Plantain, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

For many children, it is with plantain that acquaintance with herbal medicine begins.
Plantain leaf, applied to the wound, stopped the blood, removed
inflammation and relieve pain. Unfortunately, often this “childhood” experience
knowledge of plantain and is limited. And, meanwhile, biologically
active substances contained in its leaves cope with problems
Gastrointestinal tract, skin pathologies, respiratory diseases. And it’s far away
not the whole list of the capabilities of this plant.

Useful properties of plantain

Composition and nutrients

What exactly is used and in what form

For medicinal purposes, plantain leaves and seeds are used. Juice from
fresh plantain leaves are used to relieve inflammation. Of
leaves prepare decoctions, infusions, tinctures, syrups. Plantain based
medicinal ointments are created. The seeds are included in the official preparations.
For the preparation of medicines, water is also used
or an alcoholic extract of plantain. Externally, poultices are made from freshly plucked
leaves. Broths are used for rinsing. Essence from a fresh plant
used in homeopathy..

Medicinal properties

  • Leaves of large plantain and lanceolate plantain
    contain aucubin glycoside, flavonoids (baicalin, scutelarin),
    polysaccharides, tannins, mucus, carotenoids (xanthophil),
    silicic, oleic, citric and ascorbic acids, vitamin
    K, mineral salts, zinc, hydroxycinnamic acids..
  • Psyllium seeds contain mucus, fatty acids, and carbohydrate
  • Among biologically
    active substances contained in the leaves of the plantain pectin,
    iridoids, flavonoids and saponins. Pectin has wound healing
    properties. Aucubin glycoside and its degradation products exhibit
    pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Saponins, pectin
    substances, flavonoids and oxycinnamic acids help to reduce
    cholesterol in the blood and have a cholesterol-lowering effect..
  • Internal purpose is due to expectorant, antibacterial,
    hemostatic properties of plantain. Also drugs
    plant-based help to improve gastric secretory
    functions that have an enveloping effect..
  • Preparations and fresh plantain leaves (juice) act bacteriostatically
    for pathogenic microbes of wound infections, for hemolytic streptococcus
    and staphylococcus,
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus, Escherichia coli. Under influence
    fresh plantain juice quickly clears the surface of wounds from
    suppuration, the inflammatory process stops and accelerates

Along with this, preparations based on plantain leaves are used
in medicine as a remedy with anti-inflammatory, hypnotic, analgesic,
antiallergic properties. Plantain decoction is used
in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, plantain extract
alcohol-based reduces pressure.

Plantain is an integral part of various breast
fees. Traditional healers recommend an infusion of plantain leaves
diarrhea, hay fever, with inflammatory processes in the urinary
bubble, at
hemorrhoids, fever. Ointment with the addition of dried powder
plantain effectively treats pustular skin lesions

Plantain seeds are useful for men and women with reproductive
problems. Plantain root extract is recommended for tuberculous cough
etymology, for fever, as a pain reliever, for bites
insects and reptiles. In the form of wet compresses, plantain
used in folk medicine in the treatment of cancerous tumors,
infusion on plantain leaves treat cancer of the stomach and lungs..

The use of plantain in official medicine

Plantain preparations that can be found in the pharmacy:

  1. 1 Large plantain leaves.
  2. 2 Plantain juice. Liquid in vials that
    is a sokogonny means. It is prescribed for gastritis with low
    acidity, three times a day a quarter of an hour before meals.
    The course of treatment is a month.
  3. 3 Granular solution preparation
    Plantaglucid. At hypoacid gastritis, ulcerative
    damage to the stomach with normal or low acidity is prescribed
    half or a whole teaspoon of granules, diluted in a quarter
    glasses of heated water, up to 3 times a day half an hour before taking

