Rules for sowing cabbage for seedlings in the suburbs

Rules for sowing cabbage for seedlings in the suburbs

Sowing cabbage for seedlings in the Moscow region begins in March. When choosing a variety, climatic conditions and the soil structure of the region are taken into account. This region is characterized by sharp temperature drops, therefore, in the suburbs, the cultivation of many types of cabbage is possible only in seedlings.

  1. Seed Selection
  2. White, colored and Kohlrabi
  3. Broccoli
  4. Brussels
  5. Peking <
  6. Savoy
  7. Conclusion <

Правила посева капусты на рассаду в Подмосковье

Rules for planting cabbage for seedlings in the Moscow Region

Seed Selection

Spring frosts, hot, dry summers, cold autumn are typical for the climate of central Russia. Based on this and their experience, summer residents distinguish cabbage varieties that are resistant to sky hard frosts and are hardy to dry summers. The following varieties of cabbage are distinguished:

  • white: hybrid Dumas, June, Slava 1305, hybrid Valentine;
  • color: Skorospelka, Alpha, Gribovskaya 1355 ;
  • broccoli: Curly head, Tonus, Gnome;
  • kohlrabi: Vienna white, Giant;
  • Brussels: Hercules, hybrid Boxer;
  • Peking: Asten, Bokal, Nika;
  • Savoy: Early Golden.

All of these species are ideal for growing in central Russia. They are resistant to various diseases, prolonged lack of moisture, spring frost.

Seedlings can be grown in a greenhouse, on a balcony or window sill.From high temperature, dry air, seedlings become weak, and from a lack of light it is drawn out.

White, colored and Kohlrabi

The seed ripening time in the soil is 10 days (from sowing to the appearance of the first seedlings). The ripening seedlings of late cabbage are approximately 45-55 days (the period from the appearance of the first seedlings to the ripening of full seedlings, ready for planting in open ground) is considered, and the age of early mid-season is 35-45 days. Based on these data, it is easy to calculate the time of sowing seeds.

Average time of sowing seeds at home ::

  • March 1-28 – early varieties;
  • from March 20 to April 20 – mid-season varieties;
  • April 1-20 – late varieties.

Based on the practice of experienced summer residents and gardeners, it follows that when late sowing seedlings, seedlings grow a little faster, and to extend the harvest period, sowing early cabbage seeds is carried out several times every 2 weeks until the end of May.

A very early sowing leads to a suspension of growth , the need for additional lighting, etc., and when planting in open ground, overgrown seedlings will take root for a long time and often get sick.


За брокколи легко ухаживать

Broccoli are easy to care for

Broccoli is the most unpretentious kind of Vegetable culture.It tolerates heat and frosts well (can withstand up to -7 ° C). Its productivity is not dependent on soil. If the acidity of the soil is too high, it is reduced with chalk or lime. Broccoli seedlings are well adjacent to other species of this plant.

The sowing period of broccoli seeds for seedlings: from March 15 to April 20). More precisely, you can calculate it yourself: from the estimated date of planting seedlings in open ground, subtract the total period of seedlings maturation (35-45 days).

Seeds in open ground are sown in late April-early May. With this method, broccoli is under the film, a greenhouse effect is created.


For Brussels sprouts, some care is needed: just like the rest of the plants of this species, it is bad tolerates heat.

Seedlings are planted in open ground with early varieties of white cabbage. The ripening period is 40-50 days. Seeds are sown from March 25 to April 15.)


Peking cabbage is also called Chinese cabbage. It has a high content of vitamin A, C, K. Vegetable has its own characteristics and requirements for care.

Usually, Chinese cabbage is planted 2 times a year. During long sunny days, it begins to bloom quickly, gives seeds (like radishes). To prevent this process and increase the yield period, seed sowing takes place in early spring and mid-summer:

  • the first sowing is March 20-30;
  • the second sowing is June 20-30.

Ripening period – 25-30 days.

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This type of cabbage is not often found in parts of the central region. In many ways, it surpasses other types: it has useful nutrients that are especially necessary for children and the elderly.This is a dietary product that normalizes the metabolism in the body, improves digestion, contains a large amount of potassium.

Sowing dates:

  • March 10-20 – early varieties;
  • April 10-20 – medium-late varieties.

The seedlings ripening period lasts 40-45 days, and planting in open ground runs from May 1 to May 10.


A large variety of species is characteristic of growing in the central region of central Russia, and the Moscow Region is also suitable. In connection with unstable climatic conditions, cabbage is characterized by seedling cultivation. The sowing season lasts from early March to early May.

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