Red Bow Red Baron

Red Bow Red Baron

Onion Red Baron is a mid-early red variety with excellent taste. It is widely used in cooking, has healing properties, grows in any climatic zone. In the south, it can grow from seeds in one vegetative period to large bulbs. In temperate zones, it is best grown from sevka. Positive feedback on Red Baron’s onions allows us to say that this is a very promising variety.

  1. Description of the variety
  2. Preparing the onion bed
  3. Preparing and planting the onion seeds
  4. Planting the onion sets
  5. Onion care
  6. Harvesting and storage
  7. Benefits of Onions Red Baron

Лук Ред Барон

Bow Red Baron

Variety description

Onions of the variety Red Baron are very popular among gardeners, growing rapidly, being unpretentious to the soil, and quite resistant to pests and diseases. It lasts until spring, can be used both in raw and processed form. When added to dishes, it does not stain other products in red, which is very appreciated by cooks.

Description of the variety and characteristics of red Red Baron’s bow looks like this:

  • The shape of the bulb is round and flattened at both ends.
  • The color of the bulb is red with a purple tint.
  • The scales are red-violet , tightly attached to the bulbs, which ensures long-term storage.
  • The leaves are dark green, with a wax coating.
  • The root system is strong, which allows the onion to grow even during drought.
  • Fruit weight 50-150 g, with good care, can reach 200 g.
  • Taste without bitterness, slightly sharp.
  • Productivity – up to 3 kg per 1 sq. km. m beds, when planting 500 g sowing, 10-15 kg of onions are obtained.
  • The ripening period is 90-100 days.
  • The amount of dry substance in the fruit is 13.3%.

Onions of the variety Red Baron are resistant to diseases such as oversporosis, fizariosis and root rot, which greatly simplifies the care of it. The vegetable contains a lot of ascorbic acid and antioxidants, it is easy to cook, it does not burn too much when sliced. It is often used to decorate salads, dressings. It gives the dishes a special piquant taste.

Preparing the onion bed

To get a good crop, you need to properly prepare the bed for the onion. The plant is unpretentious, but proper planting and care can increase productivity, the average mass of bulbs. They begin to choose a landing site in the fall. A well-lit area where moisture does not linger is best suited.

The land on the bed needs to be mixed with peat. On a middle plot of 1 m², you need 2 buckets of this fertilizer. If onions are grown for shooters, you need to make 1 tbsp. l potassium nitrate. When the purpose of the cultivation is large juicy bulbs, it is better to fertilize the onions of Baron with superphosphate.

A universal option for fertilizing the soil, designed for 1 m² of beds:

  • wood ash – 1 glass;
  • humus – 0.5 buckets;
  • superphosphate – 1 tbsp. l

Fertilizers can be applied to the plot in autumn or spring, 2-3 weeks before planting or sowing. The bed is made high when it is located in the lowland so that the water does not soak the bulbs. They carefully dig the earth and loosen it after applying fertilizers, remove all weeds.

Preparing and planting onion seeds

In some regions, for example, in the south of Ukraine, in Moldova, large bulbs when sowing can be obtained in the first year. In a colder climate, seeds are obtained from the seeds for planting next year.

Before planting, the seeds of the Red Baron onion must be properly prepared:

  • The seeds are quenched, placed for several minutes in the hot water (50-60 ° C), then immediately transferred to the refrigerator for a day.
  • For an hour the seed is soaked in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.
  • 2-3 are added to a glass of water droplets of the stimulator Epin or 0.5 tsp. honey, mixed with aloe juice, soaked in a solution of seeds for 18 hours.
  • Slightly dry the seeds before planting.

Sow Red Baron red onion in the ground at the end April or early May, when the frost will pass. It is important not to miss the deadlines, because at the end of August it will get colder, it will rain, and the bulbs may rot. Sow the onion like this:

  • On the bed they dig grooves 1.5 cm deep.
  • Make a distance between them of 15 cm.
  • Water the beds with tepid water .
  • Deepen the seeds into the ground by 1-1.5 cm, between them there should be a distance equal to the depth of sowing.

To see the seeds, the bottom of the grooves can be sprinkled with light sand. After the landing is completed, the grooves are sprinkled with a thin layer of earth. You can cover them with foam on top, so that seedlings appear earlier. On average, Red Baron onion sprouts from seeds in 2-3 weeks.

Planting onion sets

In most regions, a variety of red onions is more convenient to propagate from the set: so you can get a juicy green feather in May, and by August – big dense onions. In order for the crop to be good, you need to properly prepare the planting material. Do it like this:

  • Cut the tips 3-4 days before planting to make the feather grow better.
  • Soak the onions for 12-15 hours in a little water with a temperature of 35-38 ° C.
  • If desired, the seeds are soaked before planting for 30-60 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate in a light pink hue.
  • At the end, the onions are thoroughly dried.

