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The bedroom is a special room in the house. First of all, this is a room intended only for the owners: there is no place for outsiders. In addition, you have to spend a significant part of the day in the bedroom – 6-8 hours of sleep. And finally, this room is designed to be an oasis of peace and tranquility, heavy experiences and bitter feelings should be left behind its doorstep. To create the atmosphere necessary for a rest room, it is customary to use soft colors, furniture and interior items of rounded shapes, and dim light.

Indoor plants in the interior of the bedroom

And the choice of plants for the bedroom should be approached especially carefully and responsibly. During sleep, a person breathes deeper than usual, which means that the air in the bedroom should be especially clean. As you know, plants enrich the air with oxygen, but in addition, many of them have bactericidal properties and the ability to increase air humidity. They are more suitable for the bedroom than others.

As a rule, plants that purify the air, odorless or with a delicate, subtle soothing aroma, dull, but beautiful, have a positive effect on health and emotional state, charge the atmosphere of the room with the energy of love and trust.


How to place plants in a bedroom

Everything is important in the bedroom: color combinations, fresh air, comfortable light, comfortable and beautiful furniture – and plants that will tie all this together and “revive” the interior. Harmony around helps to adjust it within yourself. And it is plants that are a universal “harmonizer” of space: they add warmth to cold and austere styles, reconcile not entirely successful combinations of forms, place the necessary accents, give smooth transitions, “smooth out” sharp corners. In the end, they will give you coziness, create an eye-friendly green color background and purify the air.

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You can create a real oasis in the bedroom, but not a greenhouse. First, the very nature of the bedroom does not accept visual fragmentation, “anxiety”. Secondly, we all well remember that it is at night that plants emit carbon dioxide, absorbing oxygen. Therefore, it is better to choose a few plants, but expressive forms and rather large sizes, provided that the room is spacious. One such plant can be afforded even in a small bedroom.

If you want to place the composition, let it be small, a maximum of three or four medium-sized plants in beautiful pots. In a very tiny bedroom, you can hang plants from the ceiling or put one small but catchy one on the dressing table.

The impression of a green composition can be enhanced by placing it in front of a mirror, better than a large one, for example, mirrored doors of a wardrobe. It will look especially impressive in the evening if the plants are gently illuminated.

Single plants must be chosen especially carefully, carefully examine when buying – they must be harmoniously developed, in good condition, without damage.

The bedroom is often not the most illuminated place in the apartment, and it is not always possible to place flower pots right by the window. In addition, you want to always have fresh air here, and many tropical plants need high humidity and temperature. Therefore, such flowers are suitable for the bedroom, which, for all their beauty, are also quite unpretentious.

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Finally, I would like the plants not only to decorate, but also to heal the room, promote sound sleep. And flowers that combine all these qualities exist.

Indoor plants in the interior of the bedroomIndoor plants in the interior of the bedroom. Farmer tickleyourvanity

What plants to choose for a bedroom

When choosing plants for the bedroom, you should pay attention, first of all, to ficuses. Their types are distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors, as well as unpretentiousness. Ficus Benjamin, rubbery, lyre-shaped, fits especially well into the modern interior. And other species are no less attractive, especially those with white, yellow, reddish or gray patterns on the leaves.

Another win-win option is palm trees, especially when it is possible to place them closer to the window. Among the slender beauties, one can distinguish Forster’s hovea with slightly curved leaves, the Canary date with a spreading crown of feathery leaves and the graceful chamedorea – a multi-stemmed dwarf palm that forms decorative panicles of small flowers. Palm trees are able, thanks to their graceful feathery leaves, to give lightness, airiness, ease to even a boring atmosphere.

Dracaena and monstera will compete with them. Lianas syndapsus, passionflower, philodendron are just as hardy, easily tolerate lack of light and dry air.

The minimalist interior will be enlivened by a magnificent large plant Fatsia japonica, with large patterned shiny leaves. It is beautiful, shade-tolerant, resistant to diseases and pests. But this does not exhaust her dignity. Fatsia increases the humidity in dry rooms, thus promoting good sleep. True, the plant is more likely for ascetics and advocates of a healthy lifestyle who love coolness and fresh air in the bedroom. In winter, the optimum temperature for fatsia is 8..10 ° C; at higher temperatures, its leaves fall off strongly.

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To create a “green waterfall”, rhombic cissus is often used. Each of its leaves consists of three small leaves. They are silvery at first and turn dark green over time. The plant is very unpretentious, it feels great in the sun, and in the shade, and in cold and hot weather. It is not demanding on air humidity or illumination, it grows well at a distance from the window.

Zygocactus (“Decembrist”) and ampelous begonias are undemanding to light, temperature and bloom beautifully. But if they grow in a suspended form, then they require more careful maintenance, since the air is warmer and drier upstairs than at the level of the floor or windowsill.

Compositions of gloxinia, pelargonium, cyclamen and royal begonias look picturesque. It is especially nice when plant motifs resembling flowers and stems of the same gloxinia, cyclamen or begonias are present in the decoration of bed linen and bedspreads. In general, in the bedroom, contrary to popular belief, bright flowers are quite appropriate, since they refresh and revitalize the interior, which is usually kept in calm pastel colors.

Some plants for the bedroom and their energy

In a house where begonias grow, it will never be boring.In a house where begonias grow, it will never be boring. Farmer floradania

Begonia in the bedroom

Begonia has a rather strong energy, it is like a vortex and moves from the roots to the outside of the flower. When plants are concentrated in one place, the energy of plants increases. Begonias have the ability to soothe, relieve stress after a hard day, and also help make the right decision.

