How to treat diarrhea in piglets

How to treat diarrhea in piglets

Breeding animals to get pork is a profitable, albeit troublesome, activity. The farmer must constantly monitor the health status of the livestock, otherwise mass death is possible. Young growth needs special care. What causes diarrhea in piglets and how to deal with an unpleasant ailment? We will analyze the most common problems in detail.

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  3. Treatment of newborns
  4. Therapy for young growth
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Понос у поросят

Diarrhea in piglets

Causes of the disease

Digestive upset is a dangerous disease that can kill an entire baby in half a day. Animals lose their appetite, and constant dehydration quickly leads to die of piglets An additional disadvantage is the terrible smell in the barn and frequent hygienic treatment of the room.

Piglet has diarrhea for various reasons, but the most common ones exist:

  1. Poor sanitary conditions in the barn. Untimely care for young animals, keeping them in an untidy or cold building will certainly provoke problems with the intestines.
  2. Water. A dirty, low-quality liquid instantly causes an organism reaction.
  3. Intestinal parasites. The smaller the animal, the more dangerous it is for helminths.
  4. Infections. Pathogenic bacteria can be transmitted both through food and from an infected mother.
  5. Diseases of the digestive system. Liver, stomach, and intestinal problems cause diarrhea in pigs.
  6. Poisoning.Any household chemicals found in modern human dwelling is poison for animals.
  7. Food. Omnivore piglets eat dangerous and poorly digested substances. Foul food, waste from the table, as well as foreign objects when ingested, cause problems.
  8. Violation of metabolic processes. Poor nutrition or a sharp change in foods, gluttony or hunger instantly provoke a reaction from the body.

Weaners and babies up to 1 month old are considered at risk by farmers. The smaller the crumb, the harder the disease. During this period, the maximum death of young animals is observed. Often saving a life depends on the speed of first aid.


Treatment of diarrhea in piglets should be started with a diagnosis. There are many manifestations that will quickly help identify the culprit of the problem, after which you can start therapy. We will analyze the most common ones.

If the frequency of bowel movements does not exceed 2 times a day, this may be a sign of mild inflammation in the intestine. Having a baby every 4 hours a day (or even more often) is a very serious problem. A musty, sour smell indicates accelerated digestion, and putrefactive amber is a symptom of infection.

The consistency can also be used to diagnose the culprit. If the piglets are vilified practically with water, then this is a sign of a serious disease. The presence of foam on the surface indicates bacterial pathologies.

Veterinarians recommend paying attention to the color of the stool.

  1. Green and yellow. Food passes through the digestive system very quickly, so the stool is painted in such shades.
  2. Light. Changes in the liver cause little bile to be produced.
  3. Gray. Minor bowel disturbance.
  4. Red or very dark. Symptom of bleeding in the digestive organs.

Diarrhea in diurnal crumbs is often accompanied by vomiting and fever. If the animals have no appetite, there is discharge from the ears and eyes, then this can be a manifestation of both poisoning and an infectious disease. It is important not to delay the therapy and quickly begin to provide first aid.

Diarrhea in Vietnamese piglets proceeds with the same symptoms as in conventional breeds. Before treating, it is necessary to identify the causes of the disease. Most often, they coincide in all representatives of this species.

Treatment of newborns

Babies are still rarely weaned from their mother and completely depend on her milk. However, it is only necessary to wean or start complementary foods, as problems immediately begin. Patients can be quickly found in the general herd by periodically releasing liquid feces from the anus.

Diarrhea in sucking pigs is a very dangerous disease. Rapid dehydration leads to increased mortality among young animals.It is necessary to act immediately in order to be able to prevent a tragic outcome in the first 12 hours, so a call to the veterinarian is mandatory.

The newborn’s water balance is treated with the Regidron solution prepared according to the instructions. If there is no money at hand, it is recommended to give sugar and salt (1 tsp) diluted in a glass of boiled water. Until the specialist arrives, the animal can be fed with herbal infusions from:

  • chamomile;
  • oak bark;
  • nettle.

The veterinarian performs the treatment of diarrhea in piglets after diagnosis. To stop dehydration during infection, Amoxicillin or Akolan can be prescribed. It is important to restore the natural water balance and adhere to a strict diet throughout the day. Then it is necessary to get rid of toxins in the digestive system, therefore they give sorbents (activated charcoal, Smecta).

The therapy for young growth

Diarrhea in menstruating pigs is equally destructive, like suckers. Pigs overeat, which causes intestinal upset. An unbalanced diet and the use of fresh herbs often cause digestive problems. Before procedures, be sure to find out the absence of infection. What to do?

You need to find out what has become a source of irritation, and only then resort to medications. If diarrhea began due to vegetation, it is worth removing it from the youngsters menu. Withered hay is the best option.

