Rules for keeping quails in an apartment

Not every poultry breeder knows that keeping quails in an apartment can not only bore a person, but also harm him. Is it possible to keep quails in the apartment and how to manage them?

  1. Poultry farming in a house or living room
  2. Where does the smell of quail in the apartment come from
  3. Keeping birds at home without unpleasant odor
  4. Fighting litter at home

Содержание перепелов в квартире

Content of quail in the apartment

Poultry weakens rapidly and loses weight without proper care, its egg production is significantly reduced, and an unpleasant odor comes from the cells. ki in an apartment, a person needs to determine the place under the cage and food for poultry kept in cramped conditions.

Breeding birds in a house or living room

Do not contain quail as easy as it may seem from the outside, even small birds create a lot of inconvenience to households, and during epidemics or seasonal diseases they also threaten the health of adults and children. It is possible to keep the quail in the apartment with the mind and preparation, which in the future will give good results, or by the “by eye” method, which will select only strength and money.

Keeping any domesticated bird is a big responsibility for a person. Birds are completely dependent on the conditions that the poultry breeder creates, on the feed and the quality of the water in the feeders.It is not difficult to breed a quail if you know how to properly organize the life of a bird without harming animals and people. In urban housing it is more difficult to create all the necessary conditions, because any bird likes space. In no case can cramped cages be made for young animals, and even with the help of a small space it is necessary to equip the correct keeping of the bird. In the room where birds spend the winter or year round, it is necessary to minimize the contact of pets and birds. Cats, dogs, quail are carriers of various diseases, the transmission of which should be reduced as much as possible. The keeping of birds should not be too expensive for the poultry breeder, otherwise the productivity of the bird will not pay back all the costs during the year, especially in the winter. In the process of life in the cages of the bird, litter is collected, the smell of which is difficult to withstand or remove from the balcony. In the hot season, litter is an ideal medium for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria. The content of quail should not harm household members, so before breeding birds you need to prepare for planting in the cells of a small bird.

Where does the smell of quail in the apartment come from

The content of quail in a city apartment is a fascinating and interesting process, but it still cannot do without unpleasant moments. This subspecies of birds is difficult not to distinguish among other types of chickens. They are small in size, with a dense plumage of a beautiful dark and brown color. The content of quail in a city apartment is not complete without the installation of additional structures, hoods or aviaries in the room. The quail can be kept in a house, in a room where children or adults often visit, but special attention is required here.

Poultry maintenance includes taking care of birds and constant cleaning of the aviary. There is little space in the bird rooms, but it can also be properly distributed. A separate question concerns the smell. It is impossible to keep the quail without protection from smell and litter in the living room. Breeding poultry at home is a cost-effective business that should not be harmful.

Why can quail be bred in urban conditions? Even in a small cage, such a bird has good egg production and weight gain.

Yolks and quail proteins are useful for maintaining human immunity. You can use the testicles in raw form or for cooking, but only in cases where the poultry breeder is sure that all birds are healthy and not sick.

It is more difficult to escape from the smell, without which no one’s farmyard can do .You can try to constantly ventilate the room, but it is very difficult to organize natural ventilation in the cold season. Cleaning in the aviary every day will also fail. You can listen to experienced poultry farmers who have kept quails for many years.

Keeping birds at home without unpleasant odors

How to keep quails in your apartment? Keep quails in the city in the house and eliminate the stench will turn out even for beginners. In the country of the rising sun, there are many beliefs that keeping quails in the house is a great success and happiness. Breeding quails in a city apartment is not only convenient for obtaining healthy products all year round, but also interesting. Breeding birds for decorative purposes has long been no new thing for urban residents.

There are no problems with quails in the apartment, given the basic conditions in which the bird feels good:

  1. Requirements to the cage. Feathered live in a cage, which is installed on the flooring. The form of the fence should be rectangular, and a lock is mandatory in the cage. It is wrong to admit a bird to the whole house, otherwise one cannot get rid of a smelly litter. To warm the walls, the cells are chipped with special plywood. For proper air circulation in the constructed aviary, only one open front part of the cage is used. Purchased or home-made aviaries are equally good in order to contain quail at home.
  2. The number of domesticated birds. To equip large cells, aviaries with a built-in battery are used. Another way to heat the entire livestock will not succeed. Cell batteries are only suitable for bulky cells.
  3. Temperature and humidity. The best place for arranging an aviary is a balcony, on which it is easy to ventilate the air and clean the cells. The temperature regime on the balcony or open loggia should be at least 18 ° C at any time of the year. In winter, you can achieve this temperature with the help of special lamps and heaters for poultry. Daily ventilation of the enclosure eliminates drafts that only harm the bird.
  4. Light mode. Quail are sensitive to light, and their cells cannot be in the open sun. The hypersensitivity of birds needs to be considered before installation of open-air cages in the house or on a balcony. For layers, bright sunlight is a lot of stress. The decrease in egg production of females is explained by improper light conditions.

If you keep birds in the right conditions on a ventilated balcony, then it will be much easier to avoid unpleasant odors. Breeding quail in an apartment with comfort for a person is the constant ventilation of the cells that are in the shade on the balcony.

Chicken droppings at home breeding quails are cleaned according to all recommendations of experienced poultry farmers. Do not dispose of bird waste in a common pipeline or through a flush in the toilet.Poultry waste contains microbes, bacteria, and pathogens that can threaten all households. The smell is not removed with air fresheners.

Fighting droppings at home

The fight against the smell of a quail cage for an apartment begins from the first days of young growth as soon as a person brings in birds.

The quail chicks in the apartment do not emit the characteristic stink of the first weeks of life. Home breeding of quail is not complete without constant ventilation, which reduces odors accumulated in the area of ​​the aviary. For quailing, only a balcony or vestibule with windows is allocated in the apartment. Other premises should not be equipped for young animals.

Excess garbage is removed from the balcony and flooring is done. This litter protects from the smell of quail in a city apartment. You should choose a moisture-resistant mats or hay, which is periodically cleaned and replaced. From the feeders and quail drinkers in the apartment there is a characteristic smell of spoiled food. Stagnant water and food begin to rot under the cage. The remains of food that has deteriorated is an ideal place for breeding bacteria that harm young animals.

In the house, the best place to place a quail enclosure is a balcony, but it should be kept clean. Cultivation of birds is the organization of nutrition and the proper functioning of the bird. For beginner poultry farmers, it is better to watch a video (video tutorials) on how to grow birds in apartments or inside the house.The quail, which gives the egg and meat, needs constant care, especially for the place of residence. The work of the bird’s organism and the smell of its fecal matter depend on the quality of the feed. The unpleasant odor comes only from birds that live in dirty cages and eat poor-quality food.


Proper care is the only condition in which an unpleasant odor does not come from the bird. Breeding birds in the house is a feasible task. The efforts made to equip the enclosure will pay off for the person only with useful products and the lack of stench from the balcony.

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