor?

  1. The foundation is laid in one bayonet shovel.
  2. Filled with concrete and dries for several days.
  3. The shape is inclined so that the fetid liquid can drain into a special basin.

Goat stall

Build a goat house with their own hands-a fairly simple task. Without special need (as mentioned above), you do not need to drive a goat into a stall. This animal has a herd instinct, so in isolation it will simply be sad. So, the stall should not be cramped – about 2 square meters for each individual.

The best option for the floor is metal, fencing – boards, mesh door. Naturally, each stall is equipped with a pair of feeders – comfortable for both goats and owners. Hang it half a meter from the floor outside the goat house. Thus, pets can be fed without entering the room. Place the drinking bowl opposite the feeding trough.

Making the paddock

Goats need regular walks in the fresh air, so the walking platform is an obligatory element of construction. It does not have to be large in size, if only it was spacious enough.The territory of the enclosure is located near the house of the goat house and is fenced with a 1.5-meter hedge – preferably wooden. It should not be flimsy and traumatic for the animal.


Lay hay on the ground. It will be useful to equip the canopy above the platform so that the goats can hide . From the rain or the sun on the door hang lock – goat may try to run Put a few feeders and drinkers along the outer walls of buildings Avoid proximity of other animals and birds in the goat pen… Now you know how to make a goat house with your own hands. When you build the corral, use the project drawings and videos that describe the construction process in stages.

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