Reasons for the rabbit to refuse mating

Rabbit breeders often face a problem when the female refuses to approach the male and reacts aggressively to him. The reason a rabbit is not covered can be due to many things: stressful situations, poor nutrition, poor conditions or juiciness. The mating process should be carefully monitored: if the rabbit refuses to participate in the hunt, necessary measures must be taken. ReachGoal (‘sood’); “>

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The reason why the rabbit is not covered can be many things: stressful situations, poor diet, poor conditions or succulence. For pairing process you need to pay attention One must watch: if the rabbit refuses to participate in the hunt, the necessary measures should be taken.

The profitability of the rabbit farm largely depends on the number of cubs brought by the females. Due to the peculiarities of the organism, rabbits are able to breed all year round.

The duration of female succession depends on how many cubs she carries. If there are many rabbits in the offspring, then the female gives birth faster, and is ready for mating again by day 20.

It often happens that the rabbit, being pregnant, feeds the rabbits, which are only 2-3 weeks old. This is due to the fact that in the wild, the rabbit acts as a victim, and only a high birth rate allows the eared to keep their population at a high level.

Signs of readiness for pairing

Is the female ready for the hunt

Is the female ready for hunting

Rabbits reach puberty at the age of 5-6 months. Earlier mating is irrational, since the little rabbit is not able to fertilize properly, and the little female is able to bear the rabbits. One of the main reasons why the male is unable to cover the rabbit is because the female is simply not ready for mating.

The average duration of the hunt is one day. A number of signs will help determine the readiness for mating:

  1. The rabbit begins to actively rub against vertical surfaces. As a control check, you can squeeze the animal’s neck with your hand: if the female is ready for mating, she will bend down and raise her tail high.
  2. Genital swelling also indicates readiness for mating.
  3. The rabbit can succumb to primitive instincts and start building a nest for the cubs. To do this, she rakes all the straw in the cage at one angle and insulates it with fluff torn from her abdomen.

If the female does not have any of the above signs, then she may be too young for mating or, on the contrary, too old. Mating in the life of the eared occurs extremely often and smoothly, therefore, the rabbit, who for no apparent reason refuses to mate, must be given special attention.

If the adult rabbit is not covered for a long time, you need to look for the reason.

Reasons for reduced sexual activity

If the crawl is already located at the age of active sexual life, but coverage still does not occur, you need to understand the reasons why the female refuses the male. Among the most common, the following can be distinguished:

  1. The diet of a rabbit is unbalanced. The reproductive system of the body, like others, develops and works thanks to energy and vitamin-mineral supplements. If the rabbit eats poorly, then she simply does not have enough strength to mate. The animal should not be thin or weak.
  2. Lack of light. In this case, you can install additional lighting or put a cage near the window.
  3. Air temperature. Rabbits are extremely sensitive animals and do not tolerate heat. In the cold, they also will not have a desire to mate.
  4. The female may not want to participate in the hunt if she has not departed from the past round. With a tight reproduction schedule, the female can be placed under the male on the second day after birth. However, after some time, the animal’s body will greatly weaken from overloads, and the rabbit will begin to drive the male away from herself.
  5. If the female is too fat or already at a respectable age, she may also not allow the male to come to her.
  6. Sometimes rabbits refuse mating in cramped conditions.In this case, you need to make sure that the animals have a place to turn around.
  7. Females can be quite picky: not every crawl will be to their taste. It is necessary to replace one male with another.
  8. Rabbits do not like to mate during molting.

If there are no obvious reasons, you should contact a veterinarian: the female may be sick. You can’t hang around: the genital diseases in rabbits are quite difficult, and such an animal will no longer be suitable for reproduction.

In some cases, you should contact your veterinarian

In some cases, you should contact your veterinarian

Celery is considered one of the natural ways to increase the level of potency. You can feed a couple of stems to the rabbit a day before mating.

It is important to remember that even with a tight mating schedule, rabbits should be given a break at regular intervals, otherwise they will refuse to participate in the hunt. Animals should be given a lot of water: during the hunt, they spend a lot of liquid.