Onion sev. Red Baron is best planted in the ground when the outdoor temperature is 10-15 ° C. If it is higher, the fruits will not be so juicy and with bitterness. When the plant is planted ahead of schedule, it gives a lot of green mass, and the bulb remains small.

The distance between the rows on the bed should be about 20 cm. The bulbs are immersed in the soil 3-4 cm, the distance between them is 8- 10 cm. After the onion is planted in the garden, it is sprinkled with earth and watered.

Onion Care

Onions Red Baron and growing it provides for proper care. Do not be scared: it’s easy to take care of the variety, because it is a very unpretentious plant. To increase productivity, you need to take the necessary minimum steps:

  • to loosen the earth in time;
  • to water;
  • to weed weeds;
  • to thin out bulbs;
  • to protect against diseases and pests;
  • to feed.

Water onions Red Baron need 1-2 times a week for May and July. The frequency of watering depends on the weather. In order not to disturb the soil, take a watering can with very small holes. Immediately after watering, the soil is loosened to a depth of 3 cm, all weeds are carefully harvested. To protect the roots from rot and flies, after watering, you can sprinkle the soil with wood ash, a mixture of sand and naphthalene (1: 1).

In order for the bulbs to grow large, you need to regularly thin out the shoots. When the first feather appears, a distance of 1.5 cm is left between the two plants. When 2 or 3 feathers appear, it is increased to 3 cm. When 4 feathers appear on the Red Baron bow, the distance between the seedlings should be 6 cm.

How to grow Red Baron onions from chernushka?
Onion Red Baron. Characteristics of the hybrid

They feed onions several times a season with different conveniences eniyami, focusing on the timing of vegetation. When the pen 3 bulbs take mullein, diluted with water 1:15 or chicken manure (1:12 with some water), 1 tbsp. l superphosphate for 10 liters of water. Then, every 2-3 weeks, plants are fed with potassium sulfate (1.5 tbsp. L.), Superphosphate (1 tbsp. L.). Fertilizers are bred in 10 liters of water. Watering and top dressing is stopped from mid-July.

Harvesting and storage

Onions Red Baron begin to be removed from the beds in mid-August. By that time, the pen is already lying on the ground, acquiring a characteristic yellow-green color.It is best to harvest in dry weather, then the bulbs are well stored in the winter. If this is not possible, it rains for a long time on the street, the collected fruits must be dried for 1-2 days at a temperature of 45 ° C.

The bulbs are easily pulled out of the ground. After that, you need to immediately cut the roots. The feather is cut so that approximately 10 cm of green stem is left. Then lay the onions on a piece of plywood, film or litter and dry in the sun. At night it is cleaned under a canopy. It is desirable that the air temperature during the day was about 25 ° C. If the weather is rainy, it is best to dry the Red Baron’s bow in the veranda or attic. 15-20 days after harvesting, the crop dries and can be stored.

After drying, the bulbs are sorted. Small ones should be consumed immediately, large ones are sent for storage until spring. You can store onions in bundles, hanging them in a dry place with a cool temperature (in the attic, in the pantry). It survives a variety well in winter if it is put in the refrigerator, previously packed in plastic bags. If the crop is plentiful, it can be folded in a box and put in the basement.

Benefits of Red Baron Onions

Reviews of Red Baron Onions claim that the variety is much more useful than usual white onion. Anthocyanins give excellent color to the bulbs. They are excellent antioxidants that protect cells from damage by free radicals. This allows you to increase immunity, body resistance against many diseases.

Also Red Onion Red Baron contains a flavonoid called quercitin. It relieves inflammation, cramping, increases diuresis, because this variety is often recommended for people with diabetes, with excessive deposition of salts. Pulp made of pulp or a decoction of husk helps well with muscle strain, slaughter. They relieve swelling, reduce pain and inflammation.

With the help of Red Baron, you can increase the acidity of the stomach if you take a few pieces 10-20 minutes before eating. Doctors recommend eating it with hypoacid gastritis. Also, the fruits contain a lot of potassium (improves conductivity in the nervous system, muscles), chromium (regulates blood sugar), sulfur (slows down the growth of cancer cells, lowers cholesterol).

If you eat about 3 bulbs per week , you can slow down or prevent cancer processes. The onion variety Red Baron has a positive effect on weight, reducing it. It serves to prevent atherosclerosis, improves heart function, memory, and relieves stress. With gruel, you can effectively treat warts on your hands.

If you look at the description of the variety of onions Red Baron, read reviews about it, you can make sure that growing and caring for the plant is not at all difficult even for beginners. Red Baron variety will be liked very much by those who do not like too sharp and rich taste.

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