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general description

Quail is a small bird that belongs to the Fazanov family,
subfamily of the Kuropatkovs, as well as the order of Chicken-like Exists
about ten species of these birds, but the saddest thing is that two species
were completely exterminated by humanity. The disappeared include:
Coturnixgomerae и New Zealand quail… But in
nature still has: common quail, Australian quail, harlequin quail,
mute, black-chested, Coturnix ypsilophora, painted and Coturnixadansonii

The most common type is common quail
and often gets divorced in the household. The length of its body reaches
20 cm, and this bird weighs only 145 grams.

Quail live in Western Asia,., Africa and Europe. On the
wintering the bird flies to Southern Europe and the Caucasus, most of them
reaches Arabia, India and Africa.

Their characteristic feature is ocher coloration and striped plumage.
on the back and back area. There are stripes behind the bird’s eyes
red color. Females have lighter plumage on their necks than males.

How to choose

When choosing quail meat, special attention should be paid to the smell.
Also, the meat should be firm and have a normal and healthy color.
If you press a little on the pulp, this place should not form

How to store

Chilled quail can be stored in the refrigerator for about
two weeks, but not more. In just two days, a packed quail can
stored in the refrigerator, as the packaging accumulates inert
gas. It stays in the freezer for several months.

In cooking

Not only frozen meat is sold on store shelves,
but also fresh. Quails are no longer considered an endangered species,
therefore, special poultry farms are engaged in breeding them for the sake of meat and eggs.

Before preparing the bird, it should be processed, namely cut
neck, legs and wing tips. You do not need to throw them away, because
they will be useful for making a fragrant broth
will be used as a base for the sauce. After the quail
should be singed: rub with alcohol first,
and then fry. Then the wings are folded behind the back, and the legs are laid
into the already cut abdominal cavity. Now rub the carcass with salt and
turn into a delicious dish.

Unlike the classic cuisine, the hunting one presents these birds
on a spit or grilled. In European cuisine, quail
served with various sauces, and used as a side dish
vegetables and fruits. The French prefer to stuff these little
carcasses. In Western Asia, they are used to make pilaf. Italian
chefs most often boil quails, and cook soups from broth
and sauces. In Greece, the fried meat of this bird goes well with
salad with olives.

Reflection in culture

There is evidence that the quail was popular in writing
Ancient Egypt. The type of quilt was used to indicate several
sounds: “in” and “y”.

Also interesting is the fact that relatively recently there was
a completely new and special kind of quail has been bred. They are called
small birds and for good reason. This is the indoor view that
can be kept in a city apartment instead of a parrot or canary.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, gr
Fat, gr
Carbohydrates, gr
Zola, gr
Water, gr
Calorie content, kcal



Useful properties of quail meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

The meat of this amazing bird contains a huge supply of proteins,
amino acids, copper and vitamins that belong to the B group. If a
to compare poultry meat with quail, it should be noted
that the latter is more useful and that is why it is used with such success
not only in dietary but also in therapeutic

Useful and healing properties

Quail meat has a high calorie content. It should be noted that
nutritional, taste and dietary qualities of quail are superior
not only chicken, but also rabbit meat.
Because of this, it has been used for cooking since ancient times.
nutrition for patients with cardiovascular pathologies, musculoskeletal
apparatus, kidney disease,
liver, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Quail meat is
a product balanced in fat and amino acid composition.
It is very useful for the elderly, pregnant women, debilitated patients.
and children. Meat is very useful in oncology and in the postoperative period.

Due to the B vitamins contained in this product, it improves
work of the central
nervous system. This makes a person calm and balanced.
Iron is involved in increasing the level of hemoglobin, and also has
anti-anemic effect on the human body. Via
calcium and phosphorus are strengthened
bones and mental abilities are improved. Useful for humans
and quail eggs because
they also have a positive effect on the human body.

PP vitamins improve blood microcirculation in blood vessels, which in its
queuing is a great way to prevent

Quail meat contains a huge
the amount of vitamins D, B2 and B1, which carry out prevention

It turns out that space exploration quails have
much in common. Scientists working at the Institute of Biomedical
problems, came to the conclusion that these birds are very valuable to them. For
a long stay of a person in orbit requires certain conditions
for normal life. Scientists were looking for a solution
problems of a closed biological system that helped a person
live on a ship. These systems include plants and birds. The best thing
these amazing little birds showed themselves.

Dangerous properties of quail meat

Unlike other bird species, it is the quail that is considered the most
safe. As a contraindication to the use of this useful
meat is called only an individual intolerance that happens
quite rare.


In what conditions do birds live and how to distinguish quail from quail? And also the most delicious quail recipes.

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