How to use bread dressing for cucumbers

How to use bread dressing for cucumbers

Cucumbers, like all vegetables love top dressing. For this, chemical plants produce special fertilizers. Along with them, experienced vegetable growers also use folk remedies. Bread dressing for cucumbers is popular with gardeners. It is an easy to prepare and use fertilizer. Cucumbers gratefully accept it and answer the growers with a good harvest.

  1. Characterization of the fertilizer
  2. Yeast
  3. Micronutrients <
  4. Recipes for bread infusions
  5. Classic recipe
  6. Fertilizer from fresh bread
  7. Terms of use
  8. Optimum time
  9. Bread infusion against weeds

Использование хлебной подкормки для огурцов

Using bread dressing for cucumbers

Characteristic of the fertilizer

Bread is an excellent source of nutrients for For cucumber sprouts, yeast is used for its preparation, which provides additional microelements to the plant.


The yeast contains:

  1. Substances that stimulate growth.
  2. Organic iron.
  3. A certain amount of minerals.
  4. Micronutrients.

Vegetable growers appreciate yeast, like fertilizer, for emitting carbon dioxide. With a sufficient amount of this gas, the fruiting of cucumbers increases on average by 20% and the content of nitrates in the fruits decreases.


Using bread starter as an extra root top dress helps to achieve:

  1. Rapid development of the plant.
  2. Excellent fruit taste.
  3. Appearances of the root system ahead of schedule.

Using this starter culture to fertilize cucumbers is safe for garden crops as opposed to using yeast directly.


A certain amount of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen is contained in the food. Due to this, feeding cucumbers from crackers increases the plant’s resistance to diseases, frequent changes in temperature.

The presence of manganese, sodium and other minerals in the bread helps cucumber sprouts to grow the root system, and grow green mass. Flowering and fruit setting is more intense. The feeding from Khlebushka to cucumber seedlings at the time of transplantation has a beneficial effect. Sprouts will grow stronger faster, begin to bloom and bear fruit.

Bread infusion recipes

It’s much safer and more environmentally friendly to feed cucumbers with butter bread than to use ready-made fertilizers from specialized stores. Vegetable growers select the components of such fertilizers themselves.

Classic recipe

Подкормка их хлеба безопасна

Feeding their bread is safe

To prepare fertilizer for young cucumbers with bread, you need to take stale bread and water. Bread can be either rye or black. A similar sourdough is prepared according to different recipes.They differ only in the proportions of the ingredients:

  1. Breadcrumbs should be 2/3 of the total capacity.
  2. Breadcrumbs need to fill 1/3 of the bucket.
  3. Quantity The ingredients are used “by eye.”

Put the collected crackers into a regular bucket. Now you need to pour water. The liquid should cover the crackers, the crust will float. This will cause acidification of the infusion. Such fertilizer will not be suitable for use. To avoid this, it is recommended to put oppression on top.

Next, leave our bucket of soaked crackers in a warm place for seven to nine days. After that, home-made bread dressing for young cucumbers is ready to use.

Fertilizer from fresh bread

A dressing for cucumbers can also be prepared from a fresh loaf. Preparation of such fertilizer will take one night. Mash fresh bread with your hands, pour it with water. Leave the prepared mixture warm, if necessary, additionally wrap the container with a blanket. In the morning, it is recommended to add ten milliliters of iodine to the bucket. The resulting mixture was diluted with water. To 10 liters of water add 1 liter of the mixture. In this form, the fertilizer for cucumbers is ready for use on cucumber beds.

Application rules

Filter the finished fertilizer from crackers so that no crust forms from the residue. Dilute the resulting infusion with warm water in a ratio of 1 to 3. The resulting liquid can be watered with cucumbers.Fertilizer consumption is from 1 cup to 0.5 l for each cucumber bush. This dressing is recommended every 5-8 days.

Before applying fertilizer from bread to the cucumber beds, the plants are watered. The day after feeding, the soil in the beds is loosened. This is done in order to prevent the rapid escape of carbon dioxide.

Cucumber bushes are very grateful to the grain feeding. Therefore, gardeners are advised to feed the cucumbers until the fruits appear.

Optimal time

Since the main component of bread is yeast, it is necessary to use fertilizer based on it for cucumbers in the spring. The temperature of air and soil rises, and the effect of fertilizing will be more noticeable. The first processing of cucumber beds is recommended to be carried out 10-14 days after the appearance of the first shoots. Further fertilizer application from stale bread should be repeated no earlier than after 7-10 days.

Based on the soil and condition of the cucumber sprouts, each gardener concludes how much cucumbers will have to be fed with the infusion of stale crackers. In most cases, this process can be carried out until the end of the fruiting of the cucumber bushes.

The best time to apply fertilizer from bread for cucumbers is in the evening, then cucumber sprouts will absorb all the food during the night, gardeners advise feeding plants on cloudy days.

Bread infusion against weeds

Fertilizer for crackers th is effective in the fight against weeds. To clear the beds for cucumbers from them, you need to spray bread infusion over the area of ​​the proposed planting one month before the onset of frost. Then cover the treated area in such a way with dense polyethylene. The shelter should be airtight and resistant to winds.

Such a simple technique contributes to the abundant growth of weeds, which will begin literally immediately after fertilizing. And the first frosts will kill the weeds. And in spring there will be no more grass on the cucumber beds.

So fertilizing cucumbers with black, rye or white bread is simple and comprehensively useful. Cucumbers receive all the necessary nutrients and elements. Vegetable growers do not risk harming plants with such treatments.Fertilizer from bread waste strengthens the immunity of garden crops and is a guarantee of a strong root system, the yield of cucumber beds will exceed the expectations of gardeners.

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