Popular premixes for pigs

Popular premixes for pigs

Eating any animal is an extremely important process that requires a lot of attention, especially if the task is to feed the pig as quickly as possible, without spending too much on food. Premixes for pigs come in completely different types, it all depends on what purpose they will be used for.

  1. General description
  2. What premixes consist of
  3. What is the difference
  4. Who needs to be given
  5. Existing types of premix
  6. Positive aspects of the premix



General description

Today all the farmers and pet owners feed their pigs compound feeds, which include premixes.The premix for pigs is extremely important for their nutrition and development, and all due to the fact that ordinary dry These mixers cannot provide the proper calorie content necessary for quick fattening of the pig.

The ready-to-feed compound feed for piglets already contains additional components. Premixes are designed both for fattening pigs and in order to saturate the body of the animal with all useful substances and vitamins necessary for rapid growth.


Compound feed

For pigs, premixes are a “compote” of various natural and biological substances and various fillers that saturate so the food excellent nutritional value and calorie content. All these components help pretty much in breeding pigs.

What premixes consist of

Today there are many different premixes for pigs:

  • based on pure vitamins;
  • based on vitamins and minerals;
  • purely mineral;
  • vitamin-therapeutic supplements (they are created in order to quickly restore mumps after a serious illness).

And now they all have the main components, then at the exit to the food various special vitamins are added. Their composition should also be correct. The main thing is the filler, thanks to it all active and useful substances in the feed are activated and work for the benefit of the body. Bran, flour based on herbs, yeast (for fast growth), chalk (calcium), and hmyn can act as such fillers in the diet. Of course, vitamins that direct all their forces to improving the functioning of all systems and improving the immune system. Basically, vitamins such as A, C, D, E, K, H, B are added to premixes.

Useful mineral microadditives very well affect the growth and structure of bones and muscles. For minerals, iron, natural calcium, magnesium and, of course, phosphorus are used. Lysine and methionine are very important amino acids that are so necessary for pigs. Probiotics, enzymes, and, of course, tranquilizers, so that the pig does not survive, must also be used. With their help, if the pig has had a lot of stress, it will quickly recover.

Antibiotics (tetracycline) are added in small quantities so that the animal has the power to fight disease. Flavors, antioxidants, colorants and preservatives are also used. They add taste to the feed, so that the animal consumes it without a doubt, does not refuse the proposed food. Bioadditives are also being created today in the form of premixes.

What is the difference

There is a small difference between such additives, mainly it consists of the percentage of vitamins and minerals that are included in the composition of premixes and bioadditives based on them. That is why many farmers advise to carefully and carefully study the composition of the product and seek advice as necessary.

Each type of premix consists of very carefully measured proportions. If you manage to correctly measure the amount of feed, as a result, the percentage of productivity of pigs will increase by 20-40%. Each specialist says that you need to use premixes only strictly for their intended purpose and never violate the dosage rate. Different types of premixes can solve different spectra of problems that farmers may face. With what problems such a product will not help: quickly gain weight (per day), and increase the number of piglets per litter, and increase the immune system.

Who needs to be given

Most farmers recommend giving premixes as a supplement to pregnant pigs: this will give them more strength, improve their immunity and give health to future piglets. It is especially important if it is a lactating sow. It is very important to add such additional dry food to the piglet regimen, but the main thing is to strictly observe the dosage amount. Premixes are very important for the growing organism, they provide the necessary protein, help improve immunity, accelerate growth and development.

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Pregnant pig

The main thing is not to forget that such additives cannot become the main feed, this is only an addition to the main menu. Giving only premixes to a pig is strictly prohibited. Doctors say that even the smallest overdose of such an additive can lead to serious illness or even death. For each individual group of animals, special additives are used.

It should be borne in mind: if you introduce such additives together with poor food, counting on good results will be stupid. Natural additives in their composition cannot work for themselves, that is, if the feed itself consists of a small percentage of protein, then the natural components have nothing to interact with, which means that they will not give the necessary result.

Another advice from experienced farmers: such additives should never be prepared, that is, boil, steam, fry and the like. They are already sold ready-made and immediately ready for use. Thanks to premixes, you can significantly save on food, since a small slide of such a product can replace several kilograms of simple food. Pigs eat faster and more satisfying, all useful substances are absorbed.

Existing types of premix

Today there are 4 varieties of feed.

  1. Pre- premix. Its content in ordinary feed should not be more than 0.5%.
  2. Just a premix. In the feed it should be no more than 5%.
  3. Vitamins based on protein: from 5 to 30%.
  4. Useful substances based on minerals, proteins. Their content should be from 5 to 30%.

They are still divided into different subgroups, such as amino acid, vitamin, mineral and complexes. They include almost everything. All supplements must be productive: they work to increase weight and strengthen the immune system. Medical and prophylactic contain components that affect the body and give it the strength to fight various kinds of diseases. Just therapeutic – for pigs who are sick, premixes give them strength to fight the disease.

There are still premixes of the starting form. They are needed in order to quickly give the growth rate to the average young growth.Basically, pigs have little need for a large percentage of nutrients and minerals, which is why such a feed will go a little. When using premixes, the total consumption of main dry food is reduced by 30-40% ..

Most farmers noted that as soon as they began to give their pets quality food from the producer and premixes, animal health improved, piglets began to gain weight faster , mortality has decreased, the number of offspring has become much greater.

Positive aspects of the premix

With the help of bio or premix additives, the digestion of animals improves by 2 times, which means they can digest heavier foods such as meal, ove from. The positive substances contained in the supplements can cope with the initial stages of rickets and complete anemia in piglets, in addition, in this way, fertility productivity and mass can be significantly increased.

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Keeping pigs healthy at a high level significantly reduces the chances of getting sick or getting infected . Thanks to calcium and vitamins, the fattening period of pigs is significantly reduced. According to experts, such additives affect the taste of meat. The meat product becomes softer, more tender, more saturated. This is the reason why it is important to use only those feeds and supplements that have already gained confidence. Responsible and serious manufacturers can always provide all the necessary information.

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