How to water garlic when it turns yellow

How to water garlic when it turns yellow

Gardeners often encounter the problem of yellowing garlic leaves. Let’s see how and what to water the garlic when it turns yellow.

  1. Causes of yellowing
  2. How to identify the cause
  3. How to fix the problem
  4. Folk remedies
  5. Conclusion <

Полив чеснока при пожелтении

Watering the garlic when yellowing

Causes of yellowing

The garlic begins to turn yellow at the tips, then gradually changes color completely. There is a halt in development, and the garlic does not grow to the desired size, and sometimes completely stops growing.

Causes of this problem:

  • the presence of pests;
  • defeat plants by diseases;
  • non-compliance with irrigation (water regime);
  • lack of nutrients;
  • weather conditions (frost);
  • lack of soil of nitrogen, magnesium and potassium;
  • violation of the correct fit;

How to identify the cause

To begin the fight against this disease you need to identify a specific reason. To do this, you can tear out one of the plants to make sure that the rot has not started, or if the garlic is covered with mold. If you see brown spots, then this is most likely a putrefactive disease. Also carefully inspect the entire plant from the outside for the presence of very frequent parasites – onion flies. To do this, move the plant of the pests will be visible to the naked eye.

If there are no signs of the disease and pests, then the problem is the lack of nutrients in the garlic, and the soil does not get the right amount of trace elements.This may be due to slight frosts, because in cold weather it is difficult for garlic to take substances for growth from the ground, because of this, its immunity decreases, and it begins to turn yellow. Therefore, you need to additionally feed the soil.

How to fix the problem

Поливаем с удобрением

Water with fertilizer

Consider what to do and how to water the garlic when the source of the problem is identified.

The plant needs to be fed. It can be humus or nitrogenous fertilizer diluted in water. If you are sure that the cause of yellowing was frost, then use any growth stimulants for garlic. Do not be afraid, using stimulants, to go too far with the dose, because the plant will take as many substances as it needs. and spray.

  • A weak solution of potassium permanganate will also serve as a good tool, since potassium permanganate has disinfecting properties. Dilute in a bucket of water until pink and pour.
  • 12 grams of ammonium nitrate, 12 grams of potassium and 20 grams of superphosphate, dilute in 20 liters of water and pour at the rate of (20 liters of water per 2.5 sq.m. .). If you need to repeat the procedure, then not earlier than after 30 days.
  • Preparation of urea dressing will help get rid of the yellowness of garlic (30 g. For 10 liters of water).Pour the prepared solution until the plant is restored.

Timely water the vegetable so that it does not turn yellow. Settled water is ideal for watering this plant. Especially in the months of vegetable formation, you need to loosen the soil more often and water it abundantly.

Folk remedies

There are also folk remedies for treating garlic from yellowing. Consider some of them:

  • A very effective method is to water the beds with garlic, table salt (2-3 tablespoons of salt per bucket of water).
  • One of the universal solutions is ash with water. Need to mix 1 kg. ash with 1 bucket of boiled water, let it brew for a couple of days. After thoroughly mix and pour with this solution.
  • Liquid ammonia will help against pests, it will also saturate the soil with the missing nitrogen, it should be diluted in water correctly (60ml per 10l. Of water) and watered.
  • Due to the nightly coolness of the bed, it is worth covering 5-8 cm with a layer of mulch.
  • A solution of levamisole chloride. On 1l. You will need 1 tablet of warm water.
  • By planting calendula or tagetes between the rows of garlic, you can get rid of parasites because the juices of these plants are poisonous to them.
  • Using copper sulfate as an alternative to ash . Dilute 1 spoon in 1 bucket of cold water, let it brew a little and water the plant.

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There are a lot of tools and methods for eliminating yellowing of garlic, and if you follow these simple tips, then you can save the plant and get a quality crop.

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