Proper planting of spring onion

Planting onion sets in spring is a painstaking process, although you cannot call it too complicated. It is important to choose the right beds for the crop, prepare the bulbs and plant them correctly in the ground. It is necessary to maintain the timing of planting, on this largely depends on productivity. Harvest sevoc on their own from onions grown last year by seeds. If this is not possible, it is easy to buy bulbs in the market or in the agricultural store.

The following spring, the planting material warms up, it is processed from fungi and pests, as described above. Bulb preservation is largely dependent on size and variety. Medium sized heads are best stored. If you follow all the storage rules, until spring, germination will remain in almost all onions. The quality of the material we plant depends on us.

Proper planting of spring onion
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