Polish hives Lyson

Beehives “Lyson”, developed by a Polish businessman with the same name, are successfully used by beginners and experienced beekeepers. Today, every beekeeper can buy them in the public domain.


The Lyson hive made of expanded polystyrene regulates the parameters of the bees’ life support. With the help of a full-fledged beekeeping tool, it is easy for novice breeders to master the intricacies of the everyday life of honey insects. The device is distinguished by lightness, comfortable internal temperature conditions. The pollen trap gives you a chance to collect pollen regardless of the weather. In the reviews of the owners, reliable durability and convenient ventilation settings are noted.

It is proposed to buy hives in a prefabricated, painted appearance, separate blocks are also sold, which can be reunited independently or changed after wear.

On a note!

Yellow-blue color is a distinctive feature of Lyson products, pleasing to the eye with a cheerful natural color.

Devices stand out:

  1. Resistant to moisture.
  2. Facilitate food manipulation.
  3. Improved tolerance to precipitation and other external factors.
  4. Ecological composition.
  5. The fortress is a solid monolithic type.
  6. Full compatibility of component parts.


Expanded polystyrene is not subject to decay, unlike wood, it resists rodents, the flight of bees when transported to another area.


In these hives, the convection ventilation system is easy to adjust. Adjustable holes are located in the under-roof of the house, at the bottom, on the roof surface. There is no condensation inside, the temperature is balanced. Another feature of the hive is the fusion of plastic parts. The perimeter is equipped with special folds to strengthen the complex. As you can see, it is profitable to buy Lyson brand products.

The presence of additional partitions allows their use for various purposes. Manufacturers have taken into account all the small nuances. You can assemble the hive with your own hands, giving preference to the desired feeders, bottoms in height, and the number of components. The unique fit of the components will ensure that they are a must-have combination.


A hive with the required size promises a comfortable life for insects, and the owner has access to the fence of frames, maintenance of the bottom and walls. The capacious space for winged workers is a guarantor that prevents the family from leaving in search of a larger warehouse for their own supplies.


You will need to buy the “Lyson” hive at the time of the young swarm’s resettlement.

The range of the line is supplemented by an extensive selection of frames. The size 10 of the frame case is universal for creating normal conditions for the wards. The extension includes two or one magazine of standard 145 mm, the size can be increased up to 435 by 300.

Benefits of the Dadan hive

The undoubted priority, recorded in the reviews, is a low weight, suitable for both mobile and stationary apiaries. The usual winter insulation is not needed, and the resistance to moisture ensures long-term operation.


FrameworkĀ hiveĀ will last 30 years, and this is not the limit.

Early honey removal is possible due to the favorable environment. Reviews state:

  • thermal insulation promotes productivity;
  • moisture resistant product avoids deformation without changing size over time;
  • light weight guarantees free movement around the site;
  • the material is not damaged from the inside by bees, does not emit harmful fumes;
  • in connection with the verified details, their exact alignment occurs;
  • by adjusting the required ventilation level.


Beekeepers speak positively about the Lyson brand hives, remarks about the lack of assembly instructions. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The owners note the usefulness of sets of entrance barriers and plugs, plastic inserts at the ends, insulation from noise. The roof with holes is appreciated, facilitating feeding, carrying handles.


Microorganisms do not develop in bee dwellings, which prevents insect diseases.

The purchase of the Lyson hive facilitates the care of bee colonies, increasing the production of honey and other waste products of bees.


Polish hives Lyson
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