Orchid cultivation from Chinese seeds

Orchid cultivation from Chinese seeds

Everyone can buy an orchid, but not grow and propagate. Now it has become popular to order seeds in China: the price is much lower. Growing an orchid from the seeds of China is not a simple matter, but it is quite possible to cope with it.

  1. How to choose orchid seeds from China
  2. How to grow orchid seeds from China
  3. Soil for growing
  4. Sterilization
  5. Sowing seeds
  6. Sowing care
  7. Tips for growing orchids from China
  8. Conclusion

Выращивание орхидеи из китайских семян

Growing an orchid from Chinese seeds

How to choose orchid seeds from China

Before growing a flower, select the seed. To grow sharp plant:

  • pay attention to the photo of seeds on the Internet;
  • look at the photo of seeds from the seller: if the site provided only a picture of a flower, it is better to look for other options;
  • study the characteristics of the product and reviews on it;
  • if everything is in order, place an order.

Orchid seeds are smaller than wheat.

How to grow orchid seeds from China

Soil for growing

The soil for germination must have the correct combination of agar agar, organic and inorganic substances . The most ideal option is a ready-made purchased substrate, which is only sterilized at home.

The land for planting seeds should have a jelly-like appearance.

To germinate the seeds, use glass cones or jars in which the covers are screwed. Holes are drilled there and filled with cotton so that the bank does not explode during sterilization. The cork for the flasks is made with cotton and foil.

For germination, the seeds provide a nutrient medium. This is achieved with a mixture and enclosed space. It is better to purchase special soil and prepare it according to the instructions.

Грунт должен иметь правильное сочетание органических и неорганических веществ

The soil must have the right combination organic and inorganic substances


Banks, caps, flasks for 10 minutes. sterilized in the oven. The purchased mixture is diluted according to the instructions and for 20 minutes. disinfected in a pressure cooker.

Sowing seeds

Prepared soil, without cooling, is poured into jars. The solution is prepared in a separate bowl: 15 g of bleach are mixed with 1 liter of water, shaken well for 15 minutes. and passed through a filter. Seeds for 10 minutes soaked in solution. Then it remains to plant them, and then tightly close them and leave to grow.

Sowing care

About a week after planting, the flower gets green balls. A few days later, small hairs appear on it, from which the leaves sprout.After 2 to 5 true leaves appear, roots form. Sprouted seeds are transplanted into the pot no earlier than a year later, when the plant has already grown.

For growing orchids, after planting them in a permanent place, a moss substrate, a substrate from pine bark or fern rhizomes are suitable. In this case, the soil is made small and dense.

Before planting the shoots, the soil is poured with boiling water for 30 minutes.

The shoots are carefully removed from the can using tongs. Then it is thoroughly washed in running water to remove the remaining mixture from the plant. Then it should be carefully planted. Once the flowers are planted, they create optimal lighting and humidity.

Для выращивания на постоянном месте используют грунт мелкой и плотной консистенции

For growing in a regular place they use soil of small and dense consistency

Tips for growing orchids from China

To grow orchids, you must follow some rules:

  • Planting a seed is carried out only with clean hands and very carefully so as not to damage the seeds.
  • Everything necessary for growing at home is sterilized in advance.
  • All and polzuemy tool disinfected.
  • plant are thrown at a temperature from 25 ° C to 35 ° C and at high rates of humidity (about 60-80%). The same temperature and humidity are maintained during the whole period of orchid growth.
  • The plant cannot be constantly filled with water, the frequency of spraying is increased to maintain the desired humidity.
  • Constant top dressing promotes the growth of greenery and rhizomes, makes the flower “lazy” – it will not absorb the necessary substances on its own , you have to forget about flowering. The optimal time for complementary feeding is 1-2 times every six months.
  • To improve root formation, increase growth and flowering activity, as well as increase resistance to diseases, Ecogel is used: a third of the cap is diluted in 2 liters of water obtained orchids are sprayed with a solution.

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Express schivat orchids from China at home is easy, if you follow the technology and follow the tips.

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