Ribav extra for orchids

When growing flowers in the orchid family, many gardeners use Ribaw for orchids. The drug accelerates the development of plants by activating the process of root formation.

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Рибав-экстра для орхидей

Ribav-extra for orchids

Characteristic of the product

Ribav-extra – the result of the vital activity of mycorrhizal fungi obtained biotechnologically from ginseng root. It contains phytohormones , amino acids and vitamin complex.

nak – a light alcoholic smell. During mixing with water it forms a small amount of foam. Available in volumes from 10 ml to 1 l of various concentrations.

The universal Ribav-extra regulator has been shown to be highly effective when used in the growing process range of cultivated plants: from technical crops to exotic decorative ones.

The effectiveness of the drug is due to the creation of mutually beneficial symbiosis of plant roots with mycelium of fungi that provide plant roots biologically active elements, in return for the necessary carbohydrates for their growth. As a result of this interchange, the supply of the plant with mineral salts, enzymes, hormones and vitamins greatly increases, which at times enhances the growth and development of roots.Thanks to the mycorrhizal fungi that are part of Ribav-extra, the root nutrition of orchids is enhanced by a factor of 15. street cultivation of orchids. Designed for:

  • pre-sowing treatment of seed material to increase germination, increase the energy of germination and survival of seeds in the substrate;
  • root treatment of seedlings to accelerate rooting and development of the root system and provide better the survival rate of young orchids when planting and transplanting;
  • foliar treatment of the vegetative parts of the flower by spraying and watering at the stage of active growth in order to strengthen the immunity of the plant and increase their resistance to viral, fungal, bacterium ial diseases;
  • protection against stress at all stages of vegetative development;
  • gradual removal of orchids from dormancy with a general tendency to slow growth;
  • rejuvenation of old plants;
  • restoration of the green mass of flowers after its loss as a result of drying or freezing and after damage to the foliage by pests, which allows to improve the general appearance of orchids and increase the number of flowers.

The best time to use Ribav-extra for phalaenopsis is the initial stage of growth, characterized by a weak concentration in the root system of microorganisms – endophytes, which are producers of active stimulants for flowers. The use of a growth regulator at the beginning of orchid growth also leads to an increase in the insufficient amount of phytohormones.

Рибав-экстра применяют при комнатном и уличном выращивании орхидей

Ribav-extra is used for indoor and outdoor orchid cultivation

Benefits of using

Ribav-extra for use in orchid cultivation has several advantages.

  • Non-toxic and low hazard. It belongs to the 4th class of danger, without posing a threat to human health and domestic animals, fish and bees. The use of Ribava does not entail a negative effect on the substrate, does not lead to pollution of surface and ground waters.
  • Easy to use. Due to its chemical composition, it has good efficacy for the vital activity of flowers.
  • Combined with other varieties of fertilizer complexes.
  • Economical, used in a small dosage.

Dosage and administration

Ribav-extra is prepared immediately before use, for which it is dissolved in water:

  • for presowing treatment of seed material and for the purpose of soaking the roots of orchids, dilute 1-2 drops per 1 liter,
  • for spraying during the growing season, especially at the stage of budding, and dilute for watering after transplanting orchids at the rate of 1-3 drops per 1 liter.

It shows the maximum effectiveness if the recommended dosage is observed.

Apply once for each case, it is possible to increase the number of sprayings up to 2-3 times with an interval of 7-10 days. For weakened and dying colors, the treatment is repeated up to 3 times with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

First watering with RIBAV EXTRA orchids, after transplanting to ceoflora
Phalaenopsis orchids after Ribaw grow a huge number of roots.
How to grow phalaenopsis roots? Does Ribaw work?
Orchids. Ribbed is the best drug for growing roots in Orchids. The result is 100%.


The universal growth regulator Ribav-extra is used for orchids in order to maintain and accelerate their growth and development. The rooting agent is non-toxic, exhibits high effectiveness and is compatible with other fertilizing and disinfecting complexes.

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