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general description

Pine nuts are the seeds of the Italian pine of the same name, which
located in the bumps. On the branches, they are arranged in brushes of 1-3 pieces.
Nuts ripen in the third year of cone growth in October, and by the beginning
in the spring all the seeds fall out. Therefore, the harvest of the pine begins
late October early November.

Nuts have an oblong oval shape, dark brown in color
with small light spots. The shell is much stronger than the shell
seeds, so they should be manually husked with a nutcracker
or industrially using a conveyor with closely spaced

On the sides of a ripe seed, facets are formed, usually there are three of them. To size
they are from 1,5 to 1,7 cm.The nuts have a delicate texture to taste
and a resinous flavor very similar to Siberian pine nuts. Nuts
pines are considered the largest edible seeds among pine trees
plants. The yield of mature trees is 3-8 tons of nuts per
1 ha. Italian pine can live for more than 500 years and at the same time
actively bear fruit.

Wild pine is widespread on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees
peninsula and in Asia Minor. Pine is cultivated in the Caucasus and Crimea.
The main world exporters of pine nuts are: Portugal,
Spain, Tunisia, Italy and Turkey.

The first mentions of the use of pine nuts have survived from the times
the existence of the Roman Empire. Soldiers in front of weary and lengthy
military campaigns took nuts with them to satisfy a slight hunger
and recuperation. For the first time, the useful properties of the pine were described by
Avicenna in her book “The Canon of Medicine”.

Selection and use

When buying pine seeds, you should pay attention to unpeeled
nuts. They can be stored for a long time without losing their properties.
Peeled nuts cannot be stored for more than two weeks. At the expiration of
this time, the fats in the pine tree begin to oxidize and turn rancid,
and the fruits themselves absorb foreign odors. To prolong freshness
peeled pine nuts, they should be stored in the freezer.

Pine nuts are widely used in Italian and French cuisines
for the preparation of pastries and classic sauces, as well
they are used as a savory spice for red meat.

Useful properties of pine nuts

Composition and presence of nutrients

Raw pine nut contains (in 100 g):

Calories 629 Kcal

B3 4,37 Potassium, K 628 Vitamin C 2 Magnesium, Mg 234 Vitamin
B1 1,243 Sodium,
Na 72 Vitamin
B2 0,223 Phosphorus,
P 35 Vitamin B5 0,21 Manganese,
Mn 4,333

Full composition

The vitamin and mineral composition of pine nuts includes vitamins: groups
minerals: phosphorus,

Pine nuts, like other pine nuts, contain
a large amount of polyunsaturated fat.

Useful and healing properties

Nuts contain substances that help heal stomach ulcers,
normalize the work of the stomach and intestines. Powdered
nuts can be used to heal wounds. For this, the powder is poured
into the wound and make a gauze bandage. The same bandage can be used
for the treatment of skin ulcers and burns with hot water or steam.

If the powder is poured with hot water and insisted for three minutes,
then the resulting infusion can be used to gargle with
colds, coughs, gum diseases, and the steam coming out of the infusion can
use for inhalation for diseases of the bronchi and lungs. it
helps the discharge of mucus. The infusion is also used for conjunctevitis.
and eyelash loss caused by mite parasites.

Eating whole peeled pine nuts has a diuretic
effect, normalizes the functioning of the kidneys, liver, intestines, and also enhances
potency and motility of sperm. Pine nuts are good for chronic
fatigue caused by vigorous mental activity, decreased
immunity, diseases of the skin, heart, gallstones and

Healing tincture on pine nuts

If you prepare an alcoholic infusion from whole unpeeled pine seeds,
then you can get an excellent remedy for back pain caused by
osteochondrosis. For this, pine seeds (300 g) together with the shell
should be grinded in a coffee grinder and filled with boiled water (0,5 l)
cooled down to 50 ° C. The resulting infusion should be left to infuse.
in a dark place for 4-5 days. After this time in
the container with the infusion must be added medical purified alcohol
(0,5 l) and leave to stand for another 3-4 weeks. Ready
the tincture should be filtered through cheesecloth and honey added to it
(200 g.). Then pour everything into tight-fitting bottles.
from dark glass. You need to use medicinal tincture for
days for 1 tbsp. l. before every meal. Store the tincture should
in a cool dark place. Sometimes stratification of the tincture occurs
pines. Oil of nuts rises upward, and resinous
substances. If this happens, then before use, the entire mixture should be
shake well to mix the components again.

Dangerous properties of pine nuts

Pine nuts are contraindicated in case of individual intolerance,
obesity, as well as children under three years old, because there is a chance of hitting
nuts in the respiratory tract.

Excessive consumption of nuts can lead to impaired taste.
This is due to the oxidative reactions of some nut substances.
pines, which subsequently irritate receptors and mucous membranes. Symptoms
pass within a few days.

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