Rules for preparing soil for seedlings of pepper

Rules for preparing soil for seedlings of pepper

Soil for seedlings pepper is the main component in the growing process. To achieve a quality crop, you need to pay great attention to its preparation. We will describe this process in more detail in the article.

  1. Cook yourself or buy
  2. Ground requirements
  3. The composition of the correct soil
  4. Peat <
  5. Humus
  6. Leaf land
  7. Sod land
  8. Baking powder
  9. Ash
  10. Compost
  11. Recipes for seedlings
  12. Soil improvement
  13. Recommendations
  14. Conclusion <

Правила подготовки почвы для рассады перца

Soil preparation rules for pepper seedlings

Cook yourself or buy

B boutiques They sell universal soil mixtures, but one can’t always be sure that it is suitable for the cultivated crop. Therefore, before planting, you need to study all the requirements of the plant for soil composition.

There are times when in stores, instead of a quality mixture pack peat. Then it must be additionally fertilized with compost. The worst case scenario is if the land has already been used in greenhouses because it is already unusable.

The conclusion is that it is better to prepare the soil for seedlings of pepper yourself at home. soil

To get quality seedlings, you need to know which land to choose.A good soil for seedlings must meet some criteria:

  1. Light, loose, porous – in such a soil, the roots of the crop have access to air.
  2. Good water permeability – no crust should form on the surface , which will impede the moisture of other layers of the earth.
  3. The presence of organic matter – only in soil saturated with nutrients can you grow high-quality seedlings. Life-giving microflora is of great importance in the agrotechnical process.
  4. Balance – should contain such elements as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc. For seedlings, their proportions should be optimal.
  5. Neutrality and weak acidity – the pH should be from 6 to 7 units. At high acidity, soil liming is carried out. To do this, you can make slaked lime, ash. An appropriate pH level prevents such plant diseases: blackleg and keel.
  6. Lack of larvae, pests, fungi. Weeds must be carefully removed. Make sure that there are no rotting plant debris. The presence of these substances will lead to the disease of seedlings in the future, even to their death.
  7. Cleanliness – should not be heavier than heavy metals, industrial waste.

If the ground is for seedlings of peppers will have significant deviations from the requirements, this will adversely affect the plants. Clay is a poor component in soil, which makes it heavier and weaker in throughput.Also, a completely peat substrate is not suitable for cultivation.

Composition of the correct soil

Грунт можно купить или сделать самостоятельно

You can buy or make the soil yourself

When you decide to make the mixture with your own hands, you need to determine what should be included in its composition. In unprepared soil, do not sow seeds. There are certain ingredients that pepper prefers. After all, each of them contributes to the final composition, which is the most suitable.


Thanks to this substance, soil friability is achieved. It enriches the earth, gives plants beneficial nitrogen to them. Also provides moisture. For seedlings of peppers, such types of peat as lowland and transitional are suitable. The first is the most nutritious. If surface peat is used, then land improvement should be carried out – liming. After all, this species is characterized by high acidity, which must be neutralized.


Since seedlings require nutritious soil, you need to saturate it with useful elements before sowing the crop. Fresh manure cannot be used in cultivation. But humus is obtained by its over-ripening (or plants). Therefore, it contains a lot of minerals, thereby increasing the fertility of the earth, which peppers love so much. High-quality humus has no smell of manure.It takes a long time to cook it – from 2 to 5 years. The big plus of this component is its versatility. It fits all plants.

Leafy ground

Also called leafy humus. The second name was due to a large number of useful elements. The soil is formed from fallen leaves under the trees, which overwhelm over time. Therefore, you can dig it up in the forest or cook it yourself. To do this:

  • the leaves are stacked in heaps;
  • soil is poured between them;
  • moisten from time to time.

To accelerate the decomposition of substances, add manure, urea, lime. The process will be completed in 1-2 years.

For the preparation of this type of soil leaves from maple, oak, aspen are not suitable. The most suitable are lime and birch.

