Plants for extreme conditions on balconies

Colorful summer balconies and window sills similar to elegant flower galleries are everyone’s dream. But the conditions on them are far from always suitable for classic abundantly flowering plants, which create the very effect of colorful summer diversity. Balconies in which there is too much shade or all living things are burned by the too bright southern sun, where cold drafts reign, are almost as common as cozy, comfortable for plants. In the design of such balconies with problem areas, a special approach is needed.

Flowers on the balcony. Farmer Matthew Roach

For balconies, the orientation of the house and its surroundings are factors that we cannot change. But even problem balconies, for which it is impossible to apply the classical strategy of planting summer houses and placing colorful plants for the warm season, can and should be landscaped. In the process of decorating balcony gardens, there are 3 most common problems:

  1. Too strong drafts and wind.
  2. Strong shading.
  3. The sun on which all plants are burned.

The first problem is usually associated with side balconies or houses that are poorly located, not protected by other structures and in front of which there are large empty spaces or bodies of water. Two other problems arise from the north or south orientation of the wall of the house on which the balcony is located, the proximity of neighboring buildings, which leads to a lack of lighting or too hot conditions.

Solving all three challenges requires a different approach to your landscaping strategy.

Flowers on the balconyFlowers on the balcony. Farmer DanielBeattie

Plants for balconies with strong wind

The design of the balcony, where the main problem is strong wind and constant drafts, requires, first of all, a thoughtful approach to securing the containers. In order to prevent plants from falling in strong winds and to be stable, two methods can be applied:

  1. Heavy stones are placed at the bottom of the container, which will prevent it from turning over even in a very strong wind.
  2. The containers are grouped, displayed in a dense group, tying together and tying to the balcony railing.

But you should take into account the peculiarities of the situation when choosing cultures. Letniki who do not like drafts and precipitation will not take root on such a balcony. So you will have to give up your favorite petunias, and even more so from newfangled surfinias. But more modest and stable plants, which show themselves quite unpretentious in the garden and are not afraid of drafts, will feel good on balcony areas.

First of all, pay attention to plants with basket inflorescences – “chamomiles”, as well as crops with dense leathery leaves and flexible shoots. Will not be afraid of the windy balcony ivy, nivian, rudbeckia… Of the classic annuals, you should pay attention to ageratum mexican, low grades chrysanthemums, gazania, calendula, Begonia и verbena.

Flowers on the balconyFlowers on the balcony. Farmer Alberto Forlai

Landscaping of shaded balconies

The selection of landscaping options for shaded balconies, where not just partial shade or even a light shade reigns, but all plants are without sunlight for almost the whole day, requires a completely different approach. It is necessary to choose for such balconies only those crops that are among the most hardy perennials, which by nature prefer shady conditions.

Shade-loving hosts, various ferns, decorative cereals, ivy will allow you to decorate balconies with colorful greenery. The main stars of the design will be able to act also those who have moved from the rooms for the summer. vineyard, Cissus, Tradescantia… But you can forget about abundant flowering clouds for shady balconies. But this does not mean that flowering plants cannot be found at all. You can try to put it on a dark balcony forget-me-nots, astilbe, marigold, begonia, reseda, balsam и pansies, but they will need a higher placement (and it is better to choose ampel varieties).

Flowers on the balconyFlowers on the balcony. Farmer Gergely Lanyi

Plants for sunny balconies

The southern balconies are characterized by the fact that the temperature on them is beyond any comfortable range for potted plants. The heat and drying sun are unbearable for most summer visitors. The soil, when located on a balcony, where there is too much sun, dries up in literally a matter of minutes. And just plentiful watering in the early morning or evening is indispensable.

The southern balconies are only suitable for plants that have succulent leaves that can store water, and drought-resistant southern plants. The two best candidates for landscaping such a balcony are – would enter (static) i purslane… They are able to fight both heat and sun. Also unexpectedly good on the southern balconies are garden annual vines, such as sweet pea, nasturtium or exotic tungsten… Of blooming crops, only pelargoniums, sparkling sage, ageratum, carnations, phlox Drummond, mattiole… But to maintain the attractiveness of this greenery, you will have to make the care more intensive. You can take cacti, dracaena, laurel, yucca, aloe and agave here from the rooms.

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