Planting cabbage for seedlings in 2020 according to the lunar calendar

Planting cabbage for seedlings in 2020 according to the lunar calendar

Planting cabbage for seedlings in 2018 should be carried out taking into account the maturity of specific plant varieties. Scientists have long established the relationship between the phases of the moon, the presence of this luminary in a particular zodiac sign and the development of plants.

Посадка капусты на рассаду

Planting cabbage on seedlings

How to use the lunar calendar

The lunar calendar is a convenient routine for gardening, based on the influence of the phases of the moon on the growth and development of all living things. It also indicates the productivity of periods influenced by conventionally accepted signs of the zodiac.

Using the calendar is easy.Before carrying out any work (seeding, planting young plants in the ground for a permanent place and others), you must do the following:

  • find the desired date in the calendar;
  • compare the travel time heavenly luminary according to a certain constellation with the current time;
  • make sure that the day and time are suitable for the planned work.

It is important to consider that occurrence in different regions of Russia The moon in a particular zodiac sign occurs at different times of the day. This is due to the fact that the regions are in different time zones: when a fertile day has already arrived in the east of the country, it is still deep night in the western part of the mainland. That is why, if the work will be carried out in the suburbs, then the calendar for the Urals or Siberia cannot be used to select the optimal period.

Within one day, the Moon can move from one zodiac sign to another. It’s good if both such days fall on a time favorable for gardening, but it can also be that a favorable day will turn into unproductive.

The influence of the zodiac signs on the growth and development of seedlings

The influence of the zodiac signs on the growth and development of seedlings has been studied by scientists for a long time.

Most summer residents who decide to grow seedlings in their own garden plots can not always devote much time to the garden. That is why you should trust nature and use its abilities to help yourself.

The days when the Moon is in the elements of Water and Earth are considered the most productive for sowing seeds. These periods include hours and days under the influence of:

  • Taurus;
  • Cancer;
  • Libra;
  • Scorpio;
  • Capricorn;
  • Pisces.

The periods when the planet’s satellite is in the zone of influence of these signs are called fertile days. On such days, you can plant seeds, harvest a mature crop and take care of perennial shrubs and trees. On other days when the Moon is in the element of Fire or Air, it is best to refrain from active work and engage in weed collection, hilling of beds and fertilizing the soil.

Favorable and unsuitable days for planting cabbage in 2018

Во время посеянные семена

during the sown seeds

Planting cabbage for seedlings in 2018 should begin in the winter months. To a greater extent, this rule applies to plants of late varieties, as well as cauliflower. If for some reason the sowing was not carried out at the indicated time, then do not despair, because the days favorable for this will also be in early spring. Let us consider in more detail the phases of the moon and the most favorable numbers for planting cabbage on seedlings.

The fertile days of spring

According to the way the moon will pass fertile signs on the calendar, it will be possible to plant cabbage for seedlings in 2018 on such dates in the spring months:

  • March – 20.03, 21.03, 25.03, 26.03;
  • April – 4.04, 6.04, 18.04, 21.04, 23.04.

In May 2018 years, the most favorable days for transplanting seedlings are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19 and 24.

Unsuitable days

The most unsuitable days for gardening garden works in the spring of 2018:

  • March 2, 16, 17, 18 and 31;
  • April 15, 16, 17, 19, 29 and 30;
  • May 14, 15, 16, 28,29 and 30.

Do not sow seeds for seedlings on days of full moons or new moons. During such periods, nature rests.

In 2018, the full moon will fall on March 2 and 31, as well as on April 30 and May 28. The new moon will come at intervals between them in the middle of each period. The plants planted on these days will turn out to be weak and thin. Such cabbage will not go to the ovary, and at the end of the season it is unlikely to get the desired crop.

Care rules

In order to achieve a high harvest, it is not enough just to observe the sowing time . It is also necessary to plant the seed in a suitable fertile soil.

Ground preparation

Рассыпаем землю по маленьким стаканчикам

Scatter ground in small glasses

Preparation of the soil for laying the seeds of this vegetable should be done in advance. They recommend sowing seeds in warm soil. Therefore, the land in greenhouses must be warmed up.

