Rapeseed honey: benefits and harms, disadvantages and advantages

Beloved by Europeans and unpopular among Russians, rapeseed honey is listed as a kind of beekeeping products. It has unique properties, crystallizes in a matter of days, tastes with a bitter tinge and is called “alive” because of the structure, similar to the composition of human blood. The bees are the first to harvest this honey; already in mid-May, beekeepers taste the first portions of this healthy delicacy.

Variety description

The role of the honey plant is played by a herb from the cabbage family – rapeseed. It contains a significant amount of oils and a low content of erucic acid, therefore it is appreciated in butter-making. The rich yellow flowers are rich in pollen and attract bees. In one day, a hardworking insect collects from 6 to 8 kg of honey. Honey collection begins in spring and lasts for about a month. Rape honey before crystallization is a substance of amber color with the following properties: 路 the presence of white blotches;

  • lusciously sweet taste;
  • after idle, a slight bitterness appears in the taste;
  • tart but pleasant aroma;
  • dense structure;
  • does not dissolve in water.

Rapeseed honey contains especially a lot of yeasts, which are formed in the sugary secretions of bees. Getting into favorable conditions, fungi start fermentation processes. Therefore, this type of honey is especially sensitive to storage conditions. At high humidity and high temperatures, it quickly sours, becoming unsuitable for nutrition. Crystallization of the product occurs two to three weeks after honey collection. For this reason, it is impossible to purchase honey in liquid form.

Composition and calorie content

After sugaring, the honey turns white and visually resembles whipped cream. Chemical composition of the product:

  • water – 19%; 路 sugary substances (fructose, glucose, cane sugar) – 80%;
  • organic acids, inclusions of ash and salt – 1%.

The mineral component is represented by substances of great value to the human body: 路 sodium iodine, prevents thyroid diseases;

  • phosphorus, improves physical and brain activity;
  • zinc, strengthens the immune system;
  • iron, delivers oxygen to the cells;
  • ascorbic acid, strengthens the immune system;
  • folic acid, ensures the work without failures of all body systems;
  • hormones and enzymes.

The beekeeping product obtained from rapeseed pollen has interesting calorie parameters. 100 g contains 320 calories, of which: 路 carbohydrates 80%;

The composition is dominated by glucose and fructose. The product is not recommended for people with diabetes.

When rapeseed honey is harvested

Honey harvesting is not regular, since the sowing of rapeseed is carried out as needed in buttermaking. The plant does not occur wild in nature. Bred by geneticists for improved performance. Therefore, it begins to bloom earlier than natural honey plants, in mid-May – early June. Bees start working with rapeseed first and work for a whole month – collecting nectar and transforming it into honey.

Many beekeepers do not like to “bother” with rapeseed nectar and use the first harvest for feeding in the hives. Due to the rapid crystallization, honey must be completely pumped out of the hives, as it clogs the combs and can negatively affect the vitality of the apiary.

Rape honey useful properties

Honey is called “alive” because the internal structure is similar to human blood compounds. Thanks to this feature, it is well absorbed. The main advantage of the product is that it promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, removes toxins and poisons from the body. People living in regions with poor ecology are advised to add a few tablespoons of healthy sweetness to their diet.

The healing properties of rapeseed honey are beneficial and harmful to humans.

For the nervous system

Rapeseed nectar is famous for its high glucose content. It serves as a fuel for nerve cells. Low glucose levels cause lethargy, fatigue, bad mood, and insomnia. Many people try to make up for the lack of “fuel” with regular sugar, forgetting that it is the source of diabetes and excess weight. Regular intake of a couple of tablespoons of rapeseed honey will help to strengthen the nervous system and keep the rest of the organs in a healthy state. This healthy delicacy contains almost all of the vitamin B group. This is important for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

For the cardiovascular system

Daily intake of rapeseed nectar has a preventive effect on healthy people in terms of heart and vascular diseases. Research shows that replacing sugar with a spoonful of honey on a regular basis keeps your heart muscle working smoothly. Important functions of honey: 路 improves blood flow;

  • maintains blood vessels in a clean state, strengthens them;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels;
  • eliminates sudden changes in blood pressure.