In folk medicine

  • With gastric achilia, subacute and chronic organ diseases
    digestive system with concomitant minor bleeding,
    as a weak expectorant for children and externally,
    for the manufacture of compresses on poorly healing wounds are used
    the next broth: half a tablespoon of plantain leaves is poured
    200 ml of water. Boil over low heat for about 10 minutes, let it brew.
    Take in small sips, half a glass up to three times a day..
  • Plantain lanceolate juice is used for asthma,
    cough, whooping cough,
    to cleanse the blood – drink a tablespoon of juice three times a day.
    Plantain lanceolate juice can be preserved as follows: 1 kg preliminarily
    washed and dried plantain leaves are passed through a meat grinder.
    The extracted juice is mixed with 1 kg of granulated sugar and 1
    l of water (sugar can be replaced with 1,5 kg of honey). The mixture is cooked slowly
    heat until a thick consistency is obtained, then poured into jars
    and stored in a cool place. Cooked like this
    plantain juice is also useful for a weak bladder, with
    hemorrhoids, anemia and pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • For catarrh of the throat, rinse with lanceolate plantain juice,
    flowers of forest balls (marshmallow) and larkspur root
    (1: 1: 1). A tablespoon of the mixture of these juices is diluted with one third
    glasses of warm boiled water. Rinse 4 times a day...
  • As a fortifying tea, saturated with vitamins, the following is recommended
    drink: mix 300 g each of plantain leaves and licorice root and
    400 g of leaves of coltsfoot. Pour a tablespoon of this collection
    400 ml boiling water, let it brew for a quarter of an hour and take it warm,
    100 ml every three hours.
  • The collection is useful for the stomach: combine 100 g of knotweed herb and Potentilla
    goose and 200 g of plantain. Two tablespoons of this herbal mixture
    pour 400 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 60 minutes. Strained drink
    take three times a day, 100 ml 40 minutes before meals.

Plantain seeds

In the treatment of chronic diseases of the bronchi and bronchial asthma
advise tea: 4 tablespoons of the herbal collection of elder flowers,
sundew herb, plantain leaves and tricolor violet herb (each
take 100 g of the ingredient) pour 200 ml of boiling water and withstand the infusion
60 minutes. Drink the filtered infusion three times a day for a third of a glass..

Plantain tea: To make it you need a cup of chopped
plantain leaves, 2 cups water. Rinse the leaves thoroughly and
dry. Boil water, add plantain, leave in a bowl
with a tight-fitting lid and let it brew until completely cooled.
Store this tea in the refrigerator. You can add honey to taste.
Tea serves as an excellent tonic. Helps with diarrhea
relieves cold symptoms. It can be used to rinse
wounds, boils, burns,
for treating skin affected by eczema,

  • Plantain Ointment: A small bunch of plantain leaves will be required
    (washed and dried), 120 ml coconut oil, 15 g bee
    wax, glass jar (1 liter). Plantain leaves
    chop coarsely, fill the jar with them halfway. Pour in coconut
    oil into a jar, filling to the brim. Prepare the mixture in water
    bath, over low heat, for 2 hours. After drain.
    Add melted to the strained light green liquid
    beeswax. To stir thoroughly. Coconut
    oil and wax help moisturize the skin, and plantain
    – its healing. Such an ointment heals cracks, softens burnt
    and chapped skin..
  • For stomach cancer, plantain juice is effective inside: finely chopped
    fresh plantain leaf is mixed in equal proportions with
    granulated sugar, insist in a warm place for 14 days. Formed
    juice is taken in a tablespoon three times a day 20 minutes before
  • RџSЂRё
    peptic ulcer, an infusion is prescribed: two tablespoons
    a mixture of leaves of plantain and salvia officinalis
    pour 400 ml of boiling water. Let it brew, drink one third
    glasses three times a day before meals during the first
    10 days of treatment. Then 0,5 cups during the course of
    one or two months.
  • RџSЂRё
    constipation and chronic colitis, take a decoction of plantain seeds
    Indian: pour 10 g of seeds with a glass of boiling water. Drink around the canteen
    spoon per day, always on an empty stomach..


