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The Dutch botanist, who first saw this plant, thought that exotic butterflies were sitting on thin twigs. The name “Phalaenopsis” from the Greek means “like a night moth”. The exquisite flowers of the vase come in different colors: white, pale pink, purple, light green and red, thus reminding themselves of tropical butterflies.

Phalaenopsis adorable (Phalaenopsis rosenstromii)

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This plant is common in the rainforests of Australia and Southeast Asia. It is also called an orchid that grows on trees. Phalaenopsis aerial roots, which contain chlorophyll, absorb light energy. Therefore, it is useful to grow the plant in transparent or wicker pots filled with bark. In no case should a phalaenopsis be planted in the ground. The plant is well adapted to indoor conditions. With proper care, it can bloom three times a year and live up to seven years.

Phalaenopsis - butterflies in your home…. - leavingФаленопсис (Phalaenopsis mounted)

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The pot is not very whimsical. Throughout the year, he needs approximately the same conditions. The room temperature should be at least 18 degrees, although sometimes it can be reduced by another 2 degrees to stimulate flowering. Phalaenopsis should be watered moderately, especially in winter. The air near the plant can be sprayed with warm water, but one must be careful not to get it on the petals: this can lead to illness. Phalaenopsis loves a warm place, but without direct sunlight. In winter, artificial lighting can be used. Improper care can result in various fungal infections. Transplant this orchid once every two years into a larger pot. In the summer, twice a month, you need to fertilize the substrate. The plant propagates by the so-called “babies” that appear on the stem. They are transplanted into separate pots when the roots reach five centimeters.

If you want to see beautiful butterflies in your house that will give you the feeling of a fairy tale, get yourself a phalaenopsis.

Phalaenopsis - butterflies in your home…. - leavingPhalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis Hybride rosa)

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