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Begonia will give joy to a person, renew feelings, and also awaken the desire for life, for moving forward. In a house where begonias grow, there will never be boring and “gray everyday life”. Begonia will inspire a person to action, awaken the desire for change, and also change the usual order of things.

Begonia is a welcome guest in any room, be it a bedroom, nursery, school, hospital, etc. Due to the ability of begonias to purify the air, it can be kept anywhere.

The energy that plants emit will help to cope with all diseases, problems, adversities and difficulties.

The best place for a gardenia is in the bedroom.The best place for a gardenia is in the bedroom. Farmer Pam

Gardenia in the bedroom

Jasmine gardenia is a very beautiful and delicate plant. Gardenia is a Leo flower. The energy of gardenia will help to attract the attention of a loved one, win love, and also evoke friendly feelings.

The energy of gardenia is cloudy, evenly distributed. Gardenia gives strength, gives rise to a feeling of quiet joy and peace. It is especially useful for people who have experienced grief, weakened after an illness. The energy of gardenia will help to recuperate after prolonged work. However, gardenia, being a source of energy for others, does not lose its strength and does not wither.

The best place for a gardenia is in the bedroom. The energy of gardenia will set you in a romantic mood, and the delicate aroma will bring pleasant dreams. It should be remembered that gardenia will fade in a noisy room next to audio equipment, computers and other equipment. Do not place cacti and other thorny plants, as well as plants with narrow long leaves next to the gardenia.

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Lemon is endowed with a very important property - to tone up a person.Lemon is endowed with a very important property – to tone up a person. Farmer marthastewart

Lemon in the bedroom

Lemon is a Sagittarius plant, as indicated by the sour taste of lemon. Jupiter rules the taste of lemon, and Venus rewarded the beauty of lemon. Together, these planets encourage a person to show noble deeds, as well as seek self-expression in the spiritual realm.

The energy of a lemon is like a cloud. Lemon is endowed with a very important property – to tone up a person. The energy of lemon invigorates and helps to overcome all fears. Lemon will awaken the desire to participate in social activities and help get rid of the mundane.

Lemon should be grown in a very bright, well-ventilated area. The energy of lemon will help people prone to conflict and irritability. Thanks to its delicate aroma, lemon relieves headaches and improves concentration. The energy of lemon will help to cope with fatigue, soothe the nervous system. Lemon will relieve insomnia and nightmares.

The energy of hyacinth charges a person with vitality and vigorThe energy of hyacinth charges a person with vitality and vigor. Farmer vdvossen

Hyacinth in the bedroom

The beautiful hyacinth is a Libra plant. Libra patronizes – Venus. She gave the hyacinth a wonderful aroma and wonderful flowers. Under the influence of hyacinth, a person feels a surge of strength, a need for creative activity. The energy of hyacinth creates a friendly attitude towards others. Hyacinth ennobles thoughts, feelings, needs, aspirations of a person, as well as relationships between people.

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The energy of hyacinth is windy. The energy of hyacinth charges a person with vitality and vigor. The plant is a catalyst for any creative endeavors and processes. Hyacinth will endow a person with determination and willingness to act. A harmonious atmosphere spreads around the plant, a more sophisticated atmosphere develops.

It is best to take the hyacinth in the brightest place in the apartment. The hyacinth will be comfortable on the windowsill of a large window. Almost any room is suitable for a hyacinth. Hyacinth will make the atmosphere of any room friendly.

The energy of the Chinese rose will bring missing health, joy and love into the houseThe energy of the Chinese rose will bring the missing health, joy and love into the house. Farmer Linda Ross

Hibiscus in the bedroom

The hibiscus, or the popular Chinese rose, is the lion plant. The energy of hibiscus will not allow the soul to be lazy and awaken lively feelings. The Chinese rose will inspire unexpected good deeds, as well as bring emotional satisfaction to its owner.

The energy of hibiscus is directed upward and outward. It spreads around in a strong stream. The energy of the Chinese rose will bring the missing health, joy and love into the house. People with heart disease will feel better around hibiscus. Hibiscus with red flowers will make love relationships brighter and hotter. Yellow flowers will help people become more open and friendly.

It is better to place a Chinese rose on the west or east window. Hibiscus is perfect for a bedroom, living room or kitchen.

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It is no coincidence that the Chinese rose is considered the flower of love and the flower of beautiful women. In India, hibiscus is woven into wedding wreaths. In the bedroom, he will strengthen conjugal love.

Cyclamen will create an atmosphere of mutual trust and ease around itselfCyclamen will create an atmosphere of mutual trust and ease around itself. Farmer marksandspencer

Cyclamen in the bedroom

I would like to talk about the energy of cyclamen. Cyclamen is a Taurus plant. Taurus patronizes plants that bring practical benefits. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so the flowers and fruits of these plants are very beautiful and attractive.

The cyclamen expresses the influence of the Sun, Moon and Mercury. The sun helps to rule, the moon helps to organize the inner life. The connection of these two planets promotes the development of adaptive skills, self-organization and self-education.

The energy of cyclamen comes from the roots of the plant in a spiral and rises to its flowers. With its energy and beauty, cyclamen inspires, liberates, encourages the desire to please each other, decorate the house, arrange holidays, engage in joint activities. This flower perfectly cheers you up and makes you want to live and enjoy life.

Cyclamen is especially useful for people who are too dependent on someone else’s opinion. Cyclamen will help people with frequent mood swings. Cyclamen will create an atmosphere of mutual trust and ease around itself. Close people will open their feelings to each other, and guests will feel at home.

It is best to place the cyclamen in the bedroom on the north or northeast side.

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