How to ride a horse

How to ride a horse

Today in the conditions of the city you can hardly find a person who knows how to ride a horse, but once everyone knew how to do it. Communication with horses brings an unforgettable experience to all fans of these magnificent animals. How to ride a horse and how to properly train an animal?

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Main tasks

How to learn to ride a horse and is it possible to do quickly? – the main question that interests beginners. It is worth noting that training is best done with a trainer. The speed of training is individual: someone needs 2 exercises to feel confident in the saddle, and someone can’t cope in a month, it all depends on how quickly a person can find a common language with the animal, as well as on the degree of physical fitness, because to climb a horse you need to have at least some skills.

To begin with, it is worth studying the theory, which first includes safety:

  • shoes should be comfortable, without laces and with a flat sole, it is advisable to buy boots for these purposes;
  • you can’t approach the mare from behind: it can kick;
  • you don’t also have to turn your back to the horse if you don’t want to be bitten;
  • while approaching the animal, if it doesn’t see you, you need to call him by name or make some kind of sound to attract his attention;
  • the ideal option is to feed the horse a treat Pat muzzle and a little talk with the animals, to ingratiate themselves.

horse are managed through the use of the reins. The reins help guide the front, thus showing the way to the animal. They should be held so that the hands feel connected with the area of ​​the animal’s mouth. It is important to remember that this is just a control tool and it won’t help to sit in the saddle.

If you need to go in a straight line, the occasion is leveled. Entrance to the turns is due to the tension of the internal motive, the external one is attached to the neck and controls the position of the head. Management is carried out only at the expense of hands. When recruiting a motive, only the wrist joints move, sometimes the arms bend at the elbow, and the back does not move.

Basic course

Riding training involves a basic course on landing in the saddle .It is very important to learn how to climb a horse correctly:

  • initially on the cervical spine, reins should be thrown and turned to the horse;
  • the right hand is placed on the mane, in the palm of your hand you should hold the occasion with a pile ;
  • the left leg is placed in the stirrup and set deeper: holding the bow, you should emphasize the knee of the supporting leg in the saddle, and the second push off from the ground and pulling the body with your hands, throw it over the animal;
  • you don’t need to fall into the saddle, proper landing assumes smooth movements.

The main thing is learn to steer a horse correctly. The control is carried out not only at the expense of the hands by means of the reins, but also by the legs, by the shankelnoy area, which is located on the stirrups from the foot to the knee. This area of ​​the leg presses on the sides of the horse and makes it make a movement. All human movements should be measured and smooth, if you need to go straight, to get into a turn or provide faster movement, go to a gallop, for example, the movements become a little tougher and more uneven.

When pressure is applied to the desired shankel, the croup of the horse turns in the selected direction. Movement with the opposite leg allows you to change the trajectory of movement or suspend the animal. If the command is not executed, then the movements are too smooth and the pressure should be changed. At the end of the ride you need to get off the horse correctly.

To learn the basic rules of riding, you need to go through a theoretical course and find out what is the name of all horse “uniforms” necessary for control, as well as the names of all movements. In running a horse, it is important to feel the animal and be able to exert pressure on it so that it obeys and obeys commands unquestioningly. It’s best to find a good trainer who has been involved in horse riding for many years.


Experienced riders have written a list that includes useful tips for beginners to quickly learn how to ride. riding. The rules described are simple and easy to learn for beginners. Learning to ride a horse.

  • The first step is to learn how to ride. The left leg is placed deep in the stirrup, and the right push is made from the ground. With the hands you need to tighten the body and throw the right leg.
  • The back should always be aligned. The reins are just a movement regulator, they do not help to stay in the saddle.
  • In order for the horse to start striding, and then begin to move at a certain speed, you need to press the sides of the horse with your feet. If orders are not followed, you need to add intensity.
  • Entering a turn is done by pulling on an internal occasion. If you decide to stop the horse, you should pull the reins towards you, in no case scream.

During the ride it is important to move in unison with the horse ride.The rider must reinforce each team with his own body movement, then the animal, feeling the balance, will begin to turn faster. Riding rules are very easy to learn and put into practice. The main point in training is getting to know the horse. You can treat them to apples or carrots in order to get the animal closer.

The training takes place in three stages. The first stage is the foundation. The second stage is complicated exercises, transition to a gallop. The third stage is the implementation of complex movements, overcoming obstacles. Of course, the third stage is completely optional. Everything will depend on the beginner’s individual goals.

Do it yourself

You can learn to ride a horse without a trainer. The main thing is first of all to read the relevant literature in order to learn all the theoretical points. The main rules for a person who rides a horse are comfortable clothes in which the rider feels comfortable and injuries are minimized. Do not forget about the protective helmet and knee pads during the first lessons.

After riding on the arena, you need to analyze the movement in front and behind the riders. It is important to keep driving with your left shoulder, which means moving towards one another, so that people pass near each other with their left shoulders.If you don’t know how they will go round you, it’s better to suspend the animal a bit and let another rider in, over time you will gain experience and be free to understand which side you are going to bypass from. The rules of riding on horses include maintaining distance: this is a very important point for those who ride horses for the first time. The optimal distance is from 2 m.

Ideally, the lower part of the limbs in front of the walking animal should be visible. If you decide to train in the same arena with the athletes, you must first learn how to enter the turns, and do it very quickly. Any equestrian club has its own requirements and rules that need to be studied in advance.

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Learning to ride a horse
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Training a horse

To mount your horse, you should also train him to harness, if you plan to use it to people ride around the city. However, not always animals show a desire to obey, to make contact. Often there are problems in communication between the rider and the horse.

The first thing to remember is that training is a difficult process not only for a person, but also for a pet, so you don’t need to show anger and aggression if something doesn’t work out. This is a direct way to set the animal up against yourself. .

First of all, learning problems arise from a person. It is impossible to clearly regulate the time for classes for all horses. Each horse, like man, is an individual. Animals perfectly feel the human body language, and when he is restless, the horse also begins to worry. If there is not so much time for lessons, it is better to do less, but qualitatively, than to rush to learn to do everything at once.

It is very important to have a clear training plan. To paint all the lessons in stages is a direct opportunity to save a lot of time.You should also prepare in advance the equipment that will be required for training. All attention of the rider in the arena should belong to only one horse.

You should not be upset if you didn’t achieve much at once. Horses, like humans, have their own shortcomings and fears. It is important to learn how to enjoy little victories. If the horse is afraid of cars, do not scold her that she did not come close to the car. It is good that she stood at a distance, with each passing day the distance will become shorter and ultimately the animal will get used to and cease to be afraid even of moving cars. Small achievements should be encouraged, this will help speed up the learning process.


Riding is a very pleasant and useful exercise. Riding a horse only at first glance seems an unattainable goal for beginners. The main thing is to follow all the rules and obey the trainer during classes. It is recommended that at least 3-4 classes be held with an experienced trainer.

The first lessons are the theory and the preparation of appropriate clothing. This is followed by the first classes, which include getting to know the horse and learning the basics of landing, the beginning of movement. In the future, there is a study of various styles of movement, and then tricks.

If you decide to practice independently without a coach, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules of the equestrian club. Having first appeared in the arena, you need to see who is driving. It is important to adhere to the left shoulder rule in oncoming traffic.

Riding is very easy. Having become acquainted with the amazing abilities of horses, you simply can’t live without them.

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