Sowing kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings

Sowing kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings

Kohlrabi (cabbage turnip) is not an ordinary variety of white cabbage. The appearance of cabbage resembles a turnip in shape, and it tastes sweeter and tastier than ordinary white cabbage. An unpretentious, cold-resistant and moisture-loving culture allows sowing kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings at home.

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Посев капусты Кольраби на рассаду

Sowing Kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings

Seedling method of growing Kohlrabi

For an early harvest they eat early varieties and use the seedling method of cultivation. At home, to get high-quality kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings, they prepare the soil, seeds and container.


Use a mixture peat, humus and sod land in equal parts. You need to plant sprouts and sow seeds for seedlings only in soil rich in microelements.


There are many varieties of kohlrabi cabbage for seedlings, so the choice depends on the planned result.


Seeds are planted in boxes followed by picking. It should be remembered that with this method the root system is injured, which is undesirable for further rooting of seedlings.Also, the seeds can be planted in separate pots, and then simply transplanted into a hole in open ground. In this case, the cabbage is less sick and takes root in a constant place in a day.

Growing rules

Seeds are planted at the end of March. So that they soon hatch, they are wrapped in gauze and soaked in a nutrient solution or plain water for a couple of days at a temperature of at least 20 ° C. After they are planted in prepared moist soil and covered with a film.

Cabbage kohlrabi for seedlings are opened and transferred to the light after emergence.

What you need to know about seedlings

Seedlings of Kohlrabi are grown on their own or purchased ready-made. When buying cabbage, kohlrabi seedlings carefully choose sprouts. A plant should have more than 4 true leaves without visible damage. The tips should not be dry or color different from the base sheet. The roots must be protected by an earthen clod.

If you plan to grow kohlrabi seedlings yourself, only strong plants are selected for planting in the open ground, the rest are rejected.

You can plant Kohlrabi cabbage seedlings in open ground , after the temperature ceases to fall below 15 ° C, otherwise the formation of the cob fetus will be delayed or will not take place at all. This usually happens in mid-May.

The best predecessors in the open field for seedlings of kohlrabi cabbage are cucumbers and tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, beets, pumpkins. But radishes, lettuce, turnips are undesirable crops.

Seedling Care

Рассаде требуется внимание

Seedlings need attention

Seedlings need certain care conditions for proper growth and good harvest.

Temperature and light conditions

Kohlrabi seedlings prefer sunny or slightly shaded landing sites. The formed fruit is not afraid of low temperatures, and sprouts should be planted, adhering to a temperature of 15-18 ° C.


This crop loves moist soil, but thanks to its well-developed root system, it can tolerate short drought.


It is necessary to feed the seedlings 2 times with mineral fertilizers during the formation and growth of seedlings, as well as immediately before sowing and planting in the ground.

Seedling diseases

There are many infections that a plant can catch. Infection can occur both through the soil and from neighboring plants. Consider the underlying diseases.

  • Kila. Disease of garden crops forms growths on the roots, which disrupt the plant’s nutrition. With untimely treatment, the ovary will not form.Soil contamination also occurs, which is dangerous for the subsequent cultivation of cruciferous. You can notice the disease by the appearance of the plant: it will fade. The affected elements of the seedlings are removed, and the holes after them are sprinkled with lime. Prevention of keel is the addition of lime when planting plants.
  • Black leg (rot). The disease affects the root neck of the cabbage, it turns black, rots, as a result, the plant dies. The cause of the ailment is high humidity and poor ventilation of the plantings. For the prevention of sprouts of cabbage, it is necessary to ventilate in a timely manner.
  • Pseudomowy. This is a serious disease to which kohlrabi cabbage seedlings are particularly susceptible, resulting from excessive moisture. Gray or yellow spots form on the leaves, with time the leaves die. For prevention and treatment, plants are treated with 1% Bordeaux liquid in an amount of 250 ml per bucket of water.

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Kohlrabi growing from seeds. Sowing kohlrabi cabbage seeds.
THE MOST TESTED SEEDING METHOD Cabbage for seedlings !!!


Since kohlrabi is characterized by a relatively short growing season, timely sowing and proper cultivation allow harvesting up to 3 crops per year. For high taste characteristics of the crop, it is necessary to harvest the fruits in a timely manner. They should not exceed 7-8 cm in diameter. Fiber and stiffness are the main differences between an overripe fetus.

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