Hybrid breed of chickens Redbrough

Hybrid breed of chickens Redbrough

The Redbro breed of chickens is a hybrid that belongs to the meat-producing direction. Suitable for breeding both in small private farms and on industrial farms. It is distinguished by good egg productivity, large body size and average growth rates. The meat of chickens and roosters is tasty, slightly fibrous and completely non-greasy. If you look at any farming forum, you can find on it numerous positive reviews about this cross.

Description of the breed

Redbrough chickens were bred in England. Got a cross by crossing the Cornish breed with the Malay fighting. The result was birds with well-developed muscles, good egg productivity, excellent adaptability to any climate and high resistance to disease. Further improvement of the breed involved in the United States and France. Now two lines are known: M and S, which are distinguished by their productivity.
In Russia, Redbro hens have been known for several decades. Due to the fact that the birds are unpretentious and adapt perfectly to the cold climate, they are very popular in household and farm households, as well as in large poultry farms. The characteristic and description of the appearance is as follows:
  • The head is large, rounded.
  • The crest is leaf-shaped or pea-shaped, large.
  • The beak is strong, straight, slightly shortened .
  • The body is large, with well-developed muscles.
  • The plumage is plump, red.
If you look at the appearance of hens and cocks in the photo, you can see as they are beautiful, so this breed is loved not only for food, but also for decorative qualities. Her character is calm, roosters rarely show aggression. You can keep cross in the yard with other birds. This is another positive feature of this variety.

Productivity of the breed

To date, many genuine breeds , crosses and hybrids have been bred in the world. Many are superior in their food qualities to Redbrough. However, these red hens do not lose their relevance. Many farmers are still looking for breeding universal breeds, from which you can get both eggs and meat. In addition, the Cross Redbro is resistant to many diseases, which significantly reduces the mortality of herds and the cost of expensive means for prevention. Description of the productivity of hens and males Redbro is as follows:
  • Mass of roosters - about 4.5 kg, individual specimens reach 6 kg.
  • The weight of the chickens is about 3 kg.
  • The mass of chickens per month is 1.2 kg, in 2 months - 2, 5 kg.
  • The average number of eggs per year is 160, individual laying layers can produce up to 250-300 eggs.
  • The mass of one egg is 60-70 g.
  • The hue of the shell is brown, it is plump and strong.
  • Start of masonry - 5.6-6 months
It is important to note that the cross S grows a little faster than M, the final weight indicators are higher. Redbro chicken meat is almost fat-free, it is more fibrous than conventional broilers, so it is not always popular with us. But in the USA, it is this cross that occupies a leading position in the supply of products for a healthy diet. The Master Gray or Gris breeds, as well as the Foxi Chick , have similar characteristics. They are similar in their qualities and compete for market leadership. Productivity improves under good conditions. It is known that at a temperature of 18-20 ° C hens can be carried all year round. If the bath is allowed to occur, overheating will occur and the birds will begin to lose weight. Adequate ventilation in the chicken coop is also important .

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

As we can see from the description, the breed of Redbro chickens boasts its positive characteristics and in many ways surpasses others varieties. The main advantages of the cross include:
  • high productivity in both meat and egg directions
  • excellent adaptability to any climate
  • fast growth and set weight
  • disease resistance
Cross-country also has disadvantages. Since it is obtained as a result of hybrid crossbreeding, it is difficult to obtain chickens at home. It is best to buy a hatching egg or small chicks.The second drawback is the not very high popularity of the specific meat that Redbro chickens give. Businessmen often encounter problems in its implementation.

Content of chickens

This cross is not too capricious, even beginners can afford it. the chicken coop is the most common for birds. It should be equipped with perches with an area of ​​about 40 cm² and at the same height from the floor. Litter is made from peat, straw, shavings or sawdust. Its thickness should be about 10 cm. You need to change the litter in the room itself and in the dressing room as it becomes dirty, make sure that its humidity does not exceed 25-30%. The room is completely cleaned once every six months or before the launch of a new batch of chickens. Redbro chickens feel much better on free-walk, the cages are completely unsuitable for them. On poultry farms they are grown with a limited range. Sometimes birds on large farms are allowed to walk in the dressing room. When calculating the area for the chicken coop, one should take into account that you should not keep more than 3 individuals on one square meter, and 1-2 square meters should be calculated on the area for walking for 1 chicken. On the walking platform and in the house you can put containers with wood ash. Hens will arrange dry baths there, which will protect them from the parasites . It is very important to maintain a normal temperature in the chicken coop, not to create a steam room or baths there. Cold is not as bad for chickens as heat. They calmly rush even at 0 degrees.But overheating can significantly reduce their productivity. Therefore, in every house there should be adequate ventilation. This can be an ordinary window in the dressing room or the chicken coop itself, or industrial, supply and exhaust ventilation. In winter, all the cracks should be carefully caulked, heating can be set if the climate is too cold. Lighting should be 14-16 chesov. Then, even in winter time, normal egg production can be ensured.

Bird Feeding

The bird feeding system can be different. Abroad, on industrial farms, high-calorie protein feeds are used to feed Redbro hens. We prefer to feed the bird with grain mixtures. If we compare the rate of weight gain, then there is not much difference between the two methods. When raising chickens at home on natural nutrition, the diet includes:
  • Grains - wheat, barley, corn, oats.
  • Legumes - peas, lentils, vetch.
  • Meat and bone meal.
  • Cake or meal made from sunflower, soy.
  • In winter, grass meal, green needles.
  • In summer, fresh grass, tops plants, fresh vegetables.
  • Boiled potatoes, beets, carrot peeling.
  • Converse or protein supplements.
  • Chalk, salt, shells and other mineral additives.
  • Vitamins.
There should always be fresh water in the house, drinking bowls vyat also in the dressing room and on the backyard site.To prevent the hens from climbing into the drinking bowls and not setting up bathhouses in them, you need to attach them to a certain elevation. If we calculate the feed consumption for the production of one egg, we get the following indicators:
  • grain - 50 g;
  • wet mixers - 30 g;
  • boiled potatoes - 100 g;
  • meal - 10 g;
  • grass meal - 10 g;
  • reverse - 100 g
In summer, the cost of feed is lower, since on free-range laying hens themselves find their own food. This primarily concerns animal proteins, animals eat worms, snails, beetles and other insects. If proper ventilation is not installed in the house and dressing room, chickens can lose weight in the summer due to heat. This also needs to be monitored.

Bird breeding

As already mentioned, the Redbro broiler is hybrid, therefore it is difficult to breed at home. Many farmers buy hatching eggs, place them under hens of other breeds or hatchery . There are no special problems with artificial breeding. It is necessary to have a standard incubator in which the temperature is well regulated, there is ventilation and the ability to maintain normal humidity. Set the incubator directly in the chicken coop, in the dressing room or at home on the veranda. Eggs should be kept at a temperature of 37.6-37.8 ° C. Humidity should be 55-60%, the effect of the bath should not be allowed. Redbro chickens leave their eggs after 21 days.

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