Pecans, Calories, Benefits and Harms, Benefits

Pecan is a close relative of walnut
nuts, they taste similar, but the pecan kernels are a little
softer and more tender. Pecan is a deciduous
a tree belonging to the walnut family reaches
in height 25 – 40 m.

A prerequisite for the ripening of this type of nuts
is the presence of hot and humid air in summer, brought
from the Gulf of Mexico. The tree is capable of bearing fruit
for 300 years.

Pecan is native to North America, where it is especially
was revered by Indian tribes. Pecan still in the USA
is one of the favorite nuts, pies are baked with it,
bread, cookies, it is also added to salads and
hot dishes.

Pecans are best eaten immediately after peeling (without
shells they quickly deteriorate).

Benefits of pecans

Raw pecans contain (per 100 g):

Calories 691 Kcal

Pecans are 70% fat, 11% protein,
14% from sugars, due to which pecans are recommended when
fatigue and lack of appetite. Edible Pecan Oil,
reminiscent of olive in taste and smell.

Pecan contains vitamin A, B,
C, E,
iron, calcium,
phosphorus, magnesium,
potassium, zinc.

One of the varieties of vitamin E that contains
pecan nut, is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the university
Purdue in Indiana. It has been proven that the drug gamma-tocopherol,
made in laboratory conditions and containing the mentioned
a kind of vitamin E, kills diseased cells,
leaving only healthy ones. Scientists intend to use
this is a discovery for the treatment of lung and prostate cancer.

Pecan is a rich source of tannic acid, a vitamin
E; pecans also have anti-cancer properties.
If eaten in small amounts can lower levels
cholesterol. Pecans are higher in calories and polyunsaturated
fat than other nuts (70%), so you need it
consume in moderation (a spoonful five times a day) instead of
fatty foods, and not in addition to them.

Pecan nuts are recommended for vitamin deficiency, lack of
appetite, fatigue, anemia, it regulates well
the level of testosterone in the blood and has a beneficial effect on
reproductive system.

Dangerous properties of pecans

Peeled pecans cannot be stored for a long time, as they quickly
spoil – bitterness appears in the taste of such nuts.

When eating pecans, keep in mind the measure. The body can assimilate
no more than 100 grams of nuts per serving. If you eat more of it, then
digestive problems may appear. For allergies and obesity
liver, as in the case of a tendency to obesity,
it is worth limiting the use of nuts altogether.

It is necessary to significantly limit the amount of pecans in the diet for skin
diseases and a tendency to constipation.

Pregnant women should use pecans with caution. Significant
the amount of protein in its composition can cause allergies in a woman
and provoke intolerance to this product in the baby. Safe
the norm of pecans for expectant mothers is 2 kernels three times a week.

Pecans are difficult for children to digest. Pediatricians
it is not advised to feed them to children under 3 years of age. Offering nuts to a child
it is worth paying close attention to how his body will react.
In some babies, these fruits cause severe allergies, including suffocation.


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Pecans, Calories, Benefits and Harms, Benefits
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