Treatment of piglets from severe diarrhea begins with the drug “Rehydron”, which restores the body’s water balance. On the first day they adhere to a strict diet, and animals are intensely watered. Folk remedies are suitable as a liquid: infusions of medicinal herbs, rice broth.

Often intestinal infections of young animals are transmitted from the mother. In this case, therapy is started with an adult animal, and only then they are transferred to children. Veterinarians administer Tilosin injections to the sow. They work with young animals according to an individual program.

In order to accelerate the treatment of small piglets from diarrhea, it is necessary to ensure proper care. It is important to regularly clean the crib and keep the room warm. To prevent patients from being on the cold floor, experts advise making a comfortable bed with heated hay.

Piglets vilify, do not grow, but it doesn’t matter
How to treat pig diarrhea
piglets are fed poor quality feed

General recommendations

Diarrhea in pigs rarely goes away on its own, so you need to start treatment after detecting symptoms. first aid, the easier the kids will move away from the disease.Medications are given on an empty stomach, and after a few hours Toxins are sorbed with sorbents.

The very first thing to do is to remove any feedings immediately after you notice the symptoms.

Stopping diarrhea in a pig helps Brovaseptol preparation, which contains fastening substances. It is sold in the form of a poorly water-soluble powder, and the product is added to the feed.

“Biovit” contains an antibiotic and vitamin B12. A powerful remedy that quickly helps in cases when a piglet has poured. Occasional diarrhea occurs after the first application, and neonatal requires at least 7 days. The drug is very strong, so it is used once every 24 hours.

The Brovaf antimicrobial agent can cure complex digestive diseases caused by microorganisms. It is mixed into feed or diluted in clean water. Duration of admission is from 3 to 5 days. Piglets from diarrhea at 1 month of age use any medication only after the appointment by a veterinarian.

Epizootic (epidemic) pig diarrhea is a very dangerous viral disease that kills both adults and babies. A poorly studied pathogen is difficult to treat, and with self-treatment the death rate reaches 100%. There are no effective medicines yet, and for each specific case, experts prescribe antibiotics that suppress the infection.

Folk remedies

Diarrhea in newborn piglets can be stopped with the help of herbal medicine. Herbs and infusions are not independent preparations, but are used as an additional potion. A good result is obtained from infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants:

  • oak bark;
  • nettle;
  • chamomile;
  • chicory.

They try to stop green diarrhea in a small piglet at home with the help of an alcohol extract of needles. Recommended course – 5 days. However, folk remedies are not a panacea, so drug therapy is required.

The treatment of diarrhea in newborn piglets cannot be carried out only with herbs. It is necessary to find out what is the source of the reaction, and only then to prescribe drugs.By the way, rice broth has enveloping properties, so it can help cope with blood stool.


The main reason for swine diarrhea is poor feeding. For kids with weak immunity, any mistake can be fatal. Switching to green food or roughage causes an immediate negative reaction in the piglet. The right menu with maintaining the balance of trace elements will be the key to good health.

It is forbidden to feed young animals with the missing residues from the human table. Adult individuals do not always respond normally to rotten rot, and crumbs get sick quickly. No matter what the “people’s experts” say, they turn out the sour mash.

It is necessary to feed the piglets from diarrhea in moderation. Animals of this species are prone to gluttony, which exacerbates the condition. In some cases, fasting for a day is recommended. During this time, they must be drunk with fresh water and herbal decoctions.

The reason for the diarrhea of ​​domestic pigs is the lack of iron. After the attacks have stopped, vitamin therapy is needed. Apply drugs in injections or drops. Milk, carrots and legumes are used as natural sources of vitamin A.


In order not to look for the culprits of diarrhea, it is important to take care of quality care in advance. It’s easier to prevent a problem than to heal and disentangle the consequences of your own mistakes for a long time.Once it has been possible to understand why diarrhea is dangerous in small piglets, one should immediately take action.

Any new product in the diet can lead to loose stools in the stock. All components are given neatly, in small portions, withstanding several days. You need to feed at the same time.

To prevent bloody diarrhea in small piglets, large fractions of food should be avoided. The products are thoroughly crushed and mixed. It is forbidden to use moldy foods.

It is recommended that you carefully monitor hygiene in the stable. Lack of cleanliness and a cold room provokes diseases even in the strongest animals. All the troughs are regularly cleaned and washed in the pen. A pig needs a dry, warm climate to fully develop.

Diarrhea in young pigs is an unpleasant and dangerous manifestation that is difficult to cure if the reasons are not known. Our recommendations give a general idea of ​​the disease and what needs to be done from the moment it is discovered. Among the list of methods you can find the right tool for your case.

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