For people who have already been diagnosed with diseases of the heart system, healthy sweetness will strengthen weakened muscles and blood vessels. “Cores” are forced to use a lot of drugs on an ongoing basis. The benefit of honey is that it helps in the speedy absorption of drugs.

For the digestive tract

Honey has a complex medical effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Amber sweetness is able to remove poisons and toxins from the body, envelops the intestinal walls, protecting them from damage. Taking at least one spoonful of honey on a regular basis contributes to: 路 elimination of dysbiosis;

  • alleviate the symptoms of gastritis;
  • getting rid of irritable bowel syndrome;
  • healing of gastric ulcers;
  • decrease in acidity;
  • normalization of all parts of the intestine.

The beekeeping product exhibits a pronounced biostimulating effect.

With lesions and diseases of the skin

Difficult to heal wounds and ulcers reliably and effectively heal rape honey. It is enough to lubricate the affected skin with a fresh amber product and apply a sterile bandage over it. Honey is especially effective in tandem with fish oil for healing infected wounds, burn marks and frostbite. Fish oil contains vitamin A in abundance, which is involved in the renewal of epithelial cells. The combination of the unique properties of these products creates a powerful regenerating, antiseptic and healing effect.

With inflammation in the mouth and larynx

Rapeseed honey acts as the main ingredient in the preparation of a medicine for the treatment of the throat. Reception of amber sweetness with warm milk has a calming effect on irritated laryngeal walls, relieves pain, liquefies and removes phlegm. The benefits are obvious for both adults and children. They are equally fond of delicious medicine. Small children, exploring the world, are often exposed to stomatitis. Sores in the mouth cause painful sensations, it is difficult to persuade a child to open his mouth to smear the cavity with pharmaceutical preparations. There are no problems with honey. Amber sweetness blocks the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, heals ulcers, relieves pain. The product demonstrates beneficial properties in the treatment of dermatitis.


Rape honey combines useful properties and contraindications. It is considered a strong allergen and is not indicated for all people. It is strictly forbidden to take a beekeeping product in such cases: 路 there is an allergic reaction to beekeeping products;

  • with diabetes;
  • babies up to three years old;
  • with individual intolerance.

Pregnant women and during lactation should use sweets with extreme caution and after consulting a doctor.

Rape honey in cosmetology

Cosmetologists have long appreciated the beneficial properties of rapeseed nectar and use it in the preparation of cosmetics. The bee product softens the skin and has the following benefits:

  • heals micro cracks;
  • treats acne;
  • tones up;
  • eliminates signs of fatigue;
  • rejuvenates.

The warming property is used in the manufacture of useful face masks. They are not difficult to make at home:

  1. For dull skin, boiled oatmeal flakes are mixed with rapeseed nectar, a mask is applied to the face, held for 25 minutes and washed off;
  2. A remedy made from honey and lemon juice helps against oily sheen and acne, the mask is kept on the face for 20 minutes and washed off.

How to distinguish real rapeseed honey

The main sign by which it is easy to identify a fake is the liquid state of the product. The useful product crystallizes in the second week after pumping out, so it is always sugar-cured and dense on sale. The real gift of bees has the following properties: 路 bitter taste;

  • White color;
  • a substance with a pungent odor;
  • does not dissolve in water.

Fresh liquid rapeseed nectar is available only in July, directly from the beekeepers.

How to store rapeseed honey

Beekeepers disagree about the storage of rapeseed sweetness. Someone claims that a crystallized product can be stored in a sterilized jar for as long as necessary. Others cite a high content of sugary fungi, which cause fermentation when stored for a long time. The conclusion suggests itself that it makes no sense to make large stocks of rapeseed sweetness; it should be stored in glass or ceramic dishes under constant careful control. Fermented concentrate is not used for nutrition.

A useful product from rapeseed honey plants is unpopular among Russians for some unknown reason. The only drawback is fast crystallization. Sweets contain many trace elements that are beneficial for humans.


Rapeseed honey: benefits and harms, disadvantages and advantages
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