How to soak onions before planting

How to soak onions before planting

If you know the subtleties of cultivation, growing vegetables will be much easier. Many gardeners are faced with a problem and do not know what to soak onions before planting. In our review, we will explain why this procedure is needed and what effective methods exist.

  1. Cultivation Features
  2. Sorting material
  3. Salt
  4. Manganese
  5. Soda
  6. Degtem
  7. Kuporos
  8. Professional preparations

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Peculiarities of cultivation

A plentiful harvest on one’s own plot is a merit of an attentive farmer. Beginners often face the fact that young growth is destroyed by pests, diseases, and sometimes races. The plants do not fully realize their potential. Do you need to soak the onions before planting?

A photophilous crop has certain requirements for growth. Lack of sunlight negatively affects the general condition and can trigger activation of fungi. Improper watering also contributes to the bulb loses the protective properties of immunity. Excess moisture or regular thirst during the formation of roots and green mass will affect the yield.

Fungal diseases and infections are the scourge of vegetables. Without pre-treatment, the seeds are attacked aggressively by ailments. Additionally, insects are happy to enjoy juicy bulbs.

Ignoring crop rotation rules will also negatively affect overall plant health. Experienced farmers do not recommend planting the crop for several years in a row in one place, as well as after carrots, garlic or cucumbers. The best predecessors are:

  • siderates (rapeseed, clover, lupine, mustard);
  • legumes;
  • tomatoes;
  • cabbage .

The plant does not like acidic soils, so the soil must first be alkalized. Bulb beds are prepared in the fall. Carefully dig the ground, choosing plant debris. In winter, organic fertilizers are added, and in spring, mineral fertilizing is added. If vegetables were ill on the site, then it is better to etch the place with copper sulfate.

All of the above factors can negatively affect yield. To reduce financial and physical costs, farmers use a less troublesome method – soaking onions before sowing. Spring work will not take as much time as removing the consequences of errors.

Sort material

You must sort through the sevs before planting. Soft spoiled heads will not yield a crop, but will become a source of infection in the garden. The same goes for fully dried turnips. Gardeners without regret throw out the rejection.

Vegetables that do not let the leaves, recommend a little cut. The procedure wakes up “sleepyhead” and accelerates germination. For this, scales are cut off from the bulbs, the roots and neck are removed.

For three weeks, the raw materials are heated at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C. To do this, the material is laid out on the floor, close to heating appliances, then the indicators are increased to 40 ° M. It is important not to overexpose the seeds, otherwise the crop will die.

No time for a long procedure? Gardeners recommend the express method. For 10 minutes, turnips are kept in warm water (up to 50 ° C), then transferred to a cold liquid. The final stage will be a bath of fertilizer solution.


What should be dipped in onion before planting? Despite the presence of a huge number of modern drugs, farmers choose old proven methods. Salt solution contains substances that do not like roundworms and fungal diseases. The product processes both the seed and the bed before planting.

To prepare, dissolve 25 g of raw material in 2 l of warm water. It is important that there are no lumps and sediment left, so they are thoroughly mixed with a wooden stick. You can dilute the drug in liquid in advance, and only then dilute it in the main one.

It is best to take a large sieve, or mesh. You can find an alternative like a paper bag or bag. The main thing is that the turnips remain inside, and the liquid can get to them from the outside.

Soaking the onions before planting in saline takes place within 3 or 4 hours. To facilitate the procedure, experienced farmers collect sowing in women’s stockings.After processing, the “bags” are taken out and laid out turnips for drying. After 2-3 days, you can start work.


How to soak the onions correctly before planting? Safe home remedies are not always effective, so gardeners combine several methods. An additional procedure will sanitize the seed against infections, fungi and parasites. And the low cost of raw materials makes it possible to save the family budget.

Like salt water, a solution of potassium permanganate is used a couple of days before agricultural work. Soak the onion sets before planting in a properly prepared liquid. To do this, take 35 grams of crystals and diluted in ten liters of warm moisture. Thoroughly mix with a stick to dissolve the remainder of the substance.

The sorted seedlings are placed in a stocking, and then gently immersed in a container with the substance. After the specified time, the material is taken out, dried. After two days, you can start planting seeds.


Some gardeners advise soaking onion sets before planting with sodium bicarbonate. Experienced farmers rarely use this method. Unlike the two methods listed above, this one does not protect against diseases, but it is a prevention of the mass formation of arrows.

You can soak the onions in a warm soda solution a couple of days before planting. 1 tsp bred in 1 liter of cold water. The substance is thoroughly stirred and filled in turnips packed in stockings.After 3 hours, the liquid is removed and the material laid out to dry.

To fix the result, it is recommended to soak the onion sets before planting in potassium permanganate. The strong disinfecting properties of crystalline matter will provide additional support to young plants. Soda dissolved in water is not a panacea, so it is rarely used.


How to soak onions before planting? An environmentally friendly alternative will be birch. It perfectly protects the turnip from diseases and insects. The procedure is carried out after careful preparation and rejection of the material.

A tablespoon of tar is dissolved in 1 liter of cold water. In this liquid, it is necessary to hold the raw material for 2 hours. During this time, the active substance penetrates under the scales of the bulbs, creating a reliable film from fungi and flies.

Intense tar aroma is unpleasant for insects, therefore it is recommended to water the beds before planting in the spring. On a standard watering can you need to add one spoonful of the substance. In rainy summers, it is advised to re-irrigate under the root and on the green.


Safe preparations for the bulbs are not as effective as “aggressive chemistry”: they do not guarantee long-term protection for several weeks, which are required for adaptation of the plant in the open ground. In this case, more radical methods are used.

Soaking the onion in copper sulfate takes place in several stages.To accelerate growth, a complex fertilizer solution is used. Most often, one spoon of ammonium nitrate is used per 70 liters of water. Turnips are placed in this container for 15 minutes. Then the seed is transferred to a weak solution of vitriol. The substance is very aggressive, therefore it is necessary to take no more than 1 s. l on a bucket of liquid. Work is carried out in protective clothing and a mask. After the procedure, you can start sowing.

There is no time, but do you need to soak before planting the onions? In this case, the express method is recommended. The product is diluted in water, the temperature of which is 60 ° C. The material is dipped for a couple of minutes in a warm liquid, and then washed in a cool one. After 6 hours, the seeds are ready for work.

Professional preparations

How to soak the onion before planting? Experts recommend in “Fitosporin”. An effective and inexpensive drug will protect the culture from any bacteria and fungi. Available in the form:

  • powder;
  • liquid;
  • paste.

It is a systemic tool and is distributed throughout vessels of the plant. The active substance retains its properties in heat and at low temperatures. For procedures with root crops, the drug is bred according to the instructions. One packet of powder is used per 20 kg of seed. After soaking, it is recommended to dry the onion.

It should be remembered that “Fitosporin” can cause irritation of the mucous membrane when ingested. To protect yourself from discomfort, it is better to use protective clothing and a mask.

How many farmers there are, there are so many techniques for disinfecting planting material. The above recommendations will help you find among many ways to soak onions relevant for you. A plentiful harvest will be a well-deserved reward.

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