Soak eggplant

Soak eggplant

There is a disadvantage that you must get rid of before using eggplant – it’s bitterness. To do this, soak the eggplant. There are several ways to do this.

  1. Dry soaking
  2. Soaking in salt water
  3. Soaking in ice water
  4. Soaking with milk
  5. To summarize

Вымачиваем баклажаны

Soak the eggplant

Before cooking, vegetables are cooked: thoroughly washed, dried, tails and any skin damage removed.

Dry soaking

To carry out the procedure, prepared vegetables are cut and laid in a deep container sprinkling with coarse-grained salt.This is a prerequisite, since the structure of the pulp is porous – the fine salt will be absorbed and the dish will be salted. Sea salt is used, mineralized, ordinary, most importantly – the larger the better. After 20-30 minutes, when liquid droplets appear on the surface, the eggplants are washed with running water.

There is another option, how to soak the eggplants using the dry method. A grate is placed at the bottom of the container, and eggplants coated with coarse salt are placed on top. The dish is covered and for 30-35 minutes. put under oppression. After this time, the vegetable is washed thoroughly.

The method used depends on the freshness of the product. Fresh permissible to soak without oppression, already lain, requires great effort to extract bitterness.Fresh eggplants are shiny, smooth, with elastic peel, hard, with green leaves near the stalk. If the vegetable is soft and the stalk is dry, it has been cut for a long time – it requires oppression.

Before frying, the product is dried on a paper towel or linen towel. In the process of cooking, the dish is slightly salted. To begin with, they will try a raw slice: it happens that during soaking the vegetable is salted well, and additional seasoning only spoils the dish.

Soaking in salt water

Солёная вода избавит овощ от горечи

Salt water will relieve the bitterness of the vegetable

Soaking in salt water – the most popular option. Soaking time depends on what slices the vegetable is cut into. If it’s thin slices or slices, half an hour is enough. If it is important to soak the eggplant in its entirety, it will take 2 hours. The main thing is to withstand the time so that all the bitterness comes out.

The soaking algorithm looks like this:

  • Prepare a solution: 1 tbsp of water is taken. l salt. You will also need oppression to “drown” vegetables in a pan.
  • Put the vegetables in a pan, add salt water and put on the right time.
  • Rinse with water and allow excess liquid to drain. For a faster result, it is permissible to squeeze.

Soak in ice water

It is better to soak the eggplant in ice water for the night.Pre-cooled water in the refrigerator. It is permissible not to cut the vegetables, but to put them in a container and fill with this water. Then put the pan in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.

At the final stage, water is squeezed out of the vegetable thoroughly. Before cooking, vegetables must be salted.

Soak using milk

Soak fresh eggplant in milk – another option that does not require salt. Vegetables for 30 minutes. immersed under oppression, after which the liquid is squeezed out of them. It is good to use a paper towel for spinning. After that, the vegetables are dried and used for cooking.

To soak in milk, you can’t cut the product too finely, medium slices are ideal. They are cut in half or 4 parts.

How to save eggplant from bitterness
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How to remove bitterness from eggplant

To summarize

All methods of soaking eggplant can be divided into 2 groups: using salt and without it. product in salt water.

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