Rules for feeding cucumbers with onion husks

Rules for feeding cucumbers with onion husks

Any farmer knows how much ordinary cucumbers require attention and care. The real panacea for all cucumber diseases can be called ordinary onion peel, which is present in abundance in any kitchen and is undeservedly disposed of.Experienced gardeners who know how top dressing of cucumbers with onion husks works, start collecting this unique product in the fall and accumulate it in sufficient quantities by the beginning of the season to be used as fertilizer.

  1. Benefits of onion peel
  2. Methods of use
  3. For seedlings
  4. Top dressing bushes
  5. Pest control
  6. Protection of cucumbers from aphids
  7. Conclusion

Правила подкормки огурцов луковой шелухой

Rules for feeding cucumbers with onion husks

The benefits of onion husks

Onion peel for cucumbers is actually much more useful than the onion itself. It contains rare biologically active and mineral substances, as well as a complex of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Carotene is a powerful antioxidant and natural immunostimulant. The level of carotene in such a tool is comparable only to its content in carrots. For cucumbers, carotene is useful in that it increases the vitality of seedlings, helps plants fight various fungal and putrefactive diseases, and also improves metabolism in the leaves.
  2. Phytoncides disinfect the entire harmful environment that is contained in the soil, not excluding even the simplest microorganisms, and only here their concentration is several times higher than necessary for conventional protection. Phytoncides are found mainly in the outer part of the leaves and therefore easily pass into the water when insisted.
  3. Vitamins of group B are real growth activators for cucumbers. They are essential elements for the production of carboxylase, which is involved in the processing of carbohydrates into nutrients. When processing seedlings with such a solution, the stems of the cucumbers will be stronger and the leaves stronger.
  4. Vitamins of the PP group or nicotinic acid are the most important trace element, without which the process of processing oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen by plants is impossible. If a plant receives additional nutrition, rich in nicotinamide, it ceases to suffer from a lack of lighting, and its root system becomes much more powerful, which is important for those who grow cucumbers on heavy alumina.

Methods of application

For seedlings

To prepare the soil for planting seedlings, it must be dug with mulch. You can also treat the seedlings with a solution, having insisted for a day a handful of purifications in a liter of boiling water. Spraying is carried out before planting in open ground, and then – no more than once every 6 days. This will help cucumber seedlings to be more resistant to various fungal infections and protect against harmful insects.If you process the cucumbers in two ways, digging with such mulch and dressing the broth at the same time for one season, the crop will be bitter.

Topping the bushes

Отвар из луковой шелухи предотвратит увядание растений

Onion husk decoction will prevent plants from withering

To increase the yield of cucumbers and extend the fruiting period, they are fed a decoction of onion peeling. It helps plants restore vitality and also restore strength after frosts or prevent yellowing of leaf plates of cucumbers. This broth is prepared at the rate of 2 handfuls of leaves per bucket of water, brought to a boil and infused for a day. After this, the broth is diluted at the rate of 2 liters per bucket of warm water and cucumbers beginning to wither are fed with this solution.

Pest treatment

Cucumbers are often hit by thrips or with a spider mite.

In order for these insects to run away from the beds without spraying, spray the leaves of the cucumbers with the following infusion: pour a liter jar of rammed husk in two liters of warm water.

Application of the solution, processing plants does not require special knowledge: let it brew for two days, process dilute with warm water in a ratio of 1: 2. You can also add a little laundry soap to it for better fixing on the leaves.Thoroughly spray the leaves for 3 days in a row, and then take a break of 7-10 days. The procedure is repeated several times. The same infusion, only without soap, is used to treat fungus by watering the affected plants under the root with it.

Protecting cucumbers from aphids

In an emergency, when aphids are damaged spraying according to the following recipe helps: a glass of husk in 10 liters of warm water. Insist 15 hours and carefully treat the affected plants.

Onion peel as a fertilizer
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Using seed husks

The same infusion is applied t for the prevention of parasites in greenhouses. It is enough to put a bucket with this solution in the greenhouse and periodically spray cucumbers with a broom.


Onion peel application spectrum growing cucumbers is very wide, because it is a universal tool for protecting plants, and an indispensable fertilizer for their development and growth.

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