Is it possible to give rabbits dandelions

Is it possible to give rabbits dandelions


Rabbits are the cutest creatures that bring only joy and laughter to the family. For children, these are the best furry friends, and parents do not need to walk with them. Of course, keeping rabbits requires compliance with the rules of care and feeding. When pet owners begin to make a diet for him and start talking about fresh herbs, they often don’t know whether it is possible to give dandelions to rabbits.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Feeding decorative rabbits
  3. Feeding rules
  4. Is it possible to give flowering tops

Can rabbits have dandelions

Is it possible for rabbits to have dandelions?

Advantages and disadvantages

Many farmers with experience when asked whether it is possible to give dandelions to rabbits will answer that it’s not only possible, but even necessary, because such nutrition will be beneficial for animals only. oh, gradually introducing it into the diet.

Many veterinarians claim that dandelion is a storehouse of vitamins and calcium that small rabbits and adults need for good growth and development of the body. You can mix dandelion with different herbs (dill, parsley, hay).

If it became noticeable that the pet’s urine turned red, you should not worry: this is all due to the special substances that make up the dandelion. This does not affect the life of the puss.

Dandelion should be only 30% of the total diet. All the remaining 70% is dry feed, vegetables and various vitamin supplements. In addition, the animal should always have hay in the cage.

The benefits of dandelions

The benefits of dandelions

Because the fact that in a dandelion a sufficiently large percentage of calcium, this can adversely affect the development of the animal. An excess of calcium has a bad effect on young animals and adults. That is why veterinarians, when asked whether rabbits can have dandelions in their pure form, always say categorical no. It’s best to always mix this product with other foods, such as:

  • vegetables;
  • hay;
  • greens that do not carry a lot of calcium .

Feeding decorative rabbits

Dandelion in its purest form is better not to add dandelion to food. They like to eat stems, leaves and flowers from it. It’s best to start administering the product when the pets are four weeks old.

Discussions are ongoing about how much to feed and how often. Opinions were divided into three.

  • Dandelion absolutely can not be fed, as this can cause infertility in the animal and permanent stomach problems. So far, the theory of infertility has not been confirmed, but if you feed a dandelion to rabbits who are not even a month old, they will really have problems with the intestines.
  • Such greens cannot carry a strong threat, but it is better to avoid it if possible.If the animal needs calcium, it is best to replace the dandelion with parsley or dill (once every few days, 2-3 petals).
  • Dandelion can not carry any danger for the eared dog. The main thing is to remember that it should be added to food only from 4 weeks of age, and preferably from 6 weeks of age. In this case, you should constantly mix it with other food products. It is advisable to exclude roots and flowers.
Features of feeding rabbits

Features of feeding rabbits

By their nature, rabbits are very fond of learning and trying something new, which is why they constantly need to add new foods to the diet.

When introducing a new product, you need to monitor the stool of the animal general state of his health. If, after introducing a new product, the pet has problems with stools or cannot pee, the dandelion should be immediately excluded from the diet.

The dandelion should be collected in a clean area and properly handled. It is forbidden to include roots in the eared menu.

Feeding rules

As mentioned above, it is not recommended to give dandelion in its pure form, it is best to mix it with other food products. You can give it with greens such as tansy, wormwood, plantain. A mixture of different greens will have a good effect on the pet’s immune system and will have an excellent parasitic effect.The main thing is not to forget about hay: it should always be present in the diet, since coarse fiber is an important component.

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Allowed: fruits, vegetables, berries and greens for decorative rabbits

Before you give the animal grass, you need to rinse it with cold water or sprinkle with hot water and let the plant cool down.With hot water you need to be especially careful not to spoil the plant and not kill all the vitamins in it.Nevertheless, it is better to rinse the dandelion with hot water to kill all possible microbes on it.

After rinsing, let it dry, you can even dry it a little. In the video above, you can see how to properly treat the dandelion and how pets eat it.

After the plant dries, it is mixed with hay and put the animal in a cage.

The main purpose of this flower is to make the rabbit’s kidneys and liver work well.With its help, they successfully remove toxins from the body of the animal.

Dandelion is a very useful treat. You can feed your pet such greens a couple of times a week, this will be enough for excellent growth and development of the pet. The plant is sometimes permissible to mix, like a vitamin. For this, one stalk will be enough. It is better not to give roots.

Is it possible to give flowering tops

Dandelion during the ripening period gives two fruits of flowers. Rabbits can be given the very first fruit, but they just eat it rarely and in small quantities. Experts believe that many animals simply do not like their taste. When tearing, it starts up yellow juice with an unpleasant odor, which can also push away.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with juicy dandelions? Of course, but it is better to give only the stem and leaf. Such a product should be carefully introduced into the food of the animal and monitor the behavior of the furry. The rabbit breeder should be very attentive, because rabbits eat everything that they offer, which can negatively affect their health. So, dandelion roots and flowers accidentally hanging on the menu can seriously harm.

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