Rules for spraying cucumbers with trichopolis

Rules for spraying cucumbers with trichopolis

When growing cucumbers, summer residents often get infected with a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases. When plants are damaged, they need treatment. When searching for effective remedies, new recipes and preparations appear every time, which are used in gardening for the treatment and treatment of plants. Gardeners claim that spraying cucumbers with trichopolis effectively protects and treats diseases in cucumbers.

Mechanism of action

It is important before using trichopol for le eniya cucumber understand what it is, and also acts as a drug.
Trichopolum a medical preparation with metronidazolonom active substance for the treatment of human diseases. Refers to antimicrobial, antibacterial agents. Available in tablet form, a standard dosage of 0.25 mg. This drug is able to penetrate the simplest and anaerobic organisms, integrate the nitro group into the respiratory chick, which leads to malfunctioning of the microorganisms in their breathing and their death. It also inhibits the production of DNA, which provokes the degeneration of bacteria. We can conclude that it is this mechanism of action that leads to the death of pathogens that affect vegetable crops.And the sensitivity to the drug of pathogens makes metronidozole effective in the treatment of cucumbers.

When used

The practice of gardeners shows that metronidazole is able to cope with various diseases characteristic of cucumbers. Among them there are both bacterial and fungal origin.

Fungal diseases

Cucumbers are treated with trichopolis for the following fungal diseases:
  • parasporosis ;
  • fusarium;
  • powdery mildew;
  • sclerotinia.
Cucumbers are a culture that loves moisture and warmth, and it is an ideal medium for the propagation of fungal diseases. And frequent infection requires the use of effective means to preserve vegetation and fruiting. With plant damage, classic fungicidal agents do not always cope with the disease. Treatment of plants with metronidazole gives a noticeable result.

Bacterial diseases

Trichopol is also used to treat cucumbers for bacterial diseases. Plants are treated with a drug for such diseases:
  • vascular bacteriosis;
  • wet rot;
  • angular spotting.
Bacterial diseases are very difficult to the classical method of treatment with agricultural products. And the intensity of their development often leads to the death of plants.The experimental practice of summer residents showed that metronidazole, if it cannot fully cope with the disease, will help to stop the development of the disease and prevent the death of cucumbers. This ability of the drug is associated with its antimicrobial and bactericidal properties, as well as the ability to stop the multiplication of pathogens. As a result, the processes of rotting and spreading the disease to all vegetative parts of cucumbers are stopped.

How to apply

Соблюдайте осторожность при дозировании

Use caution when dosing

Metronidazole is treated with plants in two ways:
  1. Spray.
  2. Watering.


In the case of spraying, the substance acts faster and more intensively. For such a treatment, a solution is prepared. It will take 10 tablets of Trichopolum to dissolve in 10 liters of water, it is good to use warm water with a temperature of 25-35 ° C. In the event that such an amount is not needed, you can cook less. The main thing is to keep the dosage of 1 tablet per 1 liter of water. Thoroughly spray the entire plant. The treatment is carried out in dry weather, in the afternoon.


You can also conduct soil treatment, for this a less concentrated solution is prepared. 5 tablets are enough for one bucket of water. The bushes are poured with a solution, first you need to pour the bed with clean water.In especially severe cases with hyperactive disease development, both treatment methods are combined. Watering and spraying cucumbers at the same time.
They use trichopolis as a preventative measure against diseases. To do this, prepare a weak solution (3 tablets per 10 liters of water), and the bushes are sprayed every 10 days.
Gardeners practice increasing the solution of metronidazole by adding brilliant green (brilliant green) to spray infected cucumbers. It has been proven that zelenka has good fungicidal properties and is effective in combating gram-positive bacteria that provoke decay processes and certain types of harmful fungi.

How to prepare a solution

the solution will need:
  • 10 ml of green stuff;
  • 10 tablets of metronidazole;
  • 10 liters of warm water.
Before dissolving, the tablets must be crushed into powder so that they dissolve better. Mix all the ingredients, sprinkle generously with cucumbers. It is better to use a sprayer, as this can be done evenly and well to coat the entire bush with a solution.
The action of the drug will be more intense at the optimum temperature, and this is not lower than 25 ° С. Therefore, for open beds, it is recommended that after processing make a temporary improvised greenhouse, covering the bushes with film.

Safety Precautions

I would like to pay particular attention to the fact that this medication, which was not originally intended for such use, is a potent drug with a certain side effect action. Accordingly, there have been no scientific studies in the field of agronomic use.

Furacili n for cucumbers.
Garden head Using potassium permanganate and Trichopolis

When deciding to use metronidazole, you need to remember the safety measures during processing.

  1. Protect your face using a mask. This is necessary to avoid inhalation of vapors and contact with the mucous membrane. Like any medicine, it can cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Clothing should cover all parts of the body, this will protect the solution from getting on the skin.
  3. If the treatment is carried out on fruiting bushes, the fruits must be removed and do not eat grown for 10-14 days.


Often, traditional methods and alternative methods of treating plants give a much better effect than traditional ones using agrofungicides. A positive, repeated experience of practicing gardeners confirms the effectiveness and feasibility of using Trichopolum for the treatment of cucumbers from diseases. Sometimes it is the only effective treatment of plants with diseases that are poorly treatable.

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