Juice compresses are applied to treat malignant tumors
large plantain. For rinsing, rinsing, lotions and compresses
prepare an infusion at the rate of 50 g of raw materials per glass of boiling water. With purulent
for skin diseases and skin lesions, an ointment is recommended: 10 g crushed
into powder of leaves of a large plantain mixed with 90 g of petroleum jelly.

Poultices of crushed plantain seeds, soaked in hot
water is used for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, for ulcers on the skin,
with cracks in the nipples of the mammary glands in nursing mothers (poultices
applied to cracks after each feeding)..

For inflammation of the eyes and purulent discharge from them, compresses are recommended
from an aqueous infusion of leaves of plantain lanceolate.

In case of toothache, cotton wool moistened with
in alcohol tincture of plantain..

Dried plantain

In oriental medicine

In China, plantain has long been used as a means of stopping
intestinal disorders in children. Also used as obstetric aid
remedy and attributed to him the power to change the wrong position of the fetus
(with pelvic presentation, etc.)

In Burma, plantain is used to treat high blood pressure and manifestations
tropical fever.

Avicenna in his practice used both wound healing and
hemostatic properties of the plant. Applied parts of plantain
in the treatment of tumors, non-healing ulcers of a malignant nature,
with inflammatory processes in the kidneys and liver, with eye diseases.
Plantain seeds are recommended by the doctor for intestinal disorders
and with deep focal lesions of the lungs..

In scientific research

In the 18th century, British explorer and physician, author of the famous
Botanology (1710), William Salmon wrote about the plantain in Travnik
England (“History of Plants”): “Plantain juice promotes
separation of sputum in diseases of the upper respiratory tract …
Plantain is a remedy for debilitating coughs,
lung diseases. It is believed that plantain can be used for
epilepsy, dropsy, jaundice, liver diseases, spleen …
relieves inflammation in the eyes … Plantain juice, buried
in the ears, relieves pain and restores damaged hearing …
powder plantain root in equal parts with chamomile removes
toothache. Shredded plantain seeds stop vomiting,
stop epileptic seizures and seizures … Ointment made
from plantain juice and rose oil relieves headaches
pains …

The Podorozhnikov family is a topical object of study by scientists-representatives
modern medicine.

Comparative analysis of chemical components and nutrients of plantain
large, lanceolate plantain and medium plantain (growing
in the southeastern regions of Spain) is given in the study by J.L.

The work is devoted to the anti-inflammatory properties of plantain
F. Hassan, A.S. Mansur et al..

Hepaprotective and anti-inflammatory functions of the substances contained
in large plantain are described in the article by I. Tyurel, H. Ozbek, R. Erten
and etc..

Biologically active substances, chemical composition and use
in medicine, plantain is the topic of research by A. B.

I. Stanisavlevich, S. Stozhievich, D. Velikovich and others studied antimicrobial
and the antioxidant properties of the plantain leaf extract

The question of chemical composition, pharmacological effects, medicinal
properties of the Asiatic plantain are highlighted in the article by K. Liu, K. Wu, H.

The use of plantain in traditional medicine analyzed
in the scientific work of K. Haddian, M. Zakhmatkash..

The use of plantain large in official medicine, characteristics
its chemical components are studied by D. Olennikov,
Samuelsen A.B., Tankhaeva L.M..

Plantain leaf tea

In cooking

Plantain smoothie

Required: One cup of young, freshly plucked plantain leaves,
two sprigs of mint,
some honey, two cups of almond milk, one banana and one
Apple. Puree all ingredients in a blender, drink chilled.

Pesto sauce made from onion arrows and plantain

200 g onion arrows, one small bunch of plantain leaves,
half a cup of olive
oils, a small handful of walnut kernels. Purée
all ingredients and salt to taste. You can add a little grated
cheese. Serve with pasta, fish, or use as a sandwich

Pizza with plantain

For the dough you will need: 1,5 cups of warm water, 2 cups of flour, 1, 5
a teaspoon of sea salt, 0,5 teaspoon of dry yeast.

