Method of spraying cucumbers with green

Method of spraying cucumbers with green

Spraying green cucumbers is necessary in order to get rid of diseases and produce an antiseptic effect. From an early age, we all know the healing properties of zelenka and iodine. Also, the method acts as a top dressing and pest protection. Such methods of treatment and prevention of diseases are non-toxic and safe for health, therefore they are widely used by domestic farmers. Not to mention the low budget and accessibility of the method.It turns out that you not only do not spend money on expensive pesticides and fertilizers, but also protect your harvest from nitrates.

  1. Methods for applying an antiseptic
  2. Effect and composition of the antiseptic
  3. Watering for diseases
  4. Powdery mildew
  5. False powdery mildew or Peronosporosis
  6. Basal rot
  7. Conclusion <

Метод опрыскивания огурцов зеленкой

Method of spraying cucumbers with green

Methods for applying an antiseptic

There are several ways to apply the solution from green leaves to the soil or directly to cucumbers.

  1. Cucumbers can be watered with green leaves: A great way to get rid of rot and mold on the rhizome. You will need a bucket with a solution of iodine or diamond alcohol and a pair of hands to water your cucumbers. Also, the method is used for prevention.
  2. Spraying infected areas of the plant to disinfect them. To do this, prepare a solution of: milk and diamond alcohol, and then use the spray gun to apply it to the vegetable crop.
  3. Soaking seeds in a green solution before planting.To plant and grow a healthy crop, immediately before planting in the soil, the seeds are disinfected with a solution of iodine. Soak 20 drops of the drug per liter for an hour.

In order to prevent cucumbers from diseases and attract pests, it is recommended to spray the plants for preventive purposes. Spraying cucumbers will not bring any harm, on the contrary it will serve as fertilizer and protection.

Effect and composition of the antiseptic

Why sprinkle vegetable crops with brilliant green or iodine, you ask. Zelenka for cucumbers is a great way to get rid of rot and fungal infections. The disinfecting effect of the drug will help to cope with many problems in the garden. The composition of the diamond solution contains:

  • alcohol – a powerful disinfectant;
  • copper-containing substances that are used as fertilizer and the prevention of fungal infections.

It is recommended to spray with a solution in the presence of increased humidity in the soil or if you are planting plants in a marshland. After all, as everyone knows, flaxing with copper sulphate perfectly nourishes the earth and plants. Also, irrigation with a diamond solution is carried out with a lack of trace elements, especially such as:

  • copper;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • fluoride.

The lack of these substances provokes rot and mold.If the disease problem cannot be solved with an antiseptic, then more concentrated feeding methods are used.

Watering for diseases

Зелёнка поможет увеличить сопротивляемость к болезням

Zelenka will help increase disease resistance

Recall that with Zelenka you can replenish the plant’s nutrient reserves, which will help increase resistance against certain diseases. You can use the method on any type of soil and under any climatic conditions.

To date, the picture is that vegetable crops, such as cucumbers and tomatoes are very susceptible to disease. Even despite the stamina and natural immunity to diseases, many species require additional care in this matter.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a disease that affects the leaves and stems of shrubs. The disease begins with white spots on the leaves, which in the advanced stage smoothly pass to the stems, after which whole lashes with ovaries and fruits dry up and die.

In the fight against Powdery Mildew serum will help. For cooking, we need: 3l of milk 10ml bottle of diamond alcohol. It is necessary to process the solution in the flowering process of a vegetable crop. The same method is used to treat tomatoes.

False powdery mildew or Peronosporosis

Diseases have similar symptoms, but Peronosporosis is much worse than simple Powdery mildew. With the disease, the whole plant is covered with yellow-green dots and spots. There is a yellow coating on the leaves. Peronosporosis is able to spread rapidly and affects a large half of the crop.

To combat the disease, serum is prepared: 2 l of milk 10 ml of iodine 2 tablespoons of soda. Spray cucumbers twice a week during the period of intensive growth and flowering.

Basal rot

Greenhouse conditions and too frequent watering contribute to the development of the disease. Waterlogged soil contributes to suppuration of the root system, and after all the wilting of the whole plant.

Zelenka and iodine rescue cucumbers
How to deal with cucumber diseases using folk remedies. Serum treatment.

In preventive measures and in the fight against the disease itself, greenback is to help cucumbers.Pour a solution of 10 drops of diamond alcohol into a bucket of water. Cucumbers are watered with disinfected water as needed. In the fight against root rot, the method of smearing with iodine the portion of the stem, which rises 5-7 cm above the soil, is also effective. This will require a concentrated iodine solution. The procedures are carried out twice a week, and the results will be visible after the second time.


As practice shows, ordinary greenback is a tool that helps many breeders to collect a high-quality and healthy crop. If you want your cucumbers to be the envy of everyone, use the simple advice of professionals.

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