Salt Horse Features

Salt Horse Features

Horses have always been considered powerful animals, flexible as snakes, and fast as the south wind. In all legends, these creatures were worshiped, because they could move a person from one point on the map to another, at the right time to become the best warriors. The nightingale horse is exactly the kind that many Scandinavian legends were talking about.

  1. General description
  2. Characteristics of the breed
  3. Different shades of the breed
  4. Legends about the color

Соловая масть лошади

The horse’s black suit

General description

The mare has two main shades: it is pale yellow and gingerbread-golden. Among the spacious steppes and hills, the salt horses always merge with the landscape and become invisible The tail and braid of the salt suit are almost always only pure white, although sometimes There are gray or pale yellow shades. The braids and limbs of the salt horses are bright yellow. The eyes of this breed are brown or light amber. In the rarest cases, there are salt colors with a unique eye color – light brown with incredibly bright yellow dots .

The horse’s nightingale color (also called golden) has always been valued at all times. Today there are several hundred years of its existence. It is said that such horses were bred in Sweden 400 years ago. The Queen of Spain adored salty horses, and when she met them for the first time, she ordered her subjects to buy horses in a light-salt shade, after which she began to breed them. Only the queen herself and those close to her rode these horses.

Characteristics of the breed

The horse’s solo color does not immediately acquire such beautiful and unique shades. Often the children of such horses are born very light and practical white. First, their skin turns pink, and then it becomes a deep brown hue.

The salt stallion will stand out from childhood. It is already in the second or third month from birth that begins to turn its natural color. Usually boys of this breed have bright colors with a touch of brown.

The malt suit is often called “palamino”. The exact origin of this word is not known to anyone, but there is speculation that perhaps it translates from Italian as “dove”. This may mean that this breed used to be faster than birds and was considered the most powerful in origin.

In the photo of horses of the salt suit you can see how diverse the color palette of this species is.

Different shades of the breed

It is not often found that the body of the breed is darker than the mane or tail. Such cases are rare and considered unique. Most often, this feature is observed in the stallion. Today in the world there are many connoisseurs and lovers of these horses, and most elite owners want to replenish their stables with representatives of this type. The sand color of the horses is always striking in its spectacularness. Dark hair color occurs, although this is not characteristic of these animals. On average, horses of this species can be described as light-bright-red representatives.

Individuals that have a salt color are often considered representatives of the Isabella species. Foals of this breed are often born “naked” and pinkish.

At birth, they look like piglets with large hooves. After a while, they become dark brown.

Today there are several subspecies of horses, and according to their colors they are divided into different categories:

  • Akhal-Teke species;
  • the color is palamino;
  • the type of halflinger.

In dark-salty horses, the body has a beige color, which in the distance is very much like orange. The hoof of animals is always dark, but if the legs are with white inserts, the color of the hooves may be slightly lighter.

If you managed to meet a representative of a light straw color, then you were lucky to see an Isabella individual. Usually her body is always milky. The hair and mane of this subspecies are always white, and the hooves are dark in color. The peculiarity is that among these pets there are blue-eyed horses, and this is very rare. In the photo you can see how beautiful and amazing this look with blue eyes looks.

Isabella mare has a pink skin tone, while others are more gray. The coat color on her body is much brighter. Horses that were born with a golden color have a variety of shades of pale orange. The horses of the Akhal-Teke subspecies have such an unusual color and this is usually why they are most valued among the people.

There are legends that a person who has this kind of horse can get rich very quickly. In addition, his dreams and desires will always be realized, but only as long as he personally takes good care of the horse. It is rare to find horses that, having a golden color, are decorated with “apples”, on which reddish spots are also scattered.

Legends about the color

Today, there are two legends about such amazing colors of horses.

  1. They say that even the ancient Indians combined several species of wild horses. The main colors that were chosen for the cross are black, white and orange. Then genetics itself somehow derived a mixture of these shades.
  2. This species has never been seen before. They led a quiet life and lived high in the mountains, only once a year going down to give birth to offspring. Once a tourist saw horses climb a mountain and followed them. This breed of horses was opened to light.

These graceful horses have strong and developed muscles that play beautifully in the sun. And how fast the horse can cover several kilometers can surprise.

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