To fill the pizza, you need the following products: 150 g of mozzarella cheese,
1 tomato,
a few plantain leaves, a little olive oil and tomato

Dissolve yeast in water, mix flour with salt. Connect divorced
in water yeast with flour and knead for a long time. Give dough
ball shape and keep in a warm place for 4 hours. Split
in 2 parts.

Cut mozzarella into thin slices, tomato slices, leaves
chop the plantain.

Preheat the oven to 280 degrees, roll half of the dough into thin
layer, bake for 5 minutes, then grease the pizza with olive oil, tomato
sauce, put cheese, tomatoes, sprinkle with plantain and bake
3 more minutes..

Plantain salad

To prepare this amazingly tasty dish you will need:
a bunch of plantain leaves, a tablespoon of sesame seeds
butter and soy sauce, a clove of garlic and sesame seeds. Plantain
rinse, boil the leaves in salted water for 4 minutes,
then put it in very cold water for a couple of seconds. Fill up
leaves with soy sauce, sesame oil, sprinkle with crushed
garlic and sesame seeds.

Plantain leaves stuffed with meat and rice

Required ingredients: 400 g ground beef, two cups boiled
rice, one clove of garlic,
a bunch of plantain leaves, 1 egg, salt, pepper to taste. Leaves
plantain to blanch. Mix ground beef, rice, whipped
egg, salt and pepper. Wrap the filling in plantain leaves (on
each leaf one tablespoon), bake in the oven at a temperature
160 until done.

Plantain Chips

To prepare the chips you will need: 2 cups of fresh young
plantain leaves, 2 teaspoons of sesame oil, 0,5 teaspoon
tablespoons of ground fennel seeds,
0,5 teaspoon ground cumin, 0,25 teaspoon ground ginger,
0,5 teaspoon of salt. Mix all the ingredients, spread the leaves
plantain, oiled and sprinkled with spices, one layer
on a roasting pan covered with baking paper and bake for
6 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees..

Plantain oil

In cosmetology

Plantain is popular for cosmetic purposes: based on the plant, they create
face masks, decoctions for washing hair, produce various
cosmetic care products.

Herbal ice tones and rejuvenates the skin: plantain broth is frozen
in molds and pieces of such ice they wipe the face.

Steam baths with plantain are useful for problem skin.

Plantain for the face is applied in the form of masks. Owners of normal
the following mask is suitable for the skin: a tablespoon of finely chopped
steamed plantain leaves with boiling water. Real plantain
squeeze, mix with a tablespoon of sour cream and egg yolk. Lubricate
a mixture of face and neck. Wash off after a quarter of an hour.

Dry skin will benefit from a psyllium-based mask,
and sunflower oil: heat 65 ml of oil in a water bath, add
two teaspoons finely chopped plantain leaves, boil
a couple of minutes, pour 0,5 tablespoon of aloe juice into the broth. To apply
mask with a cotton swab on the face and décolleté. Withstand
mask for 20 minutes, then gently wipe off the face and rinse off the remains
masks with warm water.

Plantain masks for oily skin

  • Plantain, Rosehip, Nettle and Mint Face Mask:
    steam the herbal mixture with 50 ml of boiling water and leave for half an hour in
    thermos. Plantain leaves take 2 teaspoons, fruit
    rose hips and herb nettles
    – one teaspoon each, mint – 0,5 tablespoon. Squeeze out the present
    gruel and apply to face and neck. Remove the mask after 20 minutes.
  • Plantain helps with comedones (blackheads): a tablespoon
    mixtures of equal parts plantain, dandelion and sorrel leaves
    pour a small amount of boiling water. Mix the cooled mixture
    with egg white and apply on face. Remove the mask from the skin through
    20 minutes.
  • A mask from plantain is good for problematic oily skin,
    oatmeal and lemon
    juice. Pour a teaspoon of chopped plantain leaves with one
    a third glass of boiling water. Insist for half an hour. Strained
    pour a tablespoon of oatmeal with infusion. Softened
    mix the flakes with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to cleaned
    face for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with warm water.
  • With the increased work of the sebaceous glands, a plantain mask is useful,
    and kefir. Pour a teaspoon of plantain leaves into 0,3 cups
    boiling water. Let it brew, strain. Dilute 0,5 cups of kefir
    1,5 tablespoons of starch. Warm up over low heat,
    until it thickens. Add strained to the kefir-starch mixture
    plantain infusion, mix. Apply the mask to the face with
    cotton swab. Wash off with warm water after 25 minutes.

