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The liver is a type of by-product that has its own characteristics,
and valuable biological properties. The liver belongs to
delicacy – medicinal products. Fabric structure, specific
palatability, ease of separation of the nutrient
from the stroma make this product an irreplaceable base for
making pates and liverwurst sausages.

Protein in the liver contains the same amount as in beef,
however, qualitatively, this protein is significantly
is different. The main feature of the liver is the presence in it
composition of proteins of iron proteins. Basic iron protein
liver ferritin contains more than 20% iron. He plays
important role in the formation of hemoglobin and other pigments

There is a lot of water in the liver, so it quickly deteriorates. Before
cooking it must be carefully examined, everything that provokes
distrust to destroy mercilessly. The liver will turn out especially
tender if you hold it for some time before cooking
time in milk. Extra two to three minutes of roasting beef
liver spoil the taste and make it hard and dry.

The liver must be freed before heat treatment.
from the bile ducts and films and rinse thoroughly. For
pork liver is characterized by a faint aftertaste of bitterness.

Useful properties of the liver

The liver contains 70-73% water, 2-4% fat, 17-18% proteins,
including all essential amino acids. The liver is very rich in vitamins
group B, as well as vitamin A is not present,
D, E,
The liver contains such macro and microelements as iron,

Already in ancient times, people had a concept of healing
properties of the liver: in Egypt, a very
many dishes, and the great Avicenna back in the XI century in his
a well-known medical treatise prescribed to give patients
visually impaired goat liver juice, although about the vitamin
And then they did not know yet.

The liver contains many complete proteins, the composition
which includes such important elements as iron and copper,
and in an easily digestible form. Iron is necessary for our
the body for the normal synthesis of hemoglobin, and copper
has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
In addition to these elements, the liver contains calcium, magnesium,
sodium, phosphorus, zinc; vitamins A and C, group vitamins
IN; amino acids: tryptophan, lysine, methionine. Especially
the liver is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for health
kidneys, brain function, normal vision, as well as for
smooth skin, thick hair and strong teeth.

A properly prepared dish with fresh liver can
provide our body with a full daily intake of many
vitamins and minerals, which is why the liver is so useful for small
children, pregnant women and people prone to atherosclerosis
and diabetes.

The liver also produces a special substance – heparin,
used in medicine in order to normalize
in patients, blood clotting. So the liver is good
and for the prevention of such a dangerous disease as

Perhaps the most useful product available to us
nutritionists consider the liver of fish, namely cod and pollock.
Cod liver contains not only vitamin A, but also vitamin
D, which is essential for healthy bone formation
fabrics. If a woman during pregnancy regularly
use cod liver, then the child will be born more
strong, with a strong immune system.

Experts recommend using the liver for patients
cardiovascular and nervous diseases, with problems
with joints, as well as to reduce the amount of cholesterol
in organism. It is very useful for children with anemia. Pork and beef liver are good for smokers. The liver contains chromium, which helps
with atherosclerosis, diabetes.

Dangerous properties of the liver

Never buy a liver that is bumpy or light colored.
seals, spots are a sign of serious diseases in animals.

Chicken liver is contraindicated in people who have increased
cholesterol content,
as it can aggravate the situation and provoke diseases
of cardio-vascular system.

Elderly people can consume no more than 100 g of liver per week
due to the content of extractives in it.

It is not recommended to use the liver for an ulcer
and kidney diseases, as it contains a large number of
squirrel. In addition, you can not eat the liver of animals that were raised
in ecologically polluted places.

Cod liver should not be abused during pregnancy, as
retinol, which is part of it, can cause developmental disorders

The video will tell you how to cook one of the delicious and healthy dishes – beef liver with sour cream sauce. In addition to the recipe itself, the author of the video will reveal the secrets of how to make the liver soft and melt in the mouth.

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