Sod land

Sod is obtained by removing the topsoil with grass. After all, it contains many useful elements that do not lose their properties for many years. Harvesting is performed in summer or autumn. It is necessary to store in boxes.

The turf land has 3 types:

  • light;
  • medium;
  • heavy.

The first and second species are most suitable for seedlings. After all, the light consists of sand, and the middle – of clay and sand. Heavy has a lot of clay in its composition, so it is better not to use it.

Baking powder

This group combines several types of components. Their purpose is to improve soil porosity for planting crops. One of the main components is coarse river sand. Using it with peat replaces sawdust. Also, such substances will help loosen the soil for peppers:

  • sphagnum – has bactericidal properties, prevents rotting of the root system, increases humidity;
  • sawdust – provides lightness of structure, increases permeability;
  • perlite – increases the resistance of the plant to fungi, helps maintain optimal temperature;
  • vermiculite – provides moisture, prevents drying out of the soil.


Wood Ash is a very useful organic fertilizer. It contains many trace elements that contribute to the growth of seedlings of peppers after planting. Experienced gardeners recommend the use of ash from birch.


Instead of humus, you can use vegetable residues, which are prepared in a special way. To make compost, they are stacked in heaps. It is advisable to add peat, phosphorite flour, garden soil. Over time, organic matter must decompose and mature. This takes an average of 2 years. Thanks to compost, fertility and soil ventilation increase.

Recipes for seedlings

Добавляем в землю полезные вещества

Add the beneficial substances

to the earth By combining different components, you can prepare the soil for peppers. For this, the components are mixed in various ways:

  1. Sand, peat, humus, the earth is taken in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1.
  2. Sand, humus, sod, earth one at a time parts. A glass of ash is given per 10 kg of the mixture.
  3. The same proportions of lowland peat and humus with the addition of potassium sulfate and superphosphate.
  4. One part of compost (can be replaced with peat), 1 part sand or perlite, 2 parts of turf.
  5. In equal amounts of humus, leaf and turf soil, a little sand (vermiculite or perlite).

Instead of sand, you can use another baking powder. It is better to start preparing land for seedlings of peppers in the fall. During the winter, it will settle down and sit down.

The soil is poured into cups or other containers, kneading the lumps well.

Improvement of the soil

When the mixture is ready, it is necessary to remove the causative agents from it. You can’t do without such a procedure. To this end, they freeze the earth. You can bring it to the barn for the winter. In the spring, it thaws. Steaming is also carried out, which can last from half an hour to several hours. After the procedure, the mixture is stored in sealed containers in cool, dark places.Pathogenic bacteria will also die when processed in microwave ovens. The temperature must be set at 40-50 ° C. But it is worth considering that this method of disinfection destroys useful substances.

When there is doubt about the quality of the earth (taken from the forest), it can be etched with fungicidal and insecticidal preparations. They are used strictly according to the specified instructions, using personal protective equipment.

In addition to liming, to reduce the acidity of the soil, it can be treated with preparations of the Flora-S type. They also neutralize chemicals. To improve the microflora, solutions of the Baikal, Gumi type are used.

Soil preparation for peppers is carried out using a solution of potassium permanganate. Additional treatment with an antifungal agent is needed. This procedure is done a week before sowing. Ash is also added. Fertilizers are used with caution. After all, the correct soil storage has many nutrients. Their excess is harmful to seedlings. Additional dressing is introduced a few weeks after emergence, when the leaves appear.


After sowing the seeds, it is not necessary to add soil to the containers. If nevertheless such a need arose, you can add it only with the mixture in which the cultivation takes place. Do it in several stages. It is important not to cover the first leaves of the sprouts. When the stem below is lignified, you must stop adding soil. Otherwise, root rot may occur or their growth will stop.

You can grow seedlings on substrates without adding land. Only a mixture of sawdust, sand, coconut tablets, peat pillow is used.

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Without proper soil preparation it is impossible to grow strong and strong seedlings.This should be understood by every gardener who takes up the cultivation of peppers.

The appropriate components will give all the necessary nutrients to plants. The initial cultivation process will be successful and will start a good harvest.

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