To provide the culture with suitable conditions, create high beds from:

  • last year’s leaves;
  • humus;
  • chernozem.

The nitrogen-rich soil mixture will not be cold, and if it is additionally covered with a dome made of oilcloth or high-density spandbond, the seedlings will be very comfortable in such conditions. Warm beds usually higher than ordinary, it is more convenient to process them. Planting plants and sowing seeds will also be much easier.

Sowing seeds

Planting cabbage in spring on seedlings in 2018 should be carried out on favorable days for this. Sowing seeds should be carried out in the usual way. Grains are laid dry in the soil. The distance between future seedlings should be 3 cm. Gaps of this length will enable the plant to form a healthy root system. Plant care can also be done without difficulty.

To get to the maturity date of cabbage, seedling of early varieties should be done in late February or early March, and medium ones in March or April.Late cabbage plants must be grown from the end of April.

The choice of the period for sowing is not accidental. Seeding time is related to the age of the seedlings, after which the plants can be planted in open ground. Sowing dates are also directly related to the length of the growing season and the moment of technical maturity of the selected cabbage variety.

By species

Features of the cultivation of each variety are as follows:

  1. Early white cabbage is planted in a permanent place 55 days after germination, and it can be harvested after 115 days.
  2. A medium-sized plant from ripening to picking should reach the age of 45 days. The vegetable will become ripe about 130 days after the first leaflet appears above the ground.
  3. Late cabbage is ready to be transplanted into the open ground after 30 days, and the ripening of the plants will last up to 160 days.
За рассадой нужен должный уход

Seedlings need proper care

К the specified time should be added another 1 week. This time will be enough for the seeds of the plant to hatch, and the long-awaited leaflet appears on the surface.

Caring for the greenhouse before germination

Quality of ripened cabbage, size forks and their density depends on the observance of the rules for seedling care.The named period begins immediately after the seeds fall into the ground.

Soil after sowing seeds needs watering. Sprinkling should be done once a day. It is recommended to irrigate hotbeds with melt or rainwater. For this, some summer residents leave liquid in open barrels in their areas for the winter. In periods of severe frost, moisture turns into ice. After thawing, all harmful substances and metal salts are deposited to the bottom, and disinfected soft water rises up.

Care for hatching seeds

After the seeds hatch, and above the ground the first leaf will appear, seedlings will need to be watered as the soil dries. As soon as the seedlings issue the first permanent leaf (and this will happen no earlier than 10 days after germination), you can begin to loosen the soil between the rows. It is important not to burrow the tool so as not to damage the crops. Loosening the soil should be done on those days when the Moon is in fertile signs.

About 20 days after germination, you need to begin to harden the plants. If this is not done, then after transplanting into the open ground, the cabbage will be difficult to acclimatize.

Stay in the open air should begin with one minute. Before disembarking into the ground in about three days, the greenhouse with cabbage should be kept open during daylight hours.

Preparation of seedlings for transplanting into the open ground

Preparation of seedlings for transplanting to a permanent place must begin one day before the planned event. It is important to make sure that two consecutive days fall on a period favorable for gardening work. The day before the alleged planting, plants should be abundantly poured with warm, settled water.


Sit cabbage seedlings are needed immediately after a dive, because, being outside the soil, they quickly wither. That is why plants should be dug up immediately before moving them to the ground. Gardeners should pay special attention to the roots of plants: in no case should the bottom of the seedlings be allowed to be exposed.

In the case when plants need to be transported over long distances, it is recommended to cover the bottom of the bushes with a lump of earth and wrap with a damp cloth . For all varieties and varieties of cabbage, the best month for transferring seedlings to a permanent place is May.


It happens that all the work is done I’m on time, in compliance with the technology, and the seedlings still wither, or young plants do not give growth. Many summer residents believe that this situation is a direct result of non-compliance with the periodicity of work on the lunar calendar.

How true is this statement – not for us to judge. But it’s better to follow the recommendations and grow vegetables in accordance with nature.

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