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Lobster (lobster) belongs to the family of large marine
decapod crustaceans.

The lobster has a strong shell and ten legs, two of which
have grown into claws. Although they are considered gourmet food today,
in the XNUMXth century, lobsters were used as bait for fish
and even as fertilizer for fields. Lobster has a dense, rich
meat under the shell, in the tails and legs. Also edible
liver and lobster caviar.

Lobsters are usually sold boiled, but whenever possible
they are worth buying alive. Their shells are blue-gray,
they turn red after cooking. Small
lobsters, about 750 gr – 1 kg have the best
taste. When buying a lobster, choose one that
which feels heavy for its size.

Usually used in cooking are relatively small
lobster, whose weight does not exceed 1 kg. This weight lobster
reach in 5-6 years, and they can live up to a hundred years!
There are known cases when “long-livers” were caught,
whose age reached 140 years.

Carving a finished lobster requires a bit of skill.
Putting it on your back, its legs and claws must be unscrewed,
chop with the back of a spoon, and remove the pulp
gently so as not to hit the pincers. Next lobster follows
turn over. Make an incision with an exceptionally sharp knife
through the head to the eye, then cut through the center, dividing
the torso in half. In the middle you will see white gills,
black long intestine extending into the tail, and small
a pouch-stomach in the head – all this is superfluous. Only green
do not throw away the liver in your head, it is considered
delicacy. Use it for the sauce because the lobster
no sauce is just cancer.

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Benefits of lobster

Lobster (lobster) is considered one of the healthiest protein
foods, it is low in calories, cholesterol and fat
than lean beef or chicken, but at the same time rich in
amino acids, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B12, B6,
B3, B2,
provitamin A, and is also a good source of calcium,
iron, phosphorus and zinc.

There are many recipes for preparing dishes from

In France, they love donuts stuffed with seafood.
Lobster broth is used for their preparation.
In Japan, lobster meat is an ingredient in dumplings and sushi, and
in other Asian countries, it is stewed in water with the addition of garlic and ginger
root. Lobster can also be grilled
or boil, adding spices.

In Spain, you will be treated to delicious paella with lobster, in
Italy – lasagna with him. In the south of France, popularity
uses bouillabaisse – the first dish of fish and seafood,
which is also not complete without lobster meat.

The record holders for the presence of sodium.

Dangerous properties of lobster

Lobster meat is high in cholesterol, so
its excessive use can lead to a variety of diseases
of cardio-vascular system.

Buy lobsters frozen and peeled with caution.
form, since in this case the shelf life does not exceed 2 days.

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Lobster can not only be ordered in a restaurant, but also cooked at home, for example, on the grill, as in this video. From it you will learn how to do it correctly.

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