Rules for the formation of pepper in the open ground

Rules for the formation of pepper in the open ground


A competent approach to planting garden plantings is the key to a quality crop. The formation of pepper in the open ground is one of the most important procedures for growing vegetables.

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  2. The process of forming
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Правила формирования перца в открытом грунте

Rules for the formation of pepper in the open ground

Why formation is necessary

Formation is a process in which bushes of a selected variety are planted in open ground or in greenhouses with further pruning, pinching cultivation, propagation of stem elements.To do this, an absolutely healthy plant is selected.Only tall and hybrid species are used, since when ripening they are able to give a plentiful crop due to well-developed lateral shoots.

It is necessary to form bell pepper in order to adjust ground volume of the plant.

Use of the procedure:

  • thanks to pruning, you can change the density of the bush;
  • the main purpose of the formation is to create a strong stem with elastic shoots by cutting off all unnecessary branches and foxes tiev;
  • this is necessary so that all the necessary plant resources go to the formation and ripening of peppers, and not to the leaf weighting mass.

After formation, fruiting occurs earlier.The quality of the fruit also improves.

Formation process

The implementation of the formation process for sweet bell pepper or any other varieties is practically no different. The main thing is to choose the right vegetable seeds and follow the basic principles of cultivation.

Stage One

Work begins in late July in warm weather. Pepper is a single stem plant. It grows to 20 cm, after which it appears twigs. Where they form, the first flower appears – the crown. As soon as it appears, it should immediately be removed. If you need to delete a lot of flowers, you need to delete everything.

Stage Two

Слабые ветки следует убрать

Weak branches should be removed

With the first 12 leaves, you should get rid of unnecessary branchings. You can leave a few – those that are formed from the fork of the first flower. Weak branches are cut off.

Everything that remains on the stem is called first row shoots. They form the skeleton of a future adult bush.

Stage Three

Seedling and skeletal weaving are observed. Each forms a new slingshot with a bud. It is necessary to choose the strongest shoot and pinch off all the rest until the first leaf. weak elements will inhibit plant growth and weaken it.Formed flower buds that appear in each fork will give rise to fruit ripening. For a tall species, the presence of approximately 25 ovaries will be normal.

Other recommendations

During the growth of the forks, all unnecessary leaves are removed. Especially those that create a shadow. But you can remove no more than 2 leaves from 1 bush at a time.

Tips to follow in the process of forming pepper bushes in the open ground:

  1. The last time the leaves are cut one and a half months before the ripening of all peppers. During this period, the seedlings remain at rest. Remember, do not use a dirty tool. After each cropping, it should be disinfected and not in contact with the affected area.
  2. Cutting and pinching should be carried out in dry, calm weather. Under these conditions, the cut areas dry out faster and the green areas are not injured. If the formation is carried out in wet weather or after irrigation, the risk of infection increases.
  3. In order for the plant to produce a high-quality crop with large fruits, some mistakenly leave a lot of ovaries on it. You can’t do this. The bush will spend unnecessary forces on the development of these areas.
  4. Up to 25 flowers can be left on one seedling, which will bring about 18 fruits.
  5. The flowers in the last stages should be removed, t .to. they will not increase productivity, but only weaken the ripened fruits.The final stage of formation includes pinching the growth points on the main branches, after there is already a sufficient number of ovaries. The plant will nourish the fruit juices. The result – the peppers will be juicy, tasty and fleshy.

When the bell pepper has grown, each stand-alone plant begins to be tied up and twisted next to a thin twig. If necessary, the fruits are turned in such a way that they feed on a large amount of light. Vegetables prepared in this way produce several good yields during the season.

Metal structures are not recommended, as they can rust and oxidize vegetables.

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Form the peppers in the open soil is easy if varieties are selected in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region.Stable top dressing and irrigation, compliance with temperature and light conditions, humidity level will positively affect the formation of bushes.

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