Is pork skin good?

Is pork skin good?

It turns out that pork skin is a very tasty delicacy! Even world-famous chefs are happy to use this unusual product to create a wide variety of recipes. And if you approach this process creatively, you will get a unique, incomparable dish that is very healthy. Pork skins are stewed, fried, salted and even marinated. By the way, they are no less tasty than meat. From them you can cook aspic, cutlets, rolls and even chips!

Composition and benefits

Who would have thought that simple pork skins contain so many substances irreplaceable for the human body. They have everything that is so necessary and useful for health: vitamins, minerals and minerals (nickel, tin, magnesium, iodine, manganese, chromium).
An unconditional plus of this unique product is a high concentration of vitamins B2, B12, B6 and PP, as well as macrocells such as sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements (zinc, cobalt and copper).

Use in cooking

By the way, some gourmets like to eat raw pork skin, just sprinkled with salt. Nevertheless, in most countries of the world there are many interesting and varied recipes that combine seemingly incompatible ingredients. This product can also be successfully used as the main one. Everything will be tasty: an appetizer of pork skins, and a salad, and first and main dishes.Showing imagination and creativity, culinary specialists were able to create recipes unique in their taste, nutritional value and calorie content.
  1. In Mexico, they like to cook pork skins seasoned with various spices (lime and chili salsa). This product is very popular and in demand here.
  2. Thais first soak and salted pork skins, then stew them on a small fire and bake them in the oven until cooked. It turns into a crispy delicacy called khaep mu. When served, it is cut into small pieces. Such a dish can often be found both in chic restaurants and in street fast foods. Thais also add this ingredient to add a spicy flavor to salads. For example, very unusual and delicious Thai catfish salad is very popular all over the world.
  3. In Canada, it is eaten with fish, pre-fried to a crunch, in Quebec, pork skin is a traditional daily food.
  4. Spaniards are big gourmets who boldly add this product not only to salads, but also to soups.
  5. Shkvarki - a dish of pork skins in the United States of America. This snack is sold in plastic bags. And it’s prepared like this: dried skins are fried until cooked in a large number of spices with pieces of pork.
  6. The Thai people like to properly salt the skins and eat them in combination with tomatoes and hot chili.

Pork Chips

Leather can be used as chips. This method of preparing this product is popular in many cuisines. At first glance, it may seem that these are familiar and well-known cracklings, but thanks to the addition of special spices, pork skin chips are simply amazing. Interestingly, this dish in cooking has its own name: chicharron. These chips can also be made from chicken, lamb or beef. Chicharron is most loved in South America. The recipe is simple, it can easily be done at home. Spices and seasonings are added to the pork skins and deep-fried - that’s the whole secret! In Peru, chicharron is also eaten as an appetizer, but with a side dish of 2 additional ingredients: red onion and fried cassava. And in Puerto Rico, chips are made as follows: first, the main product is pickled in a special marinade of rum, garlic, lemon juice and salt, then crushed in flour with paprika and deep-fried. In Venezuela, as a rule, this appetizer in the form of simply very fried skins is sold in eateries along highways. Whatever recipe for making chips, you will end up with a dish that has an unusual but spicy taste that will appeal to even the most sophisticated lovers of haute cuisine.

Health Harm

Do not forget that such food may be contraindicated for consumption by some people. The benefits and harms of pork skins depend on the person’s intolerance to this product. This is quite heavy food, so people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract should consume it moderately, it is best used in small quantities for cooking broth or jelly.

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How to prepare the skin for use and where to buy

Skins can be bought in stores, supermarkets, in the market. comply with GOST and together with other meat products to be checked by the sanitary services.It is best to buy from time-tested or familiar sellers.

To prepare the skin for use, it must be washed and carefully inspected. Coarse and thick should be thoroughly soak in water. If necessary, burn the bristles with gas or matches. It is better to cut the seal of the wind control.

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