Hair plantain

Strengthens hair with psyllium mask: two tablespoons of leaves
plantain pour 0,5 cups of milk in boiling water. Insist
plantain in milk for 20 minutes. Rub the gruel-like mass into the skin
heads. Wrap your head with plastic and a towel. Wash off after an hour
mask, rinsing hair thoroughly with warm water.

Plantain is used in body lotions, body wrap treatments,
in cosmetics with a whitening and softening effect..

Plantain is in demand in veterinary medicine: based on plant leaves
make up drugs that accelerate blood clotting time in animals,
to heal their open and festering wounds..

The plant inspired the poet Anna Akhmatova to create a poem
collection “Plantain“, In a kind of preface to which
the author calls the plantain “humble.” The central character is
this grass and on the canvas of Albrecht Durer – watercolors “Plantain».

Until the 14th century, plantain only grew in the eastern hemisphere.
During their great sea voyages, sailors accidentally brought
plantain seeds in the lands of the New World. Indian tribes called
plantain «trail of the white man».

In the United States, the plantain that took root later was also called “serpentine
“Believing that a plant is able to heal a person
in case of a snake bite..

We have collected the most important points about the benefits and possible dangers of plantain.
in this illustration and we will be very grateful if you share
a picture on social networks, with a link to our page:

This is a perennial herb of the Plantain family.

Among the people, the plantain got the names: traveler, three-way, wounded,
roadside, woodworm
… Official genus name in Latin Plantago
(from planta – «sole of the foot“,”foot“), Sending
to the shape of the leaves of the plant, resembling a footprint. Remarkably
that the American Indians also called the plantain “followed by white
“, Because before the arrival of the Europeans to the American
continent this plant was not found there.

Botanists count 158 species of plantain, among
which are the most common:

waybread – a perennial herb.
The rhizome is short, vertical, with multiple branches from
him with filamentous roots. Stems – naked, separated by furrows
arrows, from 15 cm to almost 0,5 meters high. Leaves are broadly ovate,
with veins-arcs, connected in a basal socket. Inflorescence – simple
spike on a long petiole. The flowers are small, dim, the fruit is a capsule.
Plantain blooms from late spring to early autumn. The fruits are formed
in August, ripens until mid-autumn. Plantain grows
in yards, in abandoned areas, in weeds,
along roads, in meadows, in meadows. One plant gives several
thousands of seeds that spread over long distances in the atmosphere..

The breeding method is seed. Plantain does not take root well on heavy,
structureless, floating soils. With the beginning of winter, the site is plowed
to a depth of 0,27 m. The optimum seeding depth is 5 cm. If
sowing takes place in the spring, the seeds must be
undergo stratification, and in summer and autumn you can sow dry seed

Harvesting of leaves of a large plantain falls on the flowering
period. Leaves are torn off by hand, or removed with sickles, knives. Prohibited
tear off the entire outlet, along with the rhizome, since this is a direct path
to the “extinction” of the plant in this area. The collected raw materials are stacked
loose, light layer in portable devices. Dried plantain
spread out in a thin layer, shaking from time to time. Sufficient
the degree of dryness is determined by the fragility of the petioles. Store the leaves
plantain can be up to 3 years old (if the raw materials have not been crushed) or up to 2 years
(if the leaves were cut during processing)..

The nutritional value of plantain is that the plant is
a food product of numerous species of butterflies.

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