Orchids drop flowers

If the orchid’s flowers fall, the owners of this plant will panic. This is because most of them do not know that the orchid drops flowers not only because of illness, but also for natural reasons.

  1. Main reasons
  2. Fighting against falling buds
  3. Prevention of shedding
  4. Care after flowering
  5. Conclusion

У орхидеи опадают цветы

Orchids fall flowers

Main reasons

Most often, orchids drop buds and flowers upon a sharp change in the conditions of change temperature conditions, installation on a different windowsill or change of scenery after purchase. the reason that the orchid has fallen flowers is due to pests that settle in the pistils. Also, the phalaenopsis heads fall off in case of natural aging of the bud branch.

The reason that the flowers fall off the plant can also be such factors :

  • insufficient lighting of flowers;
  • critical root overheating;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • drafts;
  • irregular (poor or uneven) watering;
  • low humidity in the room.

Orchids fall flowers in case of improper dstva. Epiphytes will feel uncomfortable in kitchens and in close proximity to foods of plant origin.

Accelerate the development of phalaenopsis under the power of tomatoes, bananas, nuts and apples.All these products during storage emit ethylene, which provokes a rapid change in the phases of the development of epiphytes. Pots should be placed farther from the apple trees in the garden.

Fighting flower buds

Orchid flowers fall most often due to stress. If you do not take appropriate measures, then phalaenopsis can quickly become ill and save it will be difficult. Indicators of the occurrence of problems in the epiphyte are unnatural inversion of the petals inside and drying of the corolla.

При правильном уходе цветы не опадают

When proper care, the flowers do not fall

As soon as the phalaenopsis has dropped unbroken buds or already formed corollas, immediate action will be required.

  1. If the corollas showered due to violation of the rules and order watering, you will have to change the tactics of care for epiphyte: to strengthen or reduce watering, replace it with spraying.
  2. In that case tea, when at the phalaenopsis along with the loss of flowers the leaves showered or wilted, it is necessary to exclude the presence of parasites or to identify foci of fungal diseases. If a source is found, then you should get rid of it with the help of chemicals.
  3. If the petals of the phalaenopsis fall off due to low temperatures or overheating, provide the epiphyte with comfortable conditions of detention as soon as possible.

If the fallen petals become larger and the leaves fall off for no apparent reason, then the epiphyte is not enough nutrients. In this case, the cause of the wilting of the bud branch of the phalaenopsis is eliminated by the introduction of complex fertilizers intended for such plants.

Prevention of shedding

Orchids do not fall flowers, if it was provided with proper care :

  • timely watering;
  • proper air temperature and humidity in the room;
  • regular feeding before shoots and during the formation of shooters with buds;
  • timely transplantation into porous soil;
  • sanitary pruning of roots;
  • protection against pests and scorching their sunlight.

Care after flowering

All care for the orchid, which has petals falling off due to the natural aging of the stem, is to maintain proper conditions of its detention. A faded branch cannot be removed immediately. This will cause a painful state of the epiphyte, and therefore it will not give a new shoot soon.

During dormancy, phalaenopsis need rare watering and providing conditions that accelerate growth and subsequent development. At this time, it is required to help them enter the budding phase as soon as possible.You can do this using:

  • transplantation into fresh soil rich in minerals consumed by underground roots;
  • root dressing with complexes designed to normalize growth and development;
  • spraying with drugs that provoke the growth of stems.



There are many reasons why orchids have fallen flowers. Almost all of them are directly related to improper care of the plant or are caused by parasites.

If you fail to notice in time that the petals on a previously healthy pet wither and do not take any measures, you can lose the epiphyte. After the corollas fall off, the leaves will soon fall off, and then the phalaenopsis will completely dry out.

Orchids drop flowers
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