Russula, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Belongs to the genus russula of the russula family of the group
lamellar, growing to singly and in groups from the beginning
summer late autumn in deciduous, coniferous and mixed
forests, on the edges, glades, among the mosses. Russula hat
up to 10 cm in diameter, hemispherical in young mushrooms,
then plano-convex, slightly depressed in the center,
fleshy, dry, with a slightly roughened or smooth edge,
varied color, often with large light spots,
the skin of the cap does not reach the edge, it is removed with difficulty.
The pulp is dense, white with a nutty sweetish taste,
with a pleasant fruity scent. The plates are frequent, narrow,
attached or slightly descending on the leg, white,
yellowish. The leg of the russula is dense, short, long
up to 4 cm, up to 3 cm in diameter, cylindrical, solid,
slightly tapering to the bottom, slightly wrinkled, white.

Mushrooms of the russula family have well-educated
fruiting bodies, consisting of a cap and usually a central
legs. Their flesh is very fragile, consisting of thin
and thick hyphae.

In total, there are 27 varieties of russula, 8 of them
have a pungent juice. They should be soaked before use.
in cold water. Other varieties can be consumed
right away.

Useful properties of russula

Russula are very fragile mushrooms containing vitamins B1,
B2, PP,
C, E,
dietary fiber, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids,
mono- and disaccharides. Russula rich in potassium and
they also contain magnesium,
sodium, calcium and
In terms of calorie content, russula contain only 19 kcal.

Russula can be eaten raw. Content
there are few medicinal substances in them. But still russula
used for the prevention and cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract. For,
so that nutrients are not destroyed by prolonged thermal
cooking, it is enough to pour boiling water over the russula,
salt, let stand for 15 minutes, after which they are ready
for food.

Russulas are used in boiled, fried, pickled
and salty. Russula got their name not because
that they can be eaten raw, but because some of
they can be eaten a day after salting, that is, almost

The broth after russula can be used for soup

In one of the russula species, the enzyme russulin was found,
able to curdle milk and help cheese makers. Using
this enzyme will replace hundreds of thousands of calves stomachs and
lambs, from which it was previously obtained.

Dangerous properties of russula

Russula looks very similar to some poisonous mushrooms, therefore
you must be extremely careful when collecting them.

Mushrooms with a pungent, pungent pulp are inedible, even toxic. Use
their raw leads to vomiting and irritation of the mucous membranes.

Since russules are difficult for the body to absorb, it is worth limiting
their use for ulcers
and cores. Experts do not advise to overeat, even high-quality
and carefully prepared russula even for healthy people. One-time
a portion of mushrooms should not exceed 150 grams. And for kids in general
it is better not to suggest them onset until 7 years of age.


Try russula, canned in their own juice, according to the recipe in this video.

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