Potato Hobbing Methods

Potato Hobbing Methods

Vegetables have always been an integral part of the human diet. To obtain a plentiful harvest, agronomists have developed many useful technologies that not only facilitate cultivation, but also improve the characteristics of plants. Why do you need hilling of potatoes and how is it carried out? Let’s analyze the most common processing methods.

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Description of technology

For the full development of the roots and the formation of fruits for all plants need oxygen and moisture Weed grass and hard the crust of the soil interferes with proper growth, as a result of which the crop weakens, the yield decreases. To avoid problems, farmers use proven methods.

Why do we need a procedure

Is it possible to not spud potatoes ? Beginning farmers often refuse such a useful procedure that then negatively affects fertility. The more oxygen gets to the roots, the better the tubers develop and the yield of the variety increases. In cool regions, the process not only promotes natural formation, but also protects against excess moisture and frost.

Hilling potatoes, we solve several problems at once: we loosen the soil and create its additional volume in which tubers are formed; we push the plant to the formation of stolons in the lower (covered with soil) part of the stems and improve lighting.

First, loosen the soil and remove plant debris. During the second stage, the earth around the bush must be collected in the form of a small mound. Do it manually or using special equipment. By the way, this procedure is often used to save time when leaving.


When to grow up potatoes? To protect the young shoots from frost, in the northern regions they begin work after the appearance of the first sprouts. The formation of low ridges will protect from the cold, destroy the roots of weeds. The height of the hills should not be more than 10 cm. For the Middle lane, the event is held after the tops reach 0.15 m, and in the southern regions you can do with weeding.

Remember that work in the heat is prohibited. We advise you to start soil treatment in the morning or in the evening. It is better to choose a cloudy day after a rainfall, and in the absence of natural irrigation, you can water the garden with sprinkling. In this case, the earth will not crumble, and the ridges will keep in shape.

Processing methods

You can spud any potatoes in different ways. A modern person has several popular options.It all depends on the financial feasibility and the scope of the proposed work.

Manual hilling

This option has been used for many centuries, although the process is very laborious and requires considerable physical effort. The procedure is carried out with a chopper with a wide blade or a shovel. Before starting work, you must carefully prepare the beds, removing weeds. Manually spud potatoes in two ways.

  1. Raking. Soil hoe is collected to the bushes from all sides. The result is a “bouquet” collected from the stems.
  2. Fan. The leaves are spread in different directions, after which the plant is sprinkled with earth in the middle.

During the procedure, it is important to remember that the resulting hill is sufficiently high and wide. In this case, the tubers will begin to actively develop and grow in breadth. A small ridge will not be able to protect against frost or overheating under the sun.

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Before hilling, you need remove weeds

By the way, in hardware stores you should buy an improved version of a hand tool. Like a hoe, it is convenient to remove overgrown weeds with a trimmer, and it is also easy to spud rows of root crops. The device resembles a chopper, but it has a wide blade.

Hand cultivator

A more modern version of potato processing is the hiller. The device is used for work between beds.The technique consists of a handle and two dumps, on which a tezlo is mounted. You can buy it at any hardware store or assemble it yourself.

How do you spud potatoes with such a plow? An undercutting knife deepens into the soil, lifting the upper layer of soil. Bushes pass between the discs, which rake the ground to the stem. As a rule, the bipod does not have enough power, so the procedure takes place in two stages – loosening and processing the rows.

Despite the external simplicity, it is difficult for one person to work with the swingers. If there is a horse, then it is easy to carry out the draft task, and the owner will push the hiller into the soil. If there are no animals, then all the functions should be transferred to two people.


When growing root crops in a small area, it is enough to handle with a chopper or a shovel. Planting and hilling of any potato on a useful area of ​​0.5 hectares will be facilitated by special technical devices. What are the benefits of a gas appliance?

  1. Versatility. By changing the nozzles, the walk-behind tractor can be used as a cultivator or hiller. Powerful eight horsepower models are used as a pump for irrigation and harvesting.
  2. Speed. In a short time it turns out to process a plot of any volume. Industrial options are made with three pairs of dumps, which makes it possible to carry out the earthing up of potatoes in 3 rows.
  3. Independence. The equipment is designed in such a way that the work takes place with one operator.The apparatus takes on the role of traction.

If you plan to process the walk-behind tractor, then during planting you need to make the distance between the bushes the same, so farmers mark the rows with a special marker. A day before the start of the procedure, the bushes are thoroughly watered. If you use the equipment on the same day, then there will be dirt on the cutter and dumps, which will have to be cleaned every few meters.

How to grow potatoes using the mole and winch motoblocks? A wide wheel is used for loosening the soil, and a narrow one is used to process the row. A small nozzle crushes the lumps formed during the procedure, after which the soil becomes soft. Behind the device, a plow is installed, which rakes the ground on the plants.

Experienced farmers work with potatoes in one direction. They make one pass, after which they move off to the side, stand on the next row and repeat the action. The technique allows the operator to choose both the speed of movement and the depth of the tool. An error in the selection can damage the tubers.

Frequency of the procedure

How many times to spud the potatoes? The culture is processed in several stages per season. Experienced farmers advise at least two events, although in the private sector can take from three or more. It is important to monitor the condition of plants and the development of tops. If tubers peek out from the ground, then you must definitely start the procedure.

We recommend that beginning farmers pay attention to the climatic features of the region and how the plant develops. For example, in cold areas they practice “blind” hilling in two stages. Initially, only hatching processes are covered with soil, and after increasing the stem to 20 cm, the procedure is repeated. Experts believe that the use of the method improves fertility.

Many farmers find it unnecessary to grow potatoes in the southern regions. Under the crests of the earth, the tubers heat up, which leads to a deterioration of the characteristics and a decrease in the quality of the finished product. To ensure proper care, normal loosening is sufficient.

How many procedures are needed in the middle lane? Owners of small sites, sometimes practice fivefold repetition. Most often, this zeal is due to the fact that farmers do not have time for regular plowing of the soil. Plants planted in even rows are quickly treated with a hoe or shovel, removing weeds and updating mounds. The first stage takes place after the appearance of the shoots, and the second and subsequent ones after three weeks.


Potatoes without earthing have little chance of growing healthy and fruitful. Thanks to loosening the soil, the correct gas exchange of the root system is ensured. However, there are opinions that the plant will be able to develop normally with other methods of care.

Cultivation of potatoes under a straw does not require special attention of a person. Germination in the light and special planting material allow you to get a good harvest without hills from the ground. It is important to create suitable conditions for the development of the species.

If you decide not to spud your potatoes, then loosening is a mandatory procedure. It must be carried out manually with a hoe throughout the summer.Before irrigation break the crust of soil and remove plant debris. The roots gain access to the air, and excess moisture disappears.

By the way, when working with a walk-behind tractor, it is difficult to use the machine on overgrown beds. Lugs can damage the tops of planting, and this threatens to reduce yield. It is easy to solve the problem using manual methods – with a hoe or a shovel.

Knowing the peculiarities of cultivating vegetables, you can get the most out of it without any problems. But not always beginning farmers understand the importance of a particular procedure. Our recommendations described in detail how to grow potatoes properly.

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