Reproduction of adenium by seeds – growing and care

Adeniums have conquered the hearts of flower growers around the world. Now it is difficult to find a grower who would not dream of growing a varietal specimen of adenium and enjoying its flowering. Despite the outward chic, adenium perfectly adapts in room culture, willingly blooms and multiplies.

Adenium grown from seed. The plant is 2 years old. Farmer rennet_gw

It is not at all difficult to grow adenium from seeds, moreover, even a beginner grower can do it. Adeniums germinate on the 3rd day, grow very quickly, the trunks get fat by leaps and bounds. The seeds of adenium look like small sticks, it is hard to believe that in 2-3 days a light green, forelock fatty will appear from this “stick”.

You can germinate adenium seeds all year round, the main thing is to observe an important rule: the lower barrier for germination should be at least 25 ° C, and preferably 30 ° C. Sudden changes in temperature have a detrimental effect on seedlings, it is better to avoid them. If it is not possible to provide crops with such a temperature, then it is better to postpone it until the warmer season.

Adenium, planting seeds. Day 1
Adenium, planting seeds. Day 1. Farmer rennet_gw
Adenium, planting seeds. Day 4, emergence
Adenium, planting seeds. Day 4, germination. Farmer rennet_gw
Adenium, planting seeds. Day 7, cotyledons opened
Adenium, planting seeds. Day 7, the cotyledons opened up. Farmer rennet_gw

Equally important is the correct selection of soil for sowing adenium. The soil mixture must be loose, breathable and sterile. The best potting mix is ​​coconut or commercially available cactus potting soil.

It is required to add baking powder to the base, about 30% of the total mass of the soil mixture. Perlite, vermiculite, expanded clay or brick chips, coarse sand are usually taken as disintegrants. The components for the potting mix must be very thoroughly mixed, if necessary, slightly moistened. After mixing, a loose, well-aerated soil is obtained.

Drainage is placed in a container prepared for sowing adeniums, then a slightly compacted layer of soil mixture. A few words must be said about what should be the utensils for sowing. This can be a disposable cup, a seedling cassette, a flat flower pot, disposable food containers, i.e. any container where drainage holes can be made.

Adenium, seedlings, 2 weeks
Adenium, seedlings, 2 weeks. Farmer rennet_gw

Adenium seeds can be sown dry, they can be soaked for 2-3 hours in warm, boiled water with the addition of a fungicide or growth stimulant. The most common fungicides are a pink solution of potassium permanganate, “Fitosporin”, the best stimulants for germinating seeds “Epin”, “Zircon”, “Bioglobin”, “HB-101”, “Ribav-Eksta”.

On top of the soil, it is necessary to lay the adenium seeds flat, sprinkle with a layer of soil 0,5-1 cm thick. Such a depth of seeding is necessary so that when the seed germinates, the seed coat is completely removed from it. If the planting depth is insufficient, an adenium sprout will appear, dressed in the remnants of the seed coat. If this happens, the seed coat must be carefully removed without damaging the growth point.

Adenium, seedlings, 2 months
Adenium, seedlings, 2 months. Farmer rennet_gw

The distance between the seeds of adenium should be about 3 cm. After that, the crops should be moistened by spraying them from a spray bottle. The soil should always be moist, but not wet! Now all that remains is to create a greenhouse effect by covering the crops with cling film. For faster and more friendly seedlings of adenium, the container with crops should be in a warm place.

If the sowing time is spring-summer, you can germinate adenium seeds just on the windowsill. Do not forget to periodically, 1-2 times a day, remove the film and air the crops for 30-40 minutes. Already on the 3rd day, the first shoots will appear. And with the advent of mass shoots, completely remove the film and transfer the crops of adenium to a bright place.

Adenium, planted seedling, 3 months
Adenium, planted seedling, 3 months. Farmer rennet_gw

Young adenium seedlings need a lot of heat and bright light up to 16 hours a day. If natural light is not enough, you need to provide young seedlings with artificial lighting.

When the seedlings have a second pair of true leaves, it is necessary to plant each adenium seedling in a separate pot corresponding to the root system. If the adeniums were originally planted in separate cups, then you can take your time with the transplant.

Adenium grown from seed, plant 12 months
Adenium grown from seed, the plant is 12 months old. Farmer rennet_gw

During active growth, adeniums need regular feeding. Fertilizing crops can be started from 2 months of age, if the plant was transplanted, then not earlier than 2 weeks after transplantation. This requires a solution of fertilizer for cacti in a half dose. Plants respond well to foliar dressing with “Plantafol”.


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