How to treat cervical erosion with honey

Erosion on the cervix can occur in both nulliparous girls and women. Pathology does not always require surgical intervention (conization, cauterization). Topical drugs have a good therapeutic effect in non-started forms. Treatment of cervical erosion with honey is also allowed, but this does not negate the observation of a gynecologist.

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    • 2.2 Aqueous solution (for strong secretions)
    • 2.3 Pure (with strong secretions)
    • 2.4 With onions
    • 2.5 With aloe
    • 2.6 With the juice of a golden mustache
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Features of the disease

The erosive process is characterized by the gradual replacement of the epithelium covering the part of the cervix located in the vagina with cylindrical cells from the cervical canal. The reason is the inflammatory process that affected the canal. The inflammation goes down below. There is swelling, redness, ulceration zones.

The initial stage is almost asymptomatic. It is found during routine examinations by a female doctor. And it is she who is best treated with tampons, including with folk remedies.

In the future, the affected area expands, and characteristic symptoms appear:

  • soreness during or after intercourse;
  • discharge with an admixture of ichor, pus (abundant discharge is called leucorrhoea because of the corresponding color).

There are several reasons for the pathology – these are:

  • hormonal imbalance (because of it, women who have not yet given birth suffer), which occurs, among other things, due to improper intake of hormonal drugs, contraceptives;
  • violation of microflora in the vagina;
  • infections caused by various pathogens – herpes simplex virus, ureaplasma, chlamydia, and others;
  • mucosal injury during childbirth, abortion, and other surgical interventions;
  • decrease in general immunity (if the erosive process is very difficult to treat, it is necessary to contact an immunologist);
  • multiple sexual partners.


Erosion, although a benign process, can serve as a trigger for oncology. therefore self-medication is unacceptable!


A timely visit to a gynecologist will allow to exclude cancer (smear for cytology, colposcopy) and determine the cause of inflammation.

Erosion recedes if:

  • hormonal levels are normalized;
  • all infections are treated;
  • oncology is excluded.


Treatment of erosion with honey involves its topical application (mainly the use of tampons). You can also improve overall immunity and normalize metabolic processes with honey water.

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Water solution (swabs)

Taken in equal proportions (one to one):

  • boiled chilled water;
  • natural honey.

Apply within two weeks at night.

Aqueous solution (for strong secretions)

With profuse leucorrhoea, it is recommended to reduce the concentration of the solution. It is taken:

  • part of the honey product;
  • two parts of chilled boiled water.

The solution is soaked in a tampon, injected overnight and left until morning. Treatment lasts an average of two to three weeks.

Pure (with strong secretions)

The honey product in the amount of one teaspoon is applied over the tampon. Use two weeks at night.

On the first day, a slight burning sensation and tingling sensation may be felt. In the future, the discomfort decreases.

With onions

You will need:

  • a teaspoon of onion chopped in a meat grinder;
  • the same amount of candied honey;
  • the same amount of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, but better than sea buckthorn).

The resulting mixture is placed in two or three layers of gauze, a tampon is formed. Ten procedures are carried out at night with an interval between injections per day (a tampon is put on the day, the second is not, the third is put, and so on).

With aloe

You will need:

  • a leaf of a plant, peeled from thorns and peels;
  • a teaspoon of honey product.

The leaf is coated with honey, wrapped in a prepared bandage, tied. Apply at night for ten days.

With the juice of a golden mustache

You will need:

  • five to six drops of juice;
  • 100 grams of liquid honey product.

The mixture is coated with tampons. The treatment lasts ten days. Tampons can be changed every 5-6 hours throughout the day.

What tampons are used

Ordinary hygiene tampons can be used. Or make a suitable shape and size from a sterile bandage (gauze) and a piece of cotton wool.


Cotton wool is tightly wrapped with a bandage. The bandage is tied from below. It turns out a soft knot. The tips should remain at the bottom, for which the tampon is pulled out after use.

Terms of Use

The procedure is carried out daily for the time specified in the prescription. The tampon is left inside overnight or for several hours.

Sexual life is excluded during the treatment.

It is advisable to remove the discharge before the procedure. To do this, douching is carried out with a light decoction of chamomile.


You can also use low concentration honey water for douching:

  • a glass of boiled water chilled to 36-40 degrees;
  • a teaspoon of honey product.

The procedure is carried out immediately before the introduction of the tampon. Additionally, you can douche in the morning.


In addition to tampons, the use of suppositories is allowed. Treatment in this case takes seven to ten days.

It is taken:

  • 5 grams of propolis tincture;
  • 5 tablespoons of honey product;
  • 150 grams of butter.

All components are melted in a water bath and thoroughly mixed. Candles are formed from the chilled mass. After cooking, they are placed in the refrigerator for storage. Set at night every day.

The main advantage of alternative treatment is its safety. If there is no intolerance to honey, it promotes early epithelialization, cleans the affected areas of the mucous membrane from pus, and normalizes the microflora. In combination with other components – sea buckthorn oil, aloe, – the healing effect is enhanced.

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