If the rabbit does not want to mate, you do not need to force the animal to force it. For these babies, mating is a mundane and natural affair, therefore it is not worth resorting to medications. The behavior itself will help you understand what the problem is and what to do in such a situation.

Double succulence in females

Double succulence is another interesting feature of the rabbit organism.However, this specificity of the rabbit organism is considered a negative quality. The fact is that the uterus of pussies has a two-horned structure. Thus, one female can bear offspring from two rabbits, but since the body is single, cubs are usually born very weak. Often, double swagger leads to miscarriages. If the rabbit has a double pregnancy, in some cases an abortion should be performed, since such offspring will greatly deplete the female. During this period of time, the female can be given special preparations to improve hunting: spam, ucoz, report.

The female should spend no more than an hour a day with the male, after which it is recommended to put her back in the cage. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find out immediately whether a female is pregnant or not. Usually the first signs appear after 5-7 days. Also, these animals have the so-called false pregnancy.

You can determine the succession, thanks to the first sign – aggression. The female does not admit the rabbit to herself and is nervous; she may even bite or drive the male away. The following signs are nest building and intense thirst.

Preventive measures to improve potency in rabbits

In order for the mating to work out as best as possible, some measures should be taken. First of all, you need to make sure that both animals are absolutely healthy.At the age of 4 months, rabbits need to be given foods that have vitamin E. This nutrient is found in high quality greens and hay. In this case, be careful not to leave the grass to dry in the sun: when direct UV rays get in, vitamin E is destroyed. It is better to use shady places with good air circulation for haying.

How to improve potency in rabbits

How to improve potency in rabbits

Here are a few simple steps to help animals get into a hunting state:

  1. Adjust the room temperature for the time of mating. The room temperature should not be higher than 20 ° С.
  2. If the female is ready to mate, but only communicates with the male and cannot sit still, you can carefully support the animal at this moment.
  3. The first mating of a rabbit should happen with a more experienced male. The couple should be selected in advance and allowed to get to know each other.
  4. A week before the hunt, the animal’s diet should be reviewed. The rabbit needs to be put on a diet if it is too fat. You should also increase the amount of vitamins and water. To enhance the desire, it is advisable to feed the animals with oats or steamed millet.
  5. Provide space for mating games: rabbits mate poorly in cramped conditions. In summer, enclosures are excellent for this procedure; in winter, warm and well-lit cells.
  6. Arousing interest in the male can help frequent visits by animals. It is recommended to plant the rabbit for a week to the rabbit: this has a beneficial effect on the hunting process. However, one should not forget to inspect animals in order to prevent double succulence.
  7. To fence long-eared animals from other domestic animals and children, to minimize all sources of stress.
  8. In rare cases, veterinarians advised to drink a herd of vitamin preparations. But this should be done carefully: the animals quickly get used to the constant desire to mate and after refusing the medicine can become impotent.
  9. If the male does not manage to cover the rabbit because of its aggression, you can mix hay from different cells. So the female will quickly get used to the smell of another animal.

So, the right mating is the key to good offspring and high profits. There can be many reasons why the male cannot cover the wayward rabbit. Poor diet, poor living conditions and the health of the pet can affect his desire to mate.

To prevent a possible miscarriage, it is necessary to observe a number of sanitary standards and increase the amount of greens and hay in the animal’s diet. Rabbits that live in an apartment are more likely to enter a state of hunting compared to aviaries. The increased human attention and greenhouse conditions are affecting.



Thus, the first rule is to regularly inspect the livestock: sick individuals should not be allowed to mate. If the animal behaves uneasily, rushes about and behaves aggressively, perhaps the pregnancy has already come. In this case, the animal should be placed in another cage for at least 3 days, after which – to probe the pet’s stomach. The embryos feel like a lump in the lower abdomen.

You don’t have to worry about the rabbit’s refusal to mate. Sometimes you can sort out the problem on the spot. You can try to tie the rope to the tail of the female and slightly raise the back of the animal at the right time. In some situations, the female spends time flirting with male, and such nehit s manipulation speed up the process. Continuation of the article …

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