Pros and cons of keeping decorative ferrets

In the wild The ferret is known for its predatory disposition and love for ruining chicken coops. However, man managed to tame this animal 800 years ago. Ferrets as pets catch rodents well, in some countries they are even used instead of dachshunds in hunting rabbits.

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Хорьки как домашние питомцы

Ferrets as pets

Today, not everyone can keep such a pet at home, since caring for a ferret has its own characteristics Curiosity of a small predator can lead to damage to furniture, and poor health – costly money.

Species description

Ferret is often referred to as all members of the marten family. However, this is an erroneous judgment, since the subspecies includes weasels and ermines. The ferret has a number of features:

  1. The constitution of the body is distinguished by an elongated body and short paws, due to which the ferrets climb well along the holes.
  2. The length of the body usually reaches 60 m, and the weight is 0, 5 kg.
  3. The color of the animal varies depending on the breed, but among domestic ferrets, the most popular suits are considered are sable, champagne and white.

Many plants currently ferrets, as it is very inquisitive and playful animals.The advantage of these predators is a high level of intelligence, due to which they can be accustomed to the tray and released to walk around the house.

However, it should be remembered that even the domestic breed of these animals are predators. For them, you need to organize the right place to sleep and carefully select a diet. Ferrets are quite expensive in content, so before you get a pet, you should measure your budget.

Content Features

Keeping a pet like a ferret at home has its pros and cons . First of all, you should know that ferrets are very restless animals. They can ruin furniture, things, or shoes by trying to dig a hole in themselves or bury objects that they like. Also, due to the structure of the body, they are able to penetrate many holes and crevices, but they can not always get out. Therefore, it is better to keep predators in a cage or aviary, encouraging the animal to walk around the room for good behavior. Sometimes ferrets can flirt and begin to hunt for the owner. In such cases, they are also sent to a confined space so that the animal wakes up.

An inexperienced breeder may encounter such disadvantages in providing pet care, such as:

  • a ferret house;
  • pet’s diet.


A company aviary in a store can be very expensive, but a small house for the animal can do it yourself.

A cell for ferrets should be large in size and preferably have several floors. Such a dwelling can take up a lot of space, so before acquiring an animal, you should first find a place for his house. The cage itself should have pipe systems and a house for sleeping, otherwise the ferret will be uncomfortable living there.

Клетка для хорька

Cage for a ferret

Also, the cage should not be in a draft or near the battery.

Ferrets very poorly tolerate loud sounds, so the house should be located away from the music center TV or radio. Do not spray air fresheners near the cage: animals are sensitive to aggressive chemicals.

Sanitation also requires some effort. Ferrets are very clean animals, so the tray needs to be washed several times a day, and the cage should be cleaned three times a week.

Daily ration

Ferrets are primarily predatory animals – even for domestic breeds, most of the diet should be meat. It is forbidden to feed wild animals with cereals or vegetables, since their stomach is completely unsuitable for grain crops and intestinal inversion can occur. Ferrets calmly tolerate the addition of cereals to the diet, but they can not be abused either. Ideally, ferrets are best fed chickens or fodder mice, but it will cost too much.Such goodies can be used as a reward.

Питание домашнего хорька

Food of the ferret

A balanced daily ferret diet includes the following foods:

  • vegetables and fruits in small quantities;
  • raw and boiled chicken eggs;
  • white meat;
  • veal;
  • porridge mixed with meat;
  • fresh and boiled fish;
  • vitamin complexes and minerals.

Ferrets are forbidden to give flour and sweets: these products can lead to the death of the animal. In no case should you feed your cat with cat or dog food. The composition of this food often includes meat substitutes that are not absorbed by the stomachs of predators.

The regimen of rest and feeding should be observed so that the ferret is sure of the stability of food. Otherwise, the animal may begin to get nervous and get sick from stress. The water of the animal must be boiled: ferrets do not tolerate a large amount of bleach in the liquid.

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When the ferret in the house

В without fail, the pet must be given vitamins and minerals, otherwise it will lose hair, the reproductive system will fail, the bones will begin to crumble. If the animal does not receive a full range of nutrients during feeding, this can lead to disability. The disadvantage of such a diet is high cost, given that all products must be fresh and of high quality.

Before buying a ferret, you should calculate how much it will cost to feed and maintain.Animals cannot be fed with soy or stale foods: ferrets instantly start to get sick, their hair spoils, apathy sets in, and as a result the animal dies.

Positive aspects of keeping

Small predators can to please their owners with many characteristics. Breeders distinguish such advantages from the institution in the ferret’s house:

  1. Activity and games. Ferrets move a lot and love attention, so they enjoy playing with their owners.
  2. Ferrets do not require frequent walks, but you can walk along the street with them. To do this, you need to get the right harness and undergo mandatory vaccination.
  3. The animal has a high level of intelligence, so you can train it to walk in the tray like cats.
  4. The domestic breed of ferrets can adapt to the daily schedule person. In the wild, these predators are nocturnal animals.
  5. If the animals like their cage, then after a week they will no longer notice space restrictions.
  6. Ferret fur is less allergenic than wool dogs or cats.
  7. The sterilization of animals increases their activity, as well as improves the appearance of the coat.

Domestic ferrets quickly become attached to their owners and appreciate the affection. These animals are distinguished by activity, which compensates for a long sleep.Such pets are well suited for the role of friend for middle-aged children.

Negative aspects of the content

An untrained owner may encounter a number of serious difficulties. Cons of ferrets can be as follows:

  1. Unsterilized males mark the territory, which may damage clothes and shoes.
  2. A person is allergic to animal hair, especially dangerous for children.
  3. When a ferret is afraid of something, he emits an unpleasant odor. The perinatal glands that are under the tail of the animal are responsible for this.
  4. Tribal males and females should be neutered at the age of 6 months. The body of these animals is designed so that a prolonged rut or estrus can end fatally for a predator.
  5. Ferrets climb under their feet and require attention while walking around the room, so there must be a cage in the house for an animal in which the animal can be locked for a while.
  6. An unbalanced diet leads to the death of the animal, so you need to use only high-quality products.
  7. Animals have a habit of chewing or hiding objects that they liked.
  8. The house should not have too narrow passages, otherwise a ferret can get stuck in them and suffocate.
  9. If a rabbit or a parrot lives in the apartment, you should carefully release the ferret for walks: the predator can succumb to natural instincts and hunt other animals.

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