Paphiopedilum Orchid Care

Orchid Paphiopedilum (Venus slipper), like most other varieties, is considered a whimsical culture. For the proper development of the flower, the gardener must provide him with full and high-quality care, which consists of a number of points. According to the description, all species need the same care procedures.

  1. Soil selection
  2. Lighting and temperature
  3. Watering and humidity
  4. Transplanting and propagation
  5. Flowering crops
  6. Rest period
  7. Diseases
  8. Preventive measures
  9. Conclusion <

Орхидея Венерин башмачок

Orchid Venus slipper

Soil selection

Phalaenopsis paphiopedilum flowers require a quality substrate You can prepare it yourself:

  • preparedness 5 kg of coniferous bark;
  • add 1 kg of wood ash;
  • 500 g of perlite;
  • 1 kg of peat.

Orchid Venereum Bashmachok feels great in acid-base substrates with a high concentration of calcium.For this reason, crushed chalk or lime is added to the soil per 200 g per 1 kg of the mixture. The bottom of the pot is equipped with a drainage system that allows moisture to pass through and reduce pressure on the roots. Plastic bottles or containers are used for planting.

Lighting and temperature

Paphiopedilum orchid is considered a heat-loving crop, so it is important to correctly determine the ambient temperature, depending on time days. During the day, adhere to a temperature of 24-26 ° C.The maximum rate is 29 ° C. At night, the temperature is reduced to 16-18 ° C. If you follow these indicators, the orchid Venus slipper will bloom more often, and the flowering period will increase.

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Care for the orchid Venus slipper is in the proper lighting. Despite the fact that the plant is able to grow in the shade, it prefers to receive full sunlight, they must be scattered, otherwise burns appear on the leaves. Daylight should fall on the plant for 13 hours a day. The rest of the time, Paphiopedilum orchids should be in the shade.

Watering and humidity

When caring for the Paphiopedilum orchid at home, you should not forget about the quality of watering. The drying out of the soil in the pot is fraught with the death of the garden culture. When the varieties of Venus slipper gain growth, watering is increased and carried out with an interval of 2-3 days. After flowering, the interval is increased to 4-6 days.

The culture is watered with warm, settled water. To do this, they boil it, defend it and only then water it. The optimum water temperature is 25-35 ° C. Satisfying this condition improves the adhesion of the root system to the soil. During watering, leaves and rosettes of flowers should be protected from water.

The procedure for watering the Paphiopedilum orchid is carried out so that the entire pot is placed in the water tank. Directly pouring water into the substrate is prohibited, otherwise it will result in root rot. After the procedure, the pot is set aside and the water drained.Watering time depends on the composition of the substrate. If large bark is present in it, the procedure lasts 40-50 minutes. In the presence of small particles, the time interval decreases to 15 minutes.

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The humidity of the room in which the culture is kept should be 70-90%. This is due to the fact that most of the varieties of this culture were bred in tropical conditions. Optimum humidity indicators are achieved by moistening the room, and not by spraying the leaves with water. The best way is to put a room humidifier near the pot.

Полив Пафиопедилума

Watering Paphiopedilum

Transplant and reproduction

Paphiopedilum orchid often dies after transplants. For this reason, the plant is transplanted with an interval of 2 years. At this point, the substrate completely loses its beneficial properties and begins to decompose. A transplant is carried out in the spring, before flowering begins. The root system of the plant is formed in a horizontal plane, so the culture is planted in wide and low containers. Watering the transplanted bush begins only after 5 days.

Orchid Paphiopedilum propagated by dividing the seedling. During the division, special attention is paid to ensuring that 3 outlets are formed on each part. A low number of outlets is fraught with the fact that the bush develops longer, and the flowering period is delayed for 2-3 months.The optimum temperature for transplanting divisions is 23 ° C.

Flowering culture

The flowering period of orchids Venus slipper of different species does not occur at the same time. This culture actively blooms from autumn to spring for 3-4 weeks. Some bloom even less. There are varieties that are characterized by a single appearance of flowers. Perhaps the revolving flowering of phalaenopsis for 6-7 weeks. According to the description, the culture blooms in bright colors: from yellow to saturated red.

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Rest period

The slipper rest period is weak in the Venus’s orchid. Throughout the year, the plant needs proper watering. Pay attention to the fact that culture requires full coverage.

Varieties that are characterized by colorful leaves fall into the resting period from April to October. At this time they are kept in the shade. After the inflorescence disappears, the whole blooming stick is trimmed.


Care for the orchid Venus slipper at home is considered poor quality if you do not protect the plant from disease or fight with them. The main diseases are leaf blotch, botritis and fusarium.

  • Leaf blotch is fought with the help of Combi-Lux or Oksikhom chemicals (30 g per 10 l of water). This solution is irrigated at intervals of 10 days.
  • Watering with a solution of Bordeaux fluid (4 g per 5 liters of water) is considered an effective anti-botritis drug.
  • Fusarium should be removed with a solution of manganese (2 g per 5 liters of water).

Preventive measures

It’s easy to take care of the Venus’s orchid, even though it is demanding. Disease prevention is that the substrate is treated with disinfectants before planting: manganese solution or topin (4 g per 5 l of water). It is important to follow all the rules for home care, which helps to reduce the likelihood of illness.

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Orchid Paphiopedilum or Venus slipper.Home care
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In the care of the orchid Venus slipper, you must follow all the above instructions to grow a beautiful flowering plant that can decorate the house with bright flowers.

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