How to wash a piglet

How to wash a piglet

Good hygiene is essential. Animals understand this very well: it is no coincidence that cats and dogs can wash themselves. However, this is not characteristic of some animals. For example, piglets are not capable of this. Moreover, they like to be in a marshland, and if there is none, they are able to create one for themselves. Such needs do not meet hygiene standards, and therefore, every farmer needs to know how to wash the piglet.

Как мыть поросенка

How to wash a pig

Why do we need to wash pigs

Do you need to wash pigs so that the animal feels good, moreover, it affects the quality of meat after slaughter. Even if pigs do not have the same hair as horses or dogs, their skin also requires care. If you do not wash the piglet for 10 days, it can cause irritation. The skin integument begins to irritate, which may result in:

  • allergy;
  • rash;
  • prickly heat;
  • severe irritation ;
  • itching.

That is why you need to wash pigs 2-3 times a week – this is ideal. In this case, it is enough to at least pass a cloth along the legs and body. Every day, the procedure is not worth it: you can only do it harm.

Types of washing

Today there are 2 types of washing piglets:

  • manually;
  • using a special machine.

Farmers who contain a small herd can handle washing their own pigs.Yes, it takes a lot of time, but it helps to significantly save on the purchase of the device. In addition, water procedures help maintain cleanliness in the pen, for example, if instead of liquid feed (milk and vegetable waste) feed the piglets with dry feed.

Of the liquid feed pigs very often have a mud bath, therefore, it is best to transfer your pets to dry food and cover the floor with hay.

How to wash pigs by hand

The skin of the pigs is quite soft, so it can not be rubbed very hard. Moreover, you can rub the pig only in a straight line from the head to the tail, otherwise the animal is irritated. The second rule is to bathe hot pigs. To do this, you must first apply shampoo on their body, moisten the skin and wait until it begins to soak into the body and the dirt softens.

After that, the pig should be rubbed. As mentioned earlier, from the head and to the tail, slowly removing dirt and bacteria from the skin of mumps. This procedure can be done 1 time in 2 weeks. After all the dirt is removed from the skin of the soapy pigs, it is necessary to actively pour water over them. It is advisable to wash it with slightly cool water so as not to severely injure the skin of the animal with hot water.

After that, it is best to let the pig dry: keep it in a warm place so that the animal does not get sick. You can wipe it with a towel or napkins, but such a procedure will take too much time.

Some farmers believe that it is best to arrange a similar procedure in the summer, when the risk of the animal becoming ill decreases. The cleaning itself can be carried out on the street, in the yard.

Pig washing machine

Today there are several types of washing machines. The first type is very much like a car wash: the pig is placed in a small container, where it undergoes some kind of disinfection. The container after putting pigs in it is closed. Then they begin to wash it from all sides, as in the shower, with water, use a gel with small brushes that gently wash the animal, and then again let water in to wash off the remaining dirt. In order to dry the animal, small fans were built in to gently blow it so that the pig leaves the machine dry.

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