Planting orchid bulbs from Vietnam

Planting orchid bulbs from Vietnam

Planting an orchid bulb from Vietnam and its cultivation remains an urgent issue for orchid lovers who intend to bring such a souvenir from a trip to an Asian country. It is difficult to grow bulbs of this species.

  1. Description and types of Vietnamese orchids
  2. Transplanting
  3. Growing and caring
  4. Transplanting
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Посадка луковицы орхидеи из Вьетнама

Orchid bulb planting from Vietnam

Description and types of Vietnamese orchids

There are 2 types of orchids in Vietnam: aerial and aboveground. Aerial organisms are found on trees, growing in their roots, above-ground – on accumulations of humus or garbage. how many varieties differ in the shape of the petals and flowers, the color and size of the inflorescences.

Names of orchid species from Vietnam:

  1. Vietnamese. Typically a large variety of petal colors that have a kind of pocket, similar on a small shoe.
  2. Siamese. The species is characterized by the formation of only one flower on a green-purple peduncle. At the same time, one lower petal is brown.
  3. Bearded. A variety of unusual appearance: burgundy flowers have a light border, the leaves are light green with dark spots that can be perceived as a disease.
  4. Beautiful. The flowers are large (up to 10 cm in diameter), orange-green in color with greenish veins and a black speck.
  5. Appleton.Paphiopedilum with a soft, pleasant aroma, which is typical for a purple-brown color.
  6. Elena. The flowers are yellow, have a waxy coating. This species blooms 3 months a year.
  7. Single-flowered. The peculiarity of the species is faster flowering than other varieties. On a short peduncle, only 1-2 flowers are formed.


To properly plant an orchid from Vietnam and grow a beautiful plant at home, you need to adhere many rules and take into account all factors in the process of leaving.

  1. When choosing a vessel for planting a bulb, give preference to a transparent pot, container or a small bucket of food. It’s better to plant the flower in a transparent pot, because the roots of the plant must receive light.
  2. For orchids that are picky about the moisture level, add several types of drainage to the planting substrate to regulate the amount of water in the soil and increase the mass and stability of the vessel . Expanded clay, clay pottery shards, small and medium stones are used as drainage material.
  3. The substrate for orchids consists of the following components: coniferous tree bark, sphagnum moss, fern frond, pumice, expanded clay, coconut chips, fibers rockwool, etc.
При выборе сосуда для посадки бульбы отдайте предпочтение прозрачной ёмкости

When choosing a vessel for planting a bulb, give preference to a transparent container

To plant a flower, the drainage layer is covered with a substrate, which is then watered. After this, the tubers are placed in pots, usually one in each. Plant orchid bulbs from Vietnam should be so that their lower parts are slightly submerged in the soil, about 1 cm correct. Tuber offspring need strong support and therefore they must be planted after the support peg is installed. Immediately after planting, the young plant is put on a lighted place for germination, which will allow it to grow a strong root system of the bulb.

Growing and care

It is recommended to grow papiopedilum when creating close him tropical conditions. The temperature should not go beyond 17 ° C-30 ° C, and the optimal humidity level is from 50% and above. Solar radiation should not be too saturated, otherwise the plant may get a thermal burn, so shade it in summer.

Caring for the orchid as a whole is not difficult.

Cultivation also involves fertilizing flowers . 1 p. per month, feed the orchid with a specialized complex. Watering, as a rule, is carried out as it dries, because the frequent flow of water leads to decay of tissues.

A small warm shower for Paphiopedilum is not superfluous, after which it is necessary to give time for the release of excess moisture. Watering is carried out in the morning or daytime, so that the soil dries by night. In summer, watering is daily, in winter – once every few weeks.

Оптимальная температура — 17°C-30°С, а уровень влажности — от 50% и выше

The optimum temperature is 17 ° C-30 ° C, and the humidity level is from 50% and above


The transplant depends on the type of indoor orchid and typical of her bulbs. Bulbous varieties must replace the substrate at some intervals, because such a Paphiopedilum quickly renders the soil unusable, depleting its resources. If the substrate is based on sphagnum, then the plant is transplanted every 2 years, if on the bark – every 3 years.

It is better to transplant in the spring, which accounts for the active growth of plants. In addition, the plant needs a transplant if it is damaged by parasites or rotting as a result of improper watering.

Orchids from Vietnam (how to plant)
How orchids grow from Vietnam after forcing
Plant the onion.
Orchids from Vietnam
Orchids from Vietnam


To bring the onion is only half the battle, because when When growing an exotic plant at home, proper care must be taken to maintain stable